Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life goes on.....

My wedding was on July 18th, 2008. During the planning, sometimes it seemed as though July 19th, 2008 didn't exist - so much was focused on that one day it seemed impossible life would continue after it. (And I swear, I was so not bridezilla. I didn't even have chair covers, or really know what they are.) The marathon gave me the same feeling! My whole life was taken over with it for 17 weeks - everything was for that one day. What if I got sick, or hurt, or had to leave town unexpectedly, or got a flat tire on the way there, etc etc etc. I got through my marathon on October 16th, 2010, and now here I am on October 17th - life went on again!

I was able to enjoy the day after quite a bit more than the day of! I slept fantastically for about 10 hours, then got up to relax with some coffee while posting pics on facebook. I got to do what I have been waiting so long for....put that 26.2 sticker on my car!

I said goodbye to my mom and my sister, which was sad. I forced myself to walk to a pumpkin farm about a half mile from my apartment to meet a friend. I took a roundabout route which is about a that took a LOT longer than it normally would. I walked about a mile and a half in all then did some foam rolling and stretching when I got back. I am still really stiff and walking is rough, but the exhaustion is gone. I still managed to clean the kitchen and bathroom, pack my lunches and put all the laundry away, so I think I'm in ok shape!

I can't stop looking at my photo album and reliving the finish line - definitely a bit of post marathon blues over here. NOT ready to return to work tomorrow - at least I get to sleep in!

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