Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Warning - this is a HANGRY post

I'm going to try to avoid my usual method of including every minute detail in my posts, and just stick to the workouts, because my amazing dinner is waiting for me. I am so hangry I just told my husband to stop talking to me, because he's going to regret it.

Fresh baked bread, using my new favorite bread machine recipe.
 Eggplant parmesan. I like my eggplant the way I like my coffee, super complicated and time consuming. I use this method of making the eggplant crispy. I don't think it takes any more time than the traditional egg, breadcrumb, and frying method, and it's a lot healthier. Like my iced coffee coffee, it takes forever, but it's so worth it, I can never go back.

Yesterday I went to the track, and 90 degrees felt eerily cool. The speedwork assignment was to do 8 partner 800s. This is a really confusing method of track torture. Here it is in a nutshell. My partner was Jill, not my normal running buddy Jill, for those that pay super close attention to this blog and I suspect don't exist, but a different, yet still cool, Jill.

Alyssa runs a 400 (one time around the track, a quarter mile).
Alyssa and Jill run a 400. 
Jill runs a 400. 

So you are doing 8 half mile intervals, and you get to rest as long as it takes your partner to run around the track. Doesn't sound too hard, right? Our first few laps together we were merrily chatting. By the third one, there was grim silence, and I was  contemplating how to crawl to my car. But, all of my 400s were around 2:00 or just under, which is fast for me.

After summer school today I chowed a banana and rushed to get in some laps at the pool before it opened to a million annoying children. At first I felt great, but after about 10 laps, I thought I was going to puke in the pool, I was so nauseous. I made it through five more then went home and laid down in bed soaking wet. Pathetic. I am convinced the YMCA uses a near lethal amount of chlorine to counteract the many children peeing in the pool. 

I got a large package today!
My new hydration pack! I was so jealous of Kara's at our ultras that I needed one of my own. Eric is taking over my old one for half marathon training. The new one is super cool with tons of pouches and it holds way more water.

I'm testing it out tomorrow at 5am, on my semi-long run. I LOVE the fact that I have four friends crazy enough to meet at 5am to run 10-12 miles before we all go to work! Time to chow some eggplant and hit the sack before it's even dark out.


  1. Mmm that bread looks good.

    Remember to use bodyglide or something under the straps on that fancy new pack.

  2. Haha--I get the same when I'm hangry. I literally just tell hubs to go away to be quiet until I have some food in me. THEN we can be cute and lovey. Once I'm full!

  3. Wow, everyone is getting hangry these days :).

    I want eggplant parm right now! Too bad Mike hates eggplant. That really puts a damper on things.

    I like your track workout style! I did 800s today at the track pretty much solo even though I was with my running group. It gets boring. I'm thinking next time I'll have to bring music.

  4. I can't wait to hear how your 5am workout went. I used to workout in the morning all the time. Lately, though, waking up hasn't been very easy. I'm jealous of your hydration pack! But I don't run long enough distances to need one...yet :)

  5. Bread machines are cheating. I hand knead all of my bread.

    Your track workout actually sounds fun. I'd do it if I had a track close by and friend to run with! :)

  6. Um, that bread is RIDIC... and I love the Interval Training idea with partners! We've done this before with my track kids but I never take my own advice (and actually, don't have a training partner. Move closer, please).

  7. cute skirt! yayy for no chafing :)

    and yayy for new running gear! looks like a cool hydration pack. i'm currently sipping out of my awesome nathan water bottle


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