Friday, October 26, 2012

50K training run

Some people have indicated to me that running a 50K (approximately 31 miles) for a training run sounds a little crazy. Here's something crazy - running a 50K on mountain trails in a hurricane. So far, the race is still on, but according to the Today show, Sandy is gathering strength. 

Now, based on my painstaking calculations and meteorological information, the location of the race might be right on the edge of the storm. 

Source: Facebook. Ironclad.

I might just be reacted to my Facebook feed blowing up about buying water and toilet paper because Baltimore will get hit harder than the area where the race is, which is more inland. This morning, the forecast is just for normal rain on Sunday, and doesn't have any red exclamation points until Tuesday (red is bad). On Tuesdays, I have my grad class, so a hurricane would be more than welcome. I may be crying the whole way home from the race because I'm driving in pouring rain, but there was a good chance I would be crying anyway due to horrible chafing. At least based on my previous 50K experiences. 

I'll run a few easy, probably watchless miles after school today. Then I'm headed to my BFF Carolyn's for one of hopefully many 90s movies nights. So far, we have Clueless and Cruel Intentions on the docket, which are two of my absolute favorites. 

What's your favorite 90s movie?


  1. It'll be fine, I ran a 10K the morning of Irene and could have five more in a pinch. I will say a prayer that the wind is at your back!

  2. I really thought FOTM was on Sat. and I was like "Well, at least Alyssa should have a dry day because the world ends". Now you'll have pouring rain and! Do you think this will be worse chafing than Rosaryville?

    I'm seriously considering voluntary evacuation, that's how much I don't want to deal with this storm business right now.

  3. Which would be better: running a 50k in rain and chafing like crazy or it being cancelled due to a hurricane?

    We are definitely stocking up here. If I lose power for a week again, I'm going to flip out.

    1. Good thinking. I want to know the real answer to this.

  4. Oh man, rain + a 50k? That is going to be some awful chafing! Bring vaseline. BodyGlide can't be reapplied to wet skin, but you can slather vaseline over anything.

    Thinking good, dry thoughts for you! Maybe school will be closed next week?

  5. Yeah I'm thinknig my 4 hour drive home will be worse than the actual race. At least I will have a box of cookies in front of me by that point to drown my sorrows in.

  6. We had rain the first few hours of the StumpJump 50k a few weeks ago and it really wasn't bad at all - and I mean that from a chafing perspective, obviously. Is the course wooded or open? I hope you have a great dry race and drive home, and then the skies open up and force work/school to be cancelled on Monday and Tuesday for recovery. The best of both worlds.

  7. we're supposed to fly out on tuesday to houston for our wedding...... think it'll happen? yeah, me neither.

  8. i freakin love cruel intentions!

    good luck and i hope it stays somewhat dry for you!

  9. Alyssa, Kevin the director will be keeping this facebook page updated about Fire On The Mountain.


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