Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leopard print snuggie = wild party

Hey, it's another pre-marathon week! Yay! In just four days, I'll be tackling the Hartford Marathon with Kari. I think the reason that no one recommends doing back to back marathons is because they are in the category of "you need to forget how painful they are before you can do it again". Since the idea of running 26.2 again is a little terrifying right now, let's focus on last weekend.

Since I went to college in an area with tons of teaching schools but limited teaching jobs, most of my friends scattered after graduation. My friend Nicole lives in North Carolina now, and my friend Nikki is in Queens, NY, so that conveniently puts me right in the middle. Friday night, while they drove down to spend the weekend at our place, I did a ten mile run (9:18 pace). More importantly, I made this, since Nicole just had a birthday.

Ice cream, cool whip, oreos, hot fudge, and caramel. Amazing.

I had a 16 mile run planned with Jackie for Saturday morning. I had a sneaking suspicion that 16 miles less than a week after a marathon was going to feel terrible, and I knew that Nicole, Nikki and I would have a ton to catch up on. So I didn't bother abstaining from wine or getting more than 5 hours of sleep, and had a great Friday night. 

The run was at a super slow 10:30 pace, which still felt hard on my tired legs, but it was fun since I hadn't run with Jackie in a long time. I ended up doing 17 miles, so I guess it wasn't a total death march. 

We did a little shopping on Saturday, and I found some treasures at Ross Dress for Less.
This has changed my life.
Best onesie ever

Saturday night we had big plans for a wild night out. We dressed up, and did a photo shoot.

We know we look good
"Look tortured" - and we all went in totally different directions
As I've mentioned, refueling from long runs is extremely important. Even more so now, as I prepare for another marathon. Obviously, I'm nailing hydration.

World's biggest sangria - use the salt shaker for reference.
It's normal sized.
We had dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant across the street from me (how jealous does that make you?), went back to our apartment, played some games, went back out to a sports bar across the street then....came home and passed out before midnight. 

This happened Saturday night. Party animals.

But we were watching the episode of Saved by the Bell where Kelly can't afford to go to the prom. So we may not quite party like we did in 2005, but I'd still call that a win.

You know you loved this episode.

Sunday morning, I did 7 cold, rainy miles (no watch), and it was wonderful. Monday morning, I miraculously dragged myself out of bed for 8 miles at an easy, 9:40 pace. All my runs will be super easy until the marathon. I'm not trying for speed until I'm wearing a bib.

A lot of people seemed surprised that my school was open yesterday, but I didn't even realize it was a holiday. 

Who's in?
Last week I ran 56 miles. I was really nervous about hitting 50 the week in between marathons, so I feel good about that. I have no idea how this weekend will go, but at least I can say I did 56 miles after a marathon.  

Were you ever a party animal? Have you changed your ways as time goes on? In my opinion, as long as my leopard print snuggie is used, it counts as a wild time.


  1. I had no idea it was a holiday either, but I'm pretty much a hermit, so that makes sense.

    That sangria looks glorious.

    Let's hope that, while this weekend might not be wild, it is at least awesome!

  2. In college we would drink a 6 pack as primer while we got ready to go out and would leave for the bar at 10pm. Now a good Saturday night is maybe 1 glass of wine and sound asleep by 10pm

  3. I love your black top-- it looks so good on you!

  4. You didn't just do 56 miles the week after a marathon, you did 56 miles the week after a marathon PR.

    Now I think YOU might be a robot.

  5. What, no Castaways beer pong or dancing with the sweatiest man alive? I'm disappointed.

    I also did not realize it was a holiday :/

  6. I'm with Kara - you are a machine!! I can't get 50mpw normally right now, much less after a PR race!

    I did used to be a party animal, late college/early law school. We would pregame with drinks at the apartment, then leave for the bars around 10. Now 10:00 is my bedtime!

    We went to a party last weekend and it wasn't crazy - watching baseball, sipping wine, hanging out with coworkers - but we didn't get home until 1am and I was DYING the next day. I am so old.

  7. I partied a lot in high school. Since graduating, I got married, had babies, and now I am sort of boring! I get hung over too easily and it takes me out for like 2 days so it's just not as fun as it used to be. I need to get back into drinking shape.

  8. I definitely cannot hang like I used to. I'll blame it on running (oh, training for another marathon!) but, really, I'm just old. I did party much more than I'd like to admit though....well into my late 20s.

  9. Wow, that's some impressive mileage after a great marathon as well! I need to learn how to get some of your energy!

  10. You forgot to mention you're also running with Emily. How dare you!

    I realized Monday was a holiday on Friday afternoon and I got all excited until I checked the paid holiday schedule and Columbus Day wasn't on it. How rude!

  11. You post giant pictures of dessert and I forget everything else I read. That onesie is pretty awesome, though. I need to go dig Rufus' Hanukkah sweater out of the basement.

  12. First, that coffee sounds amazing and the cake looks delicious. The group photos of you guys are great and I'm pretty sure Mexican food is a perfect start to any girl's night.


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