Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Like it never happened

I forgot to mention how I did on my Hartford goals. I went into the race with two goals, to not hate the race like I did at the Marine Corps marathon, and to come up with a Halloween costume. I loved the race, so I nailed #1. Unfortunately, I have no ideas for a Halloween costume. Please help me here.

I decided to make Monday my rest day for the week because my left knee had that "I ran 26.2 miles on uneven roads" feeling to it. Unless you've had that experience that last sentence probably sounded insane, but it's real, I swear. 

Usually when I skip runs I spend the time either sleeping or laying on the couch, but this time I managed to put away the four loads of laundry that Kari was nice enough to let me do at her house. If people want the pleasure of our company, we have to offset gas costs somehow, so the most obvious way is to use their washer and dryer for free. We're such classy guests.

Tuesday morning I did a 7 mile run. I expected it to be super slow because even though I'm not at all sore from the marathon, it usually takes me a few runs to feel back to normal. I surprised myself by running at a 9:09 average pace, like the marathon never happened. I'm not sure what to attribute this to - the sports massage? The post race run? Compression? The red velvet s'more brownies? Half a deep dish pizza the following day? Hard to say.

With both my fall marathons out of the way, it's time to commence JFK 50 freak outs. My run today was filled with thoughts like "who in their right mind signs up to run 50 miles?". Just one month from today, it will be the eve of the big event, so get ready for a month of freak out posts. Of course, one month from today I'll be extremely busy watching vampire on vampire violence, so JFK won't even be on my mind.

Breaking PEDO
Say what you want, Jacob's abs are hot

There's nothing like a good race to make you want to sign up for a billion more races. I still have the Fire on the Mountain 50K in two weeks as my last pre-JFK race, but I'm already looking at the spring. After spending months and months focusing on 50 miler training, I get anxious thinking about life afterwards. I really want to focus on training to PR in a marathon. My 3:59 at Hartford wasn't easy, but it also wasn't a hard effort, and I definitely had more in the tank. I want to see what I can do if I focus on speedwork and actually taper.

Of course, before all that I will be taking a nice long break from training and or running after JFK. In fact, I'll be taking a break from all movement other than spoon to mouth for at least 24 hours post race.

I need Halloween ideas....seriously.

Do you get anxious about what will happen after your goal race?


  1. First off- Grace and I are watching Eclipse right now!! Gearing up for BD2. Secondly- Halloween derrrr that's a no-brainer - Katniss or Effie!!!!

  2. You turn into Pedo Bear? You may need to change career fields :)

    Uh, you already ran a 55 mile race, so this is nothing for you. Easy peasy. This one has crowd support and mile markers, you're going to love it.

    I feel like Katniss would be an easy costume for you since you have the headband and shirt already. You just need a Nerf bow and arrow set. Are you looking for a couple costume to do with Eric? I saw a really funny couple on where the girl had pig tails and a lollipop and her BF was in a coach's outfit with the name Moe Lester on the back. I laughed.

  3. Seriously. I love that you just run a million races and act like it isn't a big deal. You're like the most modest bad ass ever in the world. And also, have you seen Abduction? God-awful movie but Taylor Lautner is in it. I watched it on Netflix streaming this past weekend, just to see him....I mean, he is over 18 now :)

  4. i always say i'm going to take a nice long break and it never happens! after a goal race, i'm terrified of losing speed.

  5. I told Mike about Eric's costume for halloween and he almost fell out of his chair. I can't wait for those pictures.

    I don't really do halloween, so I'm not going to be any help with this. I just like to hand out candy and get really nervous and intimidated by the high school age trick-or-treaters.

    I ran yesterday and felt amazing, too. Maybe it was just a combination of our entire post race activities.

  6. Yes to the anxiety for after a goal race - because then what comes next? I think a new marathon PR sounds like an awesome plan. I feel like Twilight played a large role in the weekend of your 55 milers last year, right?

  7. Haha, I was just doing this! I swore, no more races after New York. And then I found this - http://tidewaterstriders.com/seashore50K/

    I have to stop. Why are races so dang addictive??

    I have no ideas for Halloween. We're too old for that holiday. It's on a Wednesday...I'm totally going to be in bed by like 9:30.

  8. On the bus this morning there was a woman talking LOUDLY on the phone about how she was going to dress as a french maid for halloween. I wondered if she was a street walking and that was her way of getting "customers". Anyway, I don't recommend dressing as a french maid. That's really been done anyway.

    I'm digging the Katniss idea.

  9. No movement for 24 hours? I was thinking more like a week! I have zero, zilch plans post JFK but am thinking next year is going to be marathon focused for me too and a little break from ultras.

  10. Fire on the Mountain 50K is a flat fast course, right?

  11. When you say you are taking a break I somehow doubt that means you won't be running races. What's the plan after JFK? Are you registered for anything else this year?

  12. The JFK training should be a good base for your training season getting ready for our trail series this year, which somehow you completely missed last year.


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