Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Miles vs. Shower

I've often pondered how to increase my blog readership. Naturally, I've discussed options like setting up a camera and turning it into a paid subscription only site, but usually I'm thinking more how to appeal to the masses, rather than a very specific type of pervert. Also, I want to hold on to the possibility of running for office one day. 

I seem to have hit the jackpot this week. First of all, I was interviewed and now I'm famous. Check it out. 

Second of all, I posted about Girl Scout cookies. The presidential debates should be looking to me for ideas, because it turns out that's a hot button issue. I got 9 comments within half an hour, which is probably a record for me, and only three of them were from real life friends. The post now has 20 comments, and that's what we here at Chocolate is My Life consider wildly successful. To all those who questioned my sanity and intelligence for failing to buy Thin Mints, I could not agree more. Luckily my work BFF Kristin, who writes a hilarious blog, is going to hook me up. That's extra important because although I only ate two Tagalongs Tuesday night, Wednesday morning most of the box had mysteriously disappeared. 

Tuesday night I went to bed nice and early, so I should have woken up Wednesday feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to run. 

I'm sure we all see where this is going, I pushed snooze, kept sleeping, and barely woke up in time to go to work. That seems to be happening more and more to me, and I'm not sure why. Sure, I've been upping my mileage, but I'd prefer to blame my advancing age, because that covers me later on when my mileage goes back down.

I knew I could get in a couple miles before my 5:30 shift at Charm City Run, but the stars aligned, I got everything done for the next day during my planning period, so I was able to leave as soon as my kids were picked up. Even better, my BFF Carolyn happened to get out of work early so we got to catch up on a run together! 

She offered me a shower at her house, but that would have only given me time to run maybe 3 miles, so I opted for a whore's bath with bubblegum baby wipes and ran right up until 5:25 and fit in 7.15 miles. Don't say you wouldn't have done the same. 

I didn't get home until after 9:30, and didn't eat the fabulous dinner Eric had cooked for me until around 10pm. By some miracle, I managed to wake up at 5am and knock out 9.25 miles before work. But I'm blaming the lack of any pictures or funny Pinterest things in this wall of text post on that. Training for a 50 mile race is busy, and something has to give, and it sure as hell isn't going to be eating Girl Scout cookies. Although it may be showering. 

If you were in my position, would you have run more miles or taken the shower? I should note that it was a dead night and I helped maybe two customers at most.


  1. If I had bubble gum baby wipes, I'd probably opt out of the shower, too.

    You can probably blame the changing seasons on not being able to wake up. I'm not even trying to get up early to run and I still can't get out of bed because it's basically still night-time dark out there.

    Don't you just love being famous?

  2. I would have opted for more miles. No doubt. And kuddos on gettin up the next morning for more!

    Wow! Love the interview! How cool is that?!!

  3. Doesn't smelling like a runner give you more street cred as a running store employee? That's the story I'd go with.

    I don't know, I feel like you could have stopped at 8.5 miles today and given me some funny pictures with this post. Get your priorities straight!

  4. Showers? Who needs 'em!? That's what Nathan Sports Wipes were made for!

    PS. I think I need to start stalking some local elementary schools to get my hands on some Thin Mints and Thanks-A-Lot.

  5. Before real work, likely the shower. Before working at the running store, definitely more miles. Especially since it's no longer so hot and's not like how smelly I was over the summer!!

  6. Are you allowed to wear a hat to work? That would be the kicker for me. Although, I workout every morning before work and i just go directly in without showering or changing....that's the beauty of being the boss :)

  7. For a job at the running store? Miles.

    Smelling like bubble gum wipes is my dream come true.

  8. Always choose the extra miles...isn't that why they invented baby wipes and hair dryers anyways?

  9. I just wanted to let you know that while I rarely comment, I have your blog labeled not as a running blog but as a favorite blog in my Reader.

  10. While I have nothing particularly funny or informative to add to this post with my comment, I do enjoy reading your blog and thought I'd do my part to add to this current post and see if we can make it even more wildly successful then the last. And I'm not even a real life friend, which is prob both creepy and cool. I am a runner however, so I know that makes it better! Here's hoping you get to 21 comments. Or beyond!


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