Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things I love Tuesday

1. Beer bread

Yes, I just posted an ode to beer bread last night, but tonight I made more. We may be gluttons who binge on McFlurries and have thin mint eating contests, but don't worry, I didn't have to make more, we still had plenty of the original loaf. I made a loaf for our friends Jackie and Dan, because it recently came to my attention that Dan had never tried beer bread (or even heard of it), and that's just unacceptable to me. I didn't want to end the friendship, so this was the only alternative. 

I took a picture this time, but it in no way does this bread justice.

2. Bacon

Baking the bread was the least I could do because I owe Dan a large portion of the credit for reintroducing me into the wonderful world of meat. He cooked bacon the morning after my 70.3 triathlon and brought it to me on the couch. 

The inaugural bacon bite
Update on my status as a carnivore: no more meat has been consumed, but plans are in place.

3. The end of the semester

I usually have a tedious, boring grad class Tuesday nights that makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a baby carrot (bringing a really loud snack and chomping annoyingly helps me cope). Last week was the final class, so getting to go directly home after work tonight sounds like a mundane event that happens to most of us every single day but to me it felt absolutely glorious. It's the little things in life. 

Side bonus - I was too lazy to clean all weekend, which would normally mean we'd have to live for a week in filth, but instead I got to clean the whole apartment tonight. I sometimes wonder if I should even write this blog, I don't want people to be jealous with all the bragging I do about my wildly exciting, luxurious lifestyle.

4. My sister

Besides being my BFF, she was blessed with all the good genes in many areas. Fashion is one of them. I am entirely fashion challenged, and even worse, I usually can't bring myself to give a crap. But, once in awhile I get oddly motivated to look halfway decent. I know I can count on her to evaluate my outfit and give me pointers, or at least prevent me from leaving the house looking a fool, depending on my level of interest on that given day.

Tomorrow's outfit has been Darcy-approved,
and any coworkers reading this, you are lucky enough
to get a sneak preview!

5. Christmas cards

At about age 27 I had to really force myself to accept that I was solidly in my late 20s. I feel that those of you 26 and younger can still get away with saying "I'm in my mid-20s", but at 27, it's over. That's when I really started to notice that my Facebook feed and friend's profile pictures were changing. Statuses about wild nights out and pictures of people at bars were slowly being replaced with nothing but babies. On one hand, I had to grieve over the end of my youth, but on the other hand, that means that now I get to enjoy this view for the month of December.

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a Santa suit? I think not.
Eric asked me if I wanted to send out Christmas cards this year, but since we don't have a kid or a pet, I don't see the point. Everyone knows what we look like. It sounds lazy, and it is, but when we have a kid, it will be so cute that our Christmas cards will make up for all the years people didn't receive them. Biracial kids are always extra cute. It's a fact.

6. Everything in this picture in addition to Christmas cards

My grandma gave me the snowmen and a student gave me the Nutcracker picture holder just this year (she was so excited she gave it to me on December 5th - I am usually a pretty big stickler for not opening gifts early but she was too cute to refuse). Also you can see the Advent calendar my mom sent me. She specifically looked for one with non-cheap nasty dollar store chocolate, and since she has some sort of crazy wizard powers when it comes to gift giving, she found it. I look forward to my chocolate each night with probably an inordinate amount of excitement. 

7. Spin class

I went this morning. Some of the music was that annoying techno stuff where I can't understand the words - (can we please just get some top 40 hits?) but it was still a crazy intense workout. I don't know why I love it because people make weird noises and my butt hurts after but I will just always have a deep affinity for group exercise with loud music.

8. Jillian Michaels

I listened to her latest podcast today where she recommended limited yourself to one holiday event where you drink, and then only having two drinks, and gargling with sugar water to feel you've had a treat instead of eating an actual dessert. While this horribly depressed me and made me concerned that she truly lives a miserable life, I still love her podcasts, The Biggest Loser, her mission to end obesity, her gorgeous body, and how hilariously full of herself she is. 

I did the first four circuits of No More Trouble Zones today. I have been doing her videos like crazy lately and they make me feel like I am gargling my heart and my thighs are burning up lava (both quotes of hers on her DVDs).

Gargling sugar water instead of dessert is the dumbest thing I've ever heard,
but don't tell me she isn't hot.
8. This is not something I love, just a random musing

It's weird how normally a box of chocolate lasts about 48 hours max with me, but when it's in calendar form, I act like I am committing a mortal sin if I do not eat every single chocolate on the exact day it is assigned. I forgot to eat mine on Friday and I half expected Santa to come punch me in the face when I realized my error Saturday. I need to decide if I should just eat all the rest on Thursday since that probably will be my last chance (depending on what time the world ends on Friday).

What's the dumbest diet tip you've ever heard? Before tonight, I thought maybe it was drink ice water to burn calories. I've also heard that you should refuse the bread basket or chips and salsa at restaurants. I don't really see the point of going out to eat if you're going to act like that, I'd rather just stay home and eat cereal.


  1. hooray! so glad to finally try beer bread and proud to say i converted u from that passionless existence known as being a vegetarian!

  2. Gargle sugar water? That is seriously the weirdest thing ever. Plus, that would take some effort. Can you imagine being at a part and being like, "I can't have any cookies...but can you get me a teaspoon of sugar please? I'd like to gargle." Probably not going to happen.

  3. WOW I am a little sad for Jillian and anyone who gargle sugar water to make themselves feel like they got a treat WTF, I just ate 5 cupcakes the other day because the frosting looked funny and I was afraid I would have to throw them out...now that was a treat!

  4. Jillian's stomach always struck me as strange. Like her belly button is staring at me or something.

    I read this blog once where the girl ate salsa with a spoon because chips are for fatties.

    I'm so excited to see that my card got prime billing in your shrine to babies.

  5. Yay! SO happy that I have an entire paragraph. It's my favorite part.

    Laughing at Jillian quotes with you is a favorite pastime.

    I need you to know that I've also never tried beer bread.... ;) but I do highly appreciate the fact that you are representing the best university in the world in the bacon pic

  6. I nominated you. http://runningoncandy.blogspot.com/2012/12/nominated-for-liebster-blog-award.html

  7. Jillian is hot, no doubt about that. She is probably why Allan watches BL with me. Hooray for class being over!!!

  8. Beer =good! Cheddar = good! Bread = Good!


    1. copy and paste failed me...


  9. i love beer bread!

    we never sent out xmas cards until we got a dog. and when we got the dog, we were already into our 30s. and i have to agree - biracial kids are some of the most gorgeous kids!!!

  10. I hate Jillian Michaels. Her advice is so clearly eating disordered. Go eat some sugar covered bacon to spite her.

  11. So many things to say!

    1) I've never had beer bread. And now I'm gluten free, I never will. That's a little bit tragic.

    2) I dont send out CHristmas cards and my mom always tells me it's rude...but no one wants to see pictures of just us!

    3) Weirdest diet tip? To eat things that take more calories to chew/digest than they contain...like celery, which is mostly water.

  12. Darcy's Christmas card is so freaking cute.

    Jillian's tip is extremely depressing. I feel like I should go eat a breakfast dessert just to make myself feel better.

  13. Are you seriously wearing a Geneseo sweatshirt??? That is my most favorite place on earth!!!!!!

    I run so I can eat (and drink) whatever I want. But I will never look as good as Jillian - I don't have enough restraint.


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