Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tis the season for paranoia

Although I've been playing Christmas music since November 1st, I really stepped up my game getting in the holiday season this weekend. Friday night wasn't too notable. Except that a guy knocked on my door trying to sell me meat. I know this sounds like the beginning of some weird porn blog, but rest assured, you can continue reading, even if you are at work. According to him, he had great deals on steaks. I yelled through the peephole that I'm a vegetarian (a lie, but any stranger who knocks on our door is a killer in my mind until proven otherwise) and he went away.

My mom said she was glad I didn't let him in (Eric was at work when this happened). Apparently she forgot this little text exchange we'd had earlier in the week.

Back to holiday spirit. I finally got to open up our Hanukkah gift from my dad!

It's not Hanukkah yet, but there was a great Cyber Monday deal with fast free shipping, so we got it in the mail Tuesday. I was dying to bust it out but last week was crazy busy so we just sadly stared at it in the box before going to bed each night. But now I'm typing this post on it - love it! 

I got to start on the advent calendar my mom sent me. She may have meant it for both of us, but when chocolate is involved, I've called permanent dibs for life.

Saturday night, I went to Baltimore's annual lighted boat parade with my BFFs Carolyn and Casi.

We also went to an amazing Christmas laser light show at the Inner Harbor,  out to dinner, and did some shopping. Since I actually attempted to look semi - presentable, I thought it might be a good time to take a picture of my new haircut. Unfortunately, I forgot, since there's no telling when the next time I put more than 3 minutes into my appearance may be, I took one in my pajamas when I got home.

Sunday morning, I couldn't wait a second longer to put up the Christmas tree. I really wanted to do it with Eric, obviously, but if we waited until we found a time when we were both home and neither of us was sleeping or doing grad work, our tree wasn't going to see the light of day in 2012. I also really wanted to watch Elf while I put it up, but Eric had dismantled the Xbox (that's how we play DVDs). 

A true Christmas miracle happened. My desperation to watch the movie somehow overcame my technological incompetence and I set up the Xbox. And the tree.

True story: Eric woke up and was shocked that I'd set up the xbox, and didn't even notice the tree. I seriously cannot make this stuff up.

In other exciting news this weekend, I returned to running! Friday night ended up being a perfect 4 mile progression run. I'm positive I could never execute a progression run intentionally, so any time my splits end up decreasing I pretend that was my plan all along. In this case, they were 8:37, 8:17, 8:03 and 7:47. It seems like it's been months since I did anything but half heartedly slog through a run trying to get the miles checked off on my training plan, so it felt really good to push it.

Saturday I did five miles at average 8:48 pace and once again my last mile was in the 7s (7:56), which is impressive to me because that last mile is slightly uphill. I tried really hard to keep up the tradition, and managed to run 5 miles on Sunday at an 8:22 pace and did the last one in 7:51. 

I also did Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones on Saturday, since my P90X DVD wouldn't work. I think I'm officially over P90X. It was a good change of pace, but not for me. After NMTZ, I was shaking and it hurt to lift my arms to wash my hair.

Now I'm having trouble deciding which is my favorite ornament.

Choice one

Choice 2 - from our ornament decorating contest
at our ugly sweater party circa 2010

Where do you rank on the paranoia scale - would anyone else respond to that text the same way I did?

What have you done to get in the holiday spirit this weekend?


  1. This was a full blown holiday weekend. My wife and I put up all the inside and outside decorations. That doesn't sound like much until you realize how many decorations we have; we have a ton.

  2. I'm watching Elf right now and may or may not have watched it last night too. I always wonder who is actually buying the meat out of freezers in a back of pick up truck and why they continue to try. I don't even acknowledge them when the ring the doorbell anymore. I walk right by the door and they can see me but I don't answer!

  3. Love the hair, love the tree, love the ornaments. Obviously choice 2 is better, no offense.

  4. Goodness, that's a lot of Christmas in one weekend. It all sounds like a lot of fun though. We finally put up our tree last night and today it's over 70 degrees. Ridiculous!

    Hope you are enjoying your new laptop. Allan is busy setting mine up as we speak. I refuse to use it until everything that should be on it has been installed.

  5. I feel left out because the text photo isn't loading for me. Sad day.

  6. The text photo isn't loading for me either :(

    Yesterday, we got up and watched Elf while drinking coffee, then went to buy a tree and decorate. We didn't do any of that...but we bought a dog instead!!

    I just took him running and he's laying on the floor, too tired to blink. Awesome.

  7. I definitely would have responded to that text the same way. Or I would have just called my mom.

    We got our tree this weekend and I decorated the house. I even have a fake mini tree in my office.

    I'm proud of you for overcoming your technological disabilities so you could watch a Christmas movie. Nicely done.

  8. That first ornament is adorable. We don't have fun stuff like that. In fact our tree is sadly naked. I intend to decorate it, I swear. Maybe I'll just be full Jew this year.

  9. Yay Christmas and Hannukah! I have been on the hunt for an AWESOME advent calendar. Like, why are there no advent calendars with amazing truffles or caramels or chocolates inside? I can't handle this stale dusty chocolate business. No advent calendar for me this year :(


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