Friday, November 30, 2012

Five things Friday

List formats work so well when you have a bunch of random things to say.

1. This morning, Eric turned to me and said the words every (normal) woman always wants to hear.  "Let's make today our rest day". Last night, we got home at the late hour of 9pm after our Broomball game (we lost 0-1) but who am I kidding, I'll always love extra sleep in the morning.

2. I got a new haircut. Eric took a picture so you can all admire my looks and beauty.

Really not sure what I was looking at.

Kidding, I had to go straight to Broomball, so I just threw it in a ponytail, but I really did get a long overdue haircut. 

3. I couldn't decide which coffee to buy, so I got them all. I've been working my way through the Eggnog all week, and finished it today, which means that tonight I'm faced with the difficult decision of which one to have tomorrow morning. I think coffee + Christmas is the perfect marriage of things I love.

4. Yesterday we did P90X yoga (We're still following the program, at least for this week). After saying that I didn't really feel P90X was living up to its hype, the yoga was actually really tough - for yoga, anyway. I've never felt like I've gotten a workout doing yoga, unless it was of the hot variety. Anything else I thought was just for stretching. But this has you moving through the poses really fast, and after a few minutes I might have even had a bead of sweat on my brow and was wondering how I'd make it through an hour and a half. It ends with a bunch of tortuous ab work which was a major shock to my system. 

5. Confession: Sometimes I "save" things I feel are funny for the blog. I've erased things I've typed before posting them on Facebook, Twitter, or Daily Mile. I have a limited number of thoughts that I feel are fit for publishing, so rest assured, here on Chocolate is My Life you are getting the cream of the crop. Plus, now you can follow me on social media since I'm too lazy/don't care enough to provide buttons on my sidebar. Don't mind that my Daily Mileage weekly total is a whopping one right now.

Do you ever "save" things for your blog?

Which coffee should I try tomorrow? Saturday morning is when I enjoy my coffee to the maximum extent possible making this decision extra important.


  1. I have too many social media accounts now and not enough funny things in my life. I seriously thought about deleting all of my social media accounts many things to check! I don't know how you keep up with them!

  2. I normally just post them all everywhere. I'm boring like that. In the haircut picture you look like you're staring longingly into your future. I like it.

    I was wondering how you were doing with P90X. What about it isn't living up the hype in your opinion? I'm just curious.

  3. I really need all of those coffee flavors in my life. I think tomorrow should be Gingerbread.

    I don't save things for the blog, I just repeat them because I don't have any more original ideas.

    Your haircut is so beautiful!

  4. I did hot yoga last night. It still kicks my ass and it was the yoga basics class. I feel like I am dying pretty much the entire time.

    I feel like all I do is complain on my blog. It's where I like to bitch.

  5. I need to get on this P90X yoga business. I've had specifically the yoga video recommended to me a few to steal it off the internet, hm....

    I have a couple drafts of blog posts hanging out, which is kind of saved thoughts. Some of them dry up and I forget to ever post them. Actually that's almost always what happens...

  6. After reading that you didn't find plyometrics hard and feeling bad about myself, I am glad to hear you thought the yoga was tough! I obviously agree.

    What flavor is "mistletoe"? I vote that since I have absolutely no idea what it is. We should have one of those for Christmas!

  7. I save shit for my blog all the time. That's why it's such a hotbed of golden hilarity.

    I think we need a better haircut picture.

  8. I heard that yoga is no joke! The whole P90X thing scares me.

  9. I used to post almost once a day on my blog and now I can barely muster 2 posts a week. I must be getting less interesting and more lame with age.

  10. I. Love. Coffee. The difference is that I don't care what kind of coffee; I just need the caffeine. I know, as an aspiring athlete, I should keep that out of my body, but I need my fix. If you need to choose though, choose based on what you are doing that day. Pair your flavor with the flavor of the day.

    My blog is quickly becoming something that I conceive of while exercising or reading other blogs. I used to just talk about what I did during training. Now it is becoming more if an outlet to talk about running and exercise topics that I have no one else to talk to about them.

  11. I need to start "saving" or something. I always think of all these topics I want to write about but then when I sit down to type everything out, my brain just goes blank and I'm like uhhhhhhhhh. So then I tell you about my workout instead. I find it very productive.

    1. Wait, I wasn't done yet. YES! P90X Yoga is brutal, eh? I remember thinking that too! My dad did the P90X series (he is a lifelong weight lifter) and of all the DVDs, the yoga was the one he was never able to get through. It's a good one!

      Ok, now I'm really done.

  12. I'm not sure why I'm so excited that you bought all four kinds of coffee but I am. Hope they are all as delicious as they sound!


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