Friday, November 9, 2012

The perfect tights

Sorry productivity, you're about to significantly diminish, because we are now in the JFK ten day forecast.
So far, I like it.
Yesterday I met my BFFs Carolyn and Casi downtown and ran 6.15 miles with them. I think this actually might be the first time the three of us ran together and it was great. I had a training at work (running store) last night and didn't get home until after 10pm, so I barely made it up for four miles today. 4 miles felt exhausting, and I walked in the door feeling more like I ran 20, which bodes well for JFK. I know that every single time I have a race coming up this happens and it's all in my head, but it feels real!

Obviously, now that the race is next weekend, it's time to shirk all duties (other than checking the weather) and start to obsess about what to wear. I've been on the search for a new pair of tights, more specifically, the perfect tights. I got a new pair of Brooks tights this summer when I was doing a Brooks training and they were massively discounted, but they seem too big and keep falling down. 

I've gotten the distinct impression that my body (short, abnormally short legs, thighs that touch, whooty) was not the one running clothes manufacturers had in mind when designing running tights. The only pair that seemed to work was my old UnderArmour tights, but the problem was that they now smell like swamp, due to that time I wore them while I spent hours crawling through a swamp. Also known as GORUCK.

Under all that nasty mud, I'm wearing the perfect tights.
It's probably only noticeable to me (and FYI I soaked and rinsed them in vinegar like 95 times) but it's enough to bring back flashbacks. 

Still, I was open to new things, and last night the training I went to was on running apparel, so I got to see and try on (and buy with a huge discount - score!) all different kinds of tights. Some were supposedly made for short legs, but they were still way too long on me. Some were made to be more flattering and forgiving, which sounded pretty good. Upon further inspection though, the UnderArmour tights still seemed to be the only ones that would really stay up and be comfortable. They were neither flattering, nor forgiving. 

Like most women, I assume, I go through love/hate cycles with my body, and right now I'm in my favorite cycle, which I like to think of as "it is what it is and if you don't like it you can kiss my fat ass while I eat this brownie". Some might call that "acceptance", but that sounds way too self - help section for me. ("").

So what that all boils down to is that I got the UnderArmour tights, so my fellow JFK runners will have the option to check out my ass jiggling along for 50 miles, while I'm nice and comfy in my tights. I'll take minimal chafing over flattering and forgiving any day.

PSA to runners - you probably will be tempted to check out my ass, because it's a good one, but seriously, on the AT trail, please keep your eyes on the trail to avoid injury - you can look forward to the view once we reach the canal.

If that wasn't enough of a disturbing peek into my mind for you on this Friday morning, tonight my BFFs and I will be having our second (and probably last) annual Twilight movie viewing event, in anticipation of the Breaking Dawn 2 premier in one week.
First order of business after work - FIND THAT SHIRT.
Last year this event was epic, and it seems impossible to improve upon that kind of perfection, but we did it. Obviously, this year there is another movie to watch, but also, our friend Sarah is bringing over her daughter Harper, who is one week older than Harrison. A few months ago I would have been pissed, now I can't freaking wait to see her. 

I'll just end with a picture of what life in our house is like. I asked Eric to say goodnight to me last night, and he responded in a zombie voice "I'm in a gun fight". Far be it for me to interrupt something so important.

He still doesn't know I took a picture.

What cycle are you in with your body now?

What mindless entertainment makes you look like Eric in that picture? Mine is obviously reading blogs!

Did anyone get my "" joke? If so, you are my hero.


  1. Would it be totally insane to wear shorts? It might make my cold ass move faster up the mountain right? :)

  2. I'm actually searching for tights too and I'm hoping to snag a pair at Road Runner tonight. It's freaking cold here so I need some stat!

    And also, who HASN'T seen that episode of SATC? I could quote that entire series for you so don't worry; you're not alone!

  3. Just don't wear undies with words on the ass or people behind you will have no excuse but to watch it while you run. You may "LOVE PINK" but your ass is not a good place for the billboard.

    My Under Armour running tights (thank you Christmas 2011) are amazeballs.

    1. OMG! That reminded me of a friend who walked around in ripped pants for half a day and had no idea that she had underwear on that said "sexy."

  4. The tights I'll probably wear don't fit me right either. Being short, they tend to collect all the extra fabric in the ankles as the day goes on. I do have a pair of Under Armour ones but if I remember correctly, they are a little too restricting...I might need to dig those out and try them on again!

  5. I need new tights. My CWX tights (which cost a fortune) seem to irritate my IT band. seriously.

    And I loved SATC too.

  6. I have been running in my full tights but I may end up wearing the capris since a quarter of my behind seems hell bent on coming out of my current tights. And that would not be good for anyone.

    I am still a Twilight movie behind. I know. It's sad.

  7. Nice to see I'm not the only one who has a husband that stays up playing video games. I swear last night Allan said a few minutes and that turned into a few hours. He never has this same enthusiasm over me wanting to watching hours of girl shows.

  8. My only complaint about this post is that there is no picture of your ass in the tights!

  9. finding tights that don't chafe like a mofo is tough! my legs are short too and OMG, my thighs touch. since i need the err, girth for my ass and muscular legs they always fall down in the waist. this is probably why i wear shorts for as long as i do. they are just way more comfortable. i do like lululemon's crops though. i have grown to tolerate them.

  10. I should have lent you my Badass tights when you were here. They are obviously good luck at JFK.

    My Brooks tights are loose in the waist, but they have a drawstring. Maybe that would help solve your tiny waist, round thing in your face issue?

  11. I have some under Armour compression type leggings. They fit really well and I usually have the problem of tights staying on my ass cause I don't have one. These work really well.
    They are sort of like these:

  12. Yeah, you should wear Kara's badass tights.

    But, WTH? Where is the weather forecast info!? The most important question -- I'm depending on you for research on this topic!

    One little graphic I can barely read?

    I expected at least a paragraph and discussion of expected temp during stand around time, at start, and then throughout the day -- and then when it gets dark (I mean, god forbid, in case we're still running then).

  13. My compression Under Armor tights are everything to me! I thought I would hate them. I thought they would squeeze all the wrong places....they don't. For some reason they seem to smooth it all out, stay in place, and stay comfortable all in one amazing package. I wore them for LPRM and would pick them first over and over again. The best part is my husband selected and bought them for me! I married that guy for a reason, and he's not even a runner!....Kim

  14. I have tried on a dozen pair of tights this year and have had so much trouble find a pair to stay up. I had an older pair of Under Armour tights but I lost weight this year (yay) and they don't fit (boo). They all seem to ride lower than my old ones, and they all slide down. I have the same issue with capris. I have to hike them way up so that when they slide down a bit, they aren't falling off. I couldn't find any with a drawstring either. Frustrating.

    I obsess over the 10 day forecast all the time, and it only serves to piss me off when the weather ends up being the total opposite of what they actually predicted 10 days out.

  15. I have a pair of Craft tights that I like. They only fall down if I fail to tie the drawstring tightly enough. The drawstring actually works though, so no complaints.

    I saw a girl at the race yesterday wearing SEE-THROUGH tights. I could literally see her legs and her underwear. I wanted to tell her, but we were only at mile 10 and there wasn't much she could do about it.

    I'm in the "holy crap, I PR'd! I don't care what my body looks like b/c it's fast!" phase. :)

  16. My boyfriend read this article yesterday about different uses for Coke and apparently it can help get the smell out of clothes. You just dump a can in with your laundry.
    I don't have any tights because I usually don't run outside in the winter but I am going to need a pair this year since I signed up for a spring marathon.


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