Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Returning to running - but only on ice

I made a tremendous mistake on Sunday. After watching the first half of season 2, we watched the new episode of The Office that we DVR'd. I thought I was ok with the new seasons, but it completely re-opened the wound of losing Michael Scott and I had to deal with the pain all over again. Don't ever mix old and new seasons recklessly like that. Just putting that out there as a PSA so others don't make the same mistake.

Last night was my first post JFK "run". I spent 18 minutes running around the ice, playing Broomball. We had a game Monday, but I wussed out, due to exhaustion more than soreness. Obviously a mistake, as our team lost (0-1). Tuesday, we played a tough team and managed to tie the game 0-0 (I told you it's not a high scoring sport). 

I even brought a secret weapon - my tights perfectly matched my Broomball shirt. I realized after taking this picture the tights were on backwards.

This is for those who complained about the lack of
whooty shots in previous posts

 I would say that if my mind got erased right now like in that Will Smith movie or The Maze Runner (for those who've read it), I would never guess my body ran 50 miles just a few days ago. I would notice a tiny bit of soreness and tightness and probably think it was from some sort of challenging, but typical workout.

Because why not?
I was nervous about how my legs would hold up on the ice so I tried to loosen them up before the game. I did 20 easy minutes on the elliptical, and then went to a yoga class. It felt really weird, because I'm pretty sure I haven't done any sort of exercise other than running or maybe bike commuting since probably July. In a good way though, my legs felt great after all the downward dogs and forward folds in yoga.

As far as returning to running, I really haven't decided when I want to do that yet. I'll admit I was tempted when I put on my running tights last night. Mainly I didn't this morning because our Broomball game didn't even begin until well after my bedtime - 9:15pm! I didn't go to sleep until nearly midnight, and one of the lovely things about not training is that I don't have to worry about dragging myself out of bed at 5am after a late night to get a run in. 

We all know I love any excuse to take it easy, and last year I really feel I jumped right back into running and training too quickly and felt sluggish and burnt out quickly. I spent my entire Christmas break laid up with horrible bronchitis - although of course I have no clue if that's at all related. Still, taking a few more days off than I need isn't going to hurt me, while there's a slight chance starting up again too soon will. As someone who spent less than $5 on gambling in the year when I went to both Vegas and Atlantic City, I don't like to take chances.

Plus, I can drive everywhere and still have bragging rights.
I am super jealous of everyone doing Turkey Trots, but there's no way I can run fast right now, so I might as well save my $30 and just run a 30 minute 5K around my neighborhood. Now I'm not saying I'll shift directly from ultramarathon training to Biggest Loser training. I just want to join #OperationTotalFitness with Ashley. Eric and I have even talked about doing P90X together, although that scares me.

How much time do you take off after a big race? How much time do you think I should take off?


  1. Taking time off after a race? Being smart?

    I'm confused by this post. It doesn't make sense to me at all.

  2. I'm about to head out the door to my first yoga class in like four years. It's going to be laughably awful. Luckily I'm going with friends who can cart me home if I manage to break myself during the class.

    I'm with Kara, though; I don't understand this "being smart" business.

  3. This has just become my favorite post you've ever written, because of the picture of Will Smith.

    I support your "being smart" plan because I do not support another Christmas of bronchitis.

  4. Oh man I so need to go to yoga. I haven't done anything but running and biking since July too and I'm pretty sure my body hates me. I went for a short run this morning and it went pretty well, but after a mile or two my legs were like "hey, you know how you feel like you're going kind of fast? Well you're not. 11 minute miles bitch."

    I think its always better to take it slow with recovery. Its easier to be patient for a few days than being injured and having to be patient for a few months!

  5. I support the "being smart" plan. I've found that, after a long race, it's best if I take a week off completely. I'm lazy, sleep a lot and eat whatever. By day 7, I am SOOO ready to do something again and my legs are mostly recovered.

    I love yoga. But why is it so expensive?? They don't even provide equipment!

  6. The problem is that 50 miles takes so long that you can't go for an evening run that evening, to loosen up your muscles, as you can the evening of a regular marathon. So the first run the next day may be painful. In fact, my runs were painful Sunday, Monday, AND Tuesday, but today it finally felt good. I could even run down steep hills, which was a thrill.


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