Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tapering 101 - just be lazy

Here's a little advice for you - if there's something that you know you should do, because it's good for you, but you really don't want to do, because it will be terrible, don't post it on a public blog while your mom is visiting you. She will make you do that thing. 

In my case, that was calling my doctor to get blood work done, to see why the hell I'm so tired lately. The universe was looking out for me though, and apparently my doctor doesn't have any availability until next year. Well, even though I really didn't want to go due to my paralyzing fear of needles, now I'm pissed, because that's just ridiculous. Also I already scheduled a flu shot, and if I have to overcome my fear for that it makes sense to just do some shots of tequila and knock it all out in one fell swoop.

So, here's my solution.

I took one last night, and my friend with three kids under the age of five said I looked tired a few hours later, so they are definitely not instantaneous. (She didn't say it in the bitchy "I'm trying to point out how disgusting you look under the pretense of socially acceptable concern" way, she said it in the "it's the late hour of 10:30 and I noticed you are yawning and looking at the door" way). 

So we'll see. I used to be one of those people who could not sleep late if my life depended on it. If I didn't set an alarm, I'd be up within 8 hours of when I went to bed no matter what. Now if I don't set an alarm, like this morning, I practically needed the jaws of life to pry me out of bed ten hours after going to sleep, and I still feel like I could easily fall back asleep right now.

It's my last weekend before JFK, and I am loving tapering so much. At this point, in my expert opinion, I've trained for the race, and nothing I am going to do is going to change things now. Well, I guess I could totally screw myself by starting Crossfit and doing too many jerks in the box. I actually really wish I was rich and could join a Crossfit box just so I could stand there and make that's what she said jokes the entire time. 

So in the interest of tapering for JFK, I cut pretty much all my runs short this week. Yesterday, I was planning to run 10 miles with Lily, but I got really bad side stitches and was doing that weird trying to hold back from throwing up thing the whole time, so I dropped it to 7. Maybe if I was still training I would have pushed through, but I'm not. Today, as previously mentioned, I just stayed in bed instead of running. Really, at this point, being rested is going to help me more than adding in a few extra miles, and that coincided perfectly with the fact that my bed felt extra wonderful this morning. 

Weekly total: 29 miles. So I think we can safely rule out "overtraining" as a reason for my tiredness.

Friday night, my friends Carolyn, Casi, and Sarah came over to achieve the lofty goal of watching all four Twilight movies. It is imperative that we go into Breaking Dawn this Friday with all of Bella and Edward's history fresh in our minds.

To me, it felt like we had just gathered for this event, and it was hard for me to believe it was an entire year ago. Of course, having a guest who hadn't even existed a year ago sort of drove the point home.

Team Jacob: Harper and Carolyn

Eric was really upset that we subjected a helpless baby who couldn't speak out to Twilight, but she loved it. Even when we tried to get her attention for a picture, she couldn't tear herself away from the vampire/werewolf love triangle.

We truly had the quad-fecta for a girls night: ridiculous vampire movie marathon (with Taylor's hot abs - I may be team Edward, but that body speaks for itself), wine, ice cream, and an adorable baby.

It wasn't easy, but we made it through 2.5 movies Friday night (the baby did not make it nearly that long) and then set our alarms and woke up "early" Saturday to finish. Mission accomplished. I can't even imagine what might be in store for me if I could apply this type of devotion to other areas of my life.

Saturday night I went to my friend Tess's 30th birthday party, a mustache bash. Some of my old work friends that no longer work with me were there, so I had way too much fun catching up with them to take any pictures, but our friends who planned the party did an amazing job. There was even a mustache photo booth that I didn't know about until I saw the pictures on Facebook the next day. I did manage to snap these two on my way out.

I forgot to grab one. Sad face.
Hard to tell but the cookies and homemade lollipops are mustaches!
The more 30th birthday parties I go to, the more anxiety I get about my own, because I just don't see myself being this creative and fantastic and throwing such a cool party. I might just decide to buy a bottle of wine, drive to my sister's, and drink it with her while playing with Harrison. 

What's the coolest theme party you have ever been to/heard of?

What's your quad-fecta for a perfect night? 


  1. 30th? We are onto everyone's 1/2 century extravaganza! Just you wait. Good luck next weekend!

  2. Team Jacob. That is all.

    Actually, it really isn't. I didn't have a massive party for my 30th-- instead my fam and I went to visit my sis in Hawaii and I think it was better that way. Big parties for me make m uncomfortable, like I have to talk to everyone! As for themes...I'm torn. I'm headed to San Diego at the beginning of December and I guess the dates are when Prohibition was repealed. To celebrate, the SD peeps are throwing a roaring 20s/prohibition themed party. Haven't been yet but I think it sounds cool!

  3. Mustache party sounds awesome! Next week is my quarter-century, but I'm getting too boring and don't even want to have a party. Just a bottle of wine.

    I like how the iron says "gentle to the system" instead of - "will not constipate you too much". That's nice.

  4. LOL @ Vanessa's comment about "gentle to the system". Anything else I was going to type was completely knocked out of my head by my laughter.

  5. That baby was so into that.

    I thought I didn't care about turning 30, but then my friends threw me a surprise party and I cried. Apparently I was seriously repressing some I'm-turning-30 emotions.

  6. I might have to steal the moustache party idea because that sounds amazing.

    Your dedication to watching all of the Twilight movies is so impressive. Now I feel like I should do the same thing. Also, I'll need to find someone to convince to go see the last movie with me.

  7. I hope you figure out what's making you so tired. I'm completely jealous of your sleepover. I'm in need of one.

  8. Yay for taking iron! It will make you into a superhero, I promise.

    I can't remember the last time I watched more than one movie in day, so I'm in awe of your endurance.

  9. That's a great idea for a 30th birthday party! You guys had quite a fun weekend with Twilight, a baby, wine, and ice cream. Not sure how it gets better than that!

  10. I haven't run 7mi in a day since last Thursday. Or watched any of those movies since... ever.

  11. Where's the weather forecast?


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