Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nailed it

I am nailing this taper.

After my monster week last week of 81 miles, I've swung the pendulum entirely in the other direction. Here we are on Thursday, and I've run a whopping six miles. I have a training after work tonight, so I won't be adding to that today, either. I took three consecutive days off, for absolutely no reason. For runners, that's practically a crime.

This training cycle has been nothing but highs and lows, with no middle ground. Either I love running and can't get enough, or I can't stand it and want nothing to do with it. At least that's what it feels like right now, while I'm 2 weeks out from the race and totally burnt out.

My attitude now is that training is over. I've done all I can do, now it's time to taper and rest, so if that happens to mean no more running until I'm at the start line, eh. Would that really be so bad?

I can't speak to how it would affect the race, but if I want my marriage to survive, that's not going to work. Yesterday, I just couldn't get out of bed, plus Eric told me there were a lot of street lights out, so being a chicken chicken seemed like a convenient excuse. 

Of course, every time I skip a run, I'm mad at myself and therefore on edge all day. The fact that my school had power and Eric's didn't, meaning he was sleeping when I left and got to spend the day relaxing, didn't help. If I was a good wife, I would have been happy for him. But I'm not.

I got home, and could have run before going out for Halloween, but you know what sounded better? The couch. I did massively improve my mood  when I FaceTimed with my nephew in his Halloween costume. I'm not going to steal my sister's thunder and post it, but trust me, you will die of cuteness.

Before going to bed last night, I told Eric "I HAVE to get up and run tomorrow. I can't take another day without running". He very seriously replied "I can't take another day without you running either". Poor guy. I don't know how he deals with me. Please read that in a non-sarcastic voice, which is how I meant it. 

I'm usually REALLY into Halloween. Eric and I even made costumes and went out and celebrated when I had swine flu (I was in recovery and no longer contagious, don't worry, I'm not an irresponsible citizen). 
Not when I had swine flu, but this was our best work
Much like running, I failed to summon up any motivation this year. I almost skipped our girls night out due to my lameness in the costume department, but my friend suggested a great idea at dismissal, and I was able to make it in about five minutes after work. 

Can you tell what I was?

If you don't get Casi's costume (with the rainbows), here you go. You're welcome.

What's the longest you've ever gone without exercise for no reason (not injured, sick, recovering, moving, etc)?

Did you dress up for Halloween? What were you?


  1. So glad that you feel comfortable to post about your lack of running too. It's Thursday and I've ran 4 miles this week. I did do Jillian Michaels 3 days though. That counts for something right? This weeks half, if I were running it seriously, would be a joke.

  2. I bailed on Halloween this year. I hung out with my mom and best friend, drank wine, carved pumpkins, and gave out candy. It was pretty darn glorious :)

    And after your massive running weekend last week, I totally forgot that WASN'T your big race week!

  3. No costume for me this year. I'm pretty sure I went 2-3 weeks without running at some point this summer and there's no good excuse for it. I was just being lazy!

    I can't wait to see Harrison's costume. I bet he was adorable!

  4. I've had the love/hate relationship with running this entire training cycle too. You did A LOT last week, so you shouldn't feel bad about taking it easy. I'm sure you will hit the pavement at some point soon and while two weeks seems so close, you will probably be dying for a long run by the time race day rolls around.

    No costume for me this year or recent years. Unless my husband and I are dressing up as that old couple who is lame and doesn't go out anymore.

  5. I'm so ashamed to admit I have no idea what your costume is. I'm sure it's something clever or with a reference to something cool in pop culture that I just don't get. I was hoping someone would mention it in the comments, but no luck.

  6. I've definitely been in the love/hate mode with running for the past several months and my husband is feeling the effects too. I have no idea what you were for Halloween but I'm never good at figuring things out since I am lame and never do anything for the holiday except hand out candy!

  7. You've definitely earned the taper!

    My marriage gets rather rocky whenever I take too many days off in a row - so it's like Eric could have been channeling Mark with that comment. HA!

    LOVE the shower/peeping costume.

  8. No clue what your costume is. I didn't dress up because I'm lame and never do. Can we still be friends?

    You are dominating your taper and I like it. I think three days is the longest I've taken off for no reason.

  9. What have you got left in training?

    #1 Priority is don't get injured. Ok, this calls for some running to avoid injury from fights at home due to non-running-bitchiness, maybe.

    #2 Sharpening for ... um... in case you have to outlunge someone for the good food on the tables. But you're going to the wrong 50, so you won't get the good food, so... no need for sharpening. Except if you need to outlunge someone to get to a port-o-potty maybe...

  10. Oh, you're a bride in a hurricane and the bouquet flew back and smacked you in the head.

  11. I can't wait to see Harrison's costume. Baby costumes are so amazing.

    I think it's reasonable to give your body a break after such a peak week. Remember you know your body and if it's crying for a rest, then it's a good idea. Even mentally needing a rest is a valid reason. :)

  12. Ugh, I can relate so much to the running part of this post. The highs/lows, hating myself for not running, being cranky. Ugh ugh ugh. But my body appreciates those days off too!

    Ha ha ha. Love the double rainbow!!! And your newphew is super cute! Unfortunately, I am not clever enough to know your costume :(

  13. "there were a lot of street lights out, so being a chicken chicken seemed like a convenient excuse. Of course, every time I skip a run, I'm mad at myself and therefore on edge all day." <---- this is me, too.

    I see TJ's brownie mix...and what's the gold coin-like object?

    I looked back at my Garmin calendar... all my reasons fall under your allowed categories. Since Jan 1, 2011, I I haven't taken more than 2 consecutive rest days except our move (4 days), half marathon recovery (3 days), brother-in-law's Ohio wedding (3 days), and when I was sick enough that I was coughing up blood (3 days)...that New Year's was a blast.

    For Halloween last weekend I was Scottish Moses. It was improvised last minute so that we could get into a bar to see a friend sing. Evidence on fb.

  14. You are nailing the taper. But, while you're tapering from blogging, I think others are tapering from running.

    When you finally start blogging again, the day after you miss Stone Mill, don't forget to announce that I guessed your costume correctly (see above).

    Kara says she's all busy laying about resting up for Stone Mill, saving her superoxygenated ankles for PR'ing at it.


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