Monday, November 26, 2012

Craving salad is a lie

My fabulous adventure in NYC with Kari this past Saturday left me so exhausted I could barely get out of bed Sunday morning, even when Eric brought me eggnog coffee in bed. That's actually irrelevant to this post, but I just wanted to brag about having delicious eggnog flavored coffee and that my husband will bring it to me in bed.

All joking aside, Thanksgiving weekend is over, it's back to work, and it really is time to get back on track. You won't see me drinking any kale smoothies, but I am interested in not having to spend all of my Christmas/Hanukkah gift budget on new, bigger pants. We didn't really have much in the way of Thanksgiving leftovers, because it's awkward enough crashing a stranger's Thanksgiving without being like "Hey, thanks, we brought some tupperwear too because we'd like to not grocery shop for a week". So instead I had to seek out my own indulgent treats so I didn't feel left out when everyone was posting about their leftover pumpkin pie.

But let's be clear, I did not eat a salad instead of pizza for lunch today because "my body was craving some greens". Sorry, but I call BS on that. In my group of friends, we call a spade a spade.  My body was craving not having a muffin top hang over my jeans. Sure, I'll admit that sometimes I don't sleep too well after eating things like this to-die-for mac and cheese. But I can get used to that, or deal with it by drinking mass quantities of wine and sleeping like a baby, as I did on Thanksgiving. 

Since I estimate that I must have walked at least 6 miles around NYC without dying, I decided to return to the world of exercise. I did Jillian Michaels Boost Your Metabolism, which I probably haven't done in years. Eric was kind enough to provide photography. I was kind enough to slightly modify this picture to spare your eyes.

Some people say workout DVDs aren't a real workout, but since I've already accused people of lying in this post, I'll just go the whole nine yards and say that's a lie too. I'll admit I haven't lifted anything heavier than running shoes in the past 5 months and this was probably the first time my heart rate rose above like 120 in at least a month, but at one point I saw stars and had to pause it and lay down on the floor. Judge if you must.

I also ran a mile on the treadmill at work trying out some new shoes that we recently got in. I didn't  care for them, so I'll keep the brand to myself.

So back to the point of this post, I guess I'm saying there are many good reasons to eat healthy food,  but lets not pretend superior taste is one of them. I've enjoyed many a healthy dish in my day, but have I ever enjoyed one as much as, for example, when my mom visited and cooked me baked ziti and chocolate peanut butter pie? No, and I never will. Fattening food will always taste better, but I eat other stuff because I don't want a heart attack. 

Agree or disagree?


  1. Disagree on not being able to crave a salad. After the mass amounts of butter and gas station snacks I ate over the holiday, I really, really wanted a salad! But, I completely agree on the workout videos. I love them and can get a great workout!

  2. Your arms look like you have lifted something heavier than shoes. And DVD workouts are killer.

    I do crave salads but that's because I put loads of yummy stuff on them. Not baked ziti or chocolate peanut butter pie but still yummy stuff.

  3. Disagree on the veggies too, although I don't mind combining them with non-healthy stuff. After (literally) eating an entire container of Ben and Jerry's on Saturday night, I was dying for some veggies on Sunday. I went to make a massive salad and realized that water had leaked into the plastic container of spinach so it was all mushy. This is no bueno, but instead, I threw it all in my juicer and had a hell of a spinach juice with pineapple and apples. Quite tasty. But never fear, it went with some pizza, so I balanced it out :)

  4. I hope you're planning on emailing me the real picture, because now I'm dying to see your horrible face.

    Obviously, you know I agree that craving salad is a complete fake-out.

  5. Disagree on the veggies. Yes, mac and cheese ALWAYS tastes better than a salad, but sometimes I really do want veggies (usually after eating said mac n cheese). It's more of a balancing act than a matter of choosing one over the other.

  6. You've already received all of my comments via text.

    I agree with Kari, I want to see the real picture. Or we can just recreate the scenario over Christmas and do some Jillian together!

  7. For some of us (not all) "craving salad," (and I'll just assume we're referring to an actual salad and not one of those Applebees concoctions where they stuff an entire fried chicken into a head of lettuce and drown it in ranch dressing,) is like craving yard work, or doing the dishes.

    For us eating salad isn't something one wants to do, but something one forces themselves to do for the betterment of their lives...and so the neighbor stops yelling about the lawn...

  8. I kid you not, after all my long runs, I wanted a big ass salad with pickles and huge green olives. I would actually drive to the grocery store so that I could get one from the salad bar all while looking and smelling all gross.

    So are you calling me a liar?

    BTW JIllian does kick some ass. Her shit is hard and I hate it sometimes because it seems like it shouldn't be hard.

  9. Look how happy you look when you're working out!

    Craving healthy food is a myth. Craving french fries sounds much more realistic.

    I'm curious about what shoes you tried that you didn't like. I guess I'm just nosy.

  10. Agree. But it's not a real salad if you are adding fried meats, tons of cheese, or tons of olives. That stuff isn't health food either. A salad base can have it's moments (covered in fried chicken and buffalo sauce that is). I do occasionally crave a Pittsburgh style steak salad, but those have french fries on them and are thus amazing.

    Show us the real picture!

  11. I will admit, I have craved a salad before...but I realized that it's because I ate really poorly- gas station food, etc. for a few days and my body is trying to say that it needs vegetables. I know this means that we can't be best friends anymore, but I think the type of craving is very different; it's more my body trying to tell me something so I do say that I crave it, but it's not what I really want- I'm just sick of the nasty junk food. Way to go on the workout dvds- I am always a wreck and if John comes home and sees me doing them, he thinks I look scary-intense. Also, we didn't get any leftovers either...I barely had any desserts and didn't have many seconds, so I feel really left out too. :(


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