Monday, November 5, 2012

The good, the bad, and the really weird

I appreciate all the comments on my not so subtle "something's wrong with me so I'll have my internet friends diagnosis me" post yesterday. I actually said to Lily on our run this morning that I was going to call my doctor and schedule an appointment for her to check my iron. For those who don't know me in real life and therefore don't have a true understanding of my fear of needles, picture Katniss chucking her bow and arrows into the stream and running through the arena screaming for the Careers (at the beginning, like maybe day 1 or 2 of the games). That's about the level of fear we're dealing with here. Now let's see if this bravado still exists once the doctor's office is actually open.

It could be overtraining, but I need a flu shot anyway, and I like to get my iron levels checked each year since I'm a veg-bac-a-tarian (I don't eat meat because it grosses me out except bacon so I'll eat that if someone else cooks it and it's not for moral reasons so don't lump me in with those annoying overzealous people).

I almost succumbed to insanity and went to WebMD, since it was the one of the two times each season that Eric's team (the Browns) were playing and I could have snuck on, so I appreciate you guys talking me down.

Regarding the picture I posted of our photo shoot, upon reading my blog, my stepfather was displeased with the quality (too blurry), so a do-over photo shoot had to be staged.

He couldn't remember the proper facial expression

While my parents have been visiting, here's some of the awesome things we've enjoyed, aka, 
"The Good":

Five and Below find - seems like it should only be funny if you're drunk
or a child, but it's hilarious for sober adults.
The reason I'm scared to have kids: My mom found this for me because
I told her howTrader Joes ran out this year before I could get any.
How can I possibly ever be that awesome?
Enough said. Get yourself to Target ASAP. Thank God I need to back to get iron pills.

The new Brooks Adrenaline 13s! Unrelated to our visit but I wore them at work
yesterday and loved them.
I woke up this morning to run, and actually ran 7 miles, instead of brushing my teeth and going back to bed. It was still slow, but I didn't hate it. Having Lily with me made a huge difference.
The bad:
Kari warned me, but I had to find out for myself.
Don't watch it.
The really weird: I've been listening to The Maze Runner series on audiobook during my long runs. It's a dystopian young adult book about teenagers with a lot of action, so I figured a movie had to be on the horizon. I found a full movie trailor Saturday night and I was thrilled. 

Further investigation on IMDB led me to finally figure out it was a trailer for the book. I thought "book trailers" were those little summaries that you find on the back, but this is a real trailer that looks like it could come from Hollywood (in my completely ignorant opinion). At any rate, it wasn't one of those fan made ones, not that I would know what those looked like or watched every one I could find right before the Hunger Games came out in theaters. 

 Have you ever heard of this "book trailer" thing?

Name something good and bad from your weekend!


  1. Monster cookie ice cream? No way! Must go to Target today.

  2. I'm so glad you and I are both the non-zealot type of vegetarian. I'm not sure we could be friends otherwise.

    How can you have a book trailer???

  3. Book trailer is such a weird idea. Isn't the point of reading the book to form your own ideas and opinions about the characters and what they look like? I feel like a video of them would spoil that entirely.
    Also, vegetarians who eat bacon are my new favorite kind of people. That's awesome.

  4. I'm sure it is just over-training. I felt exhausted for most of October. I honestly don't know how I functioned except for the mass quantities of sugar I keep stuffing down my throat.

    My husband is also terrified of needles, even when he's not the one getting them. I had an IV put in my over Labor Day weekend and he turned a shade of white that I didn't know human skin could produce. He had to take a 10 minute time out to recover haha

  5. Oh my god, I was SO excited for that movie because I love Jason Segel...and it was AWFUL. So awful.

    I hate needles. I might just start taking iron pills to see if that fixes it, rather than getting tested.

    Maybe your thyroid levels are off?

  6. I don't read very much, but I did read the Earth's Children series, which started in the early 1980s, and the final book came out last year, and they had a book trailer. But that was my first experience with a book trailer. And only, since, you know, I don't read very much. Other than blogs. Should we make blog trailers?

  7. I think it's good to get baseline blood work done every year. Just one thing...Are you sure you want to get a flu shot before JFK? Full disclosure here - I have never had a flu shot but I have had some friends that actually come down with flu-like symptoms after they get them. You have worked so hard...I would just hate for you to have to deal with being sick the week before the race...

  8. I remember reading this post this morning and thinking of all these witty comments I wanted to leave and now my mind is blank. I know, it's sad.

  9. Book trailers? That's a new one for me. Good luck with the doctor visit. I'm not a big fan of needles either. Aside from going when I'm sick I never ever go.

  10. Good- crewed my husband at Mountain Masochist Trail Run
    Bad- getting sick

  11. Book trailers are a hot thing now. I've even seen them air on Hulu and the CW. Some of them are hella creepy. I'm guessing the Maze Runner one is, so I'm not going to watch it. The first book kind of freaked me out. I still haven't decided what I think of that series.


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