Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kids don't know how good they have it

I ran 5 miles this morning, taper is boring, JFK is scary, luckily I have some other stuff to talk about!

I'm really confused about why adulthood implies moving out of your parents house. Based on my experience this weekend, having your parents live with you makes your life significantly better. They've been staying with us, which is great, but their house is much nicer, so I'm unclear why I moved out and got a job and all that.

Report cards are due this week, so I worked on them after work Monday night while they cooked me a delicious dinner of baked ziti with homemade sauce. That was the least amount report cards have ever sucked. They only took brief breaks to take pictures of how beautiful I looked while working.

This is my last time ever doing report cards,
I'm sending this straight to Vogue and beginning a
modeling career.

Sunday night, we realized we were really failing at documenting our visit with pictures, but I reminded my mom that we were going to see the baby Tuesday and we'd be sure to get plenty then. She responded "What? We're not seeing the baby". After some discussion, I realized in her mind "the baby" was Harrison, and she had forgotten that other babies actually do exist. Understandable. 

But there is another baby that we needed to see - Kara's new baby, Cordelia!

A little happy blogging running family
My new love of holding babies continues. 
This picture did make me want to steal her.

Usually the socially acceptable thing to do is to bring a gift for the new baby, but this chick is only one week old, she's not going to know whether or not she receives gifts. Obviously, we were looking for approval from the child who is old enough to know what's up.

A stuffed dog you can color on! Or....a pony you can ride!

Blurry, but you get the idea.

Eric tried to get a fist bump, but he got a side-eye. Maybe he should have handed her the gift?

You're welcome for cutting your head off, Kara's secret husband.
Vince was equally excited to see Peanut. The feeling was mutual.

She's too fast to capture on camera!
Unfortunately, long lines at the polls meant we didn't get to Kara's until much later than planned, and then we had to rush out. It's that time again....
Broomball is basically hockey, except you wear sneakers, use a plastic "broom", hit a ball, and fall a lot. It's hard to explain though, so here's a video my  mom took of my sweet skills.

My parents are leaving tomorrow, which sucks because I won't get to hang out with them anymore and it means I have to go back to doing things for myself. Being an adult is the worst. 

Would you still live with your parents if it was socially acceptable?

Does this video make you want to join a broomball team asap?


  1. I looked better on that other blog.

  2. I feel like my worlds just collided. So weird seeing Kara's baby being held by Eric. I would definitely not want to live with my family, even if it was socially acceptable. I like seeing them for intense bursts of time. I have way too many family members to be enjoyable.

  3. My mom and I fight too much. We both are right 100% of the time, so no way would I want to live with them.

    I need to find broomball in my area or start a team. Coolest thing ever!

  4. Broomball looks awesome!

    My parents are no where near as enjoyable as yours :)

    Faith is going to expect a gift every time you come now. I'm not sure you can top the excitement of the dog/pony. She was still saying "wooooow" about it until bedtime haha

  5. After seeing Eric with the baby, I would have stolen her, too. I'm still so jealous. I wish I was closer!!

    I tried living with my parents after college and it really didn't work for us. Living 4 miles away seems much more reasonable.

  6. I would live with my mom if she wasn't completely insane. But her cleaning skills could possibly balance out the insanity issue. Or I could get her some heavy meds. And I'm pretty sure you just now made up broomball.

  7. I've never had a strong desire to move back in with my parents. I have, however, been wearing them down, throughout the years, to have my KIDS move in with them whenever I deem necessary.
    So far it's not been entirely successful, but I'm not giving up on that particular dream...

    And ditto yomomma re: the made-up broomball. Doesn't make it any less cool, luckily.

  8. I nominated you for a Liebster Award-if you're interested the info is on my blog :-)

  9. Where's the zoom in? You can't even tell that Cordelia is the puck.

  10. Awwww looks like someone is getting a case of baby-fever!

    I would absolutely not live with my parents. I love them to death, and like to see everyone for shorter visits, but my mom has opinions about EVERYTHING. And she shares them. Then expects people to accommodate them. So no.

  11. Baby fever strikes again! YES YES YES!!

    That's all.

  12. Ouch, it looked like it hurt when the guy fell at the end of the broomball video. Not sure I'm tough enough for that!

    I love spending weeks with my parents. Mom cooks and washes my clothes. Daddy lets me watch whatever I want to on TV or the DVR. I go to bed and wake up whenever I want. Yep, I'd definitely move back home!


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