Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bringing sexy back

I just wrapped up a whopping, 40 mile running week. I'm supposed to be tapering, but I'd aimed for more like 50 this week. I don't know what came over me this week, but it was bad.

Monday and Tuesday essentially everything in Baltimore (and the whole East Coast, it seems) was shut down due to Sandy. Eric and I spent the entire two days either sleeping, laying on the couch reading or watching TV, or eating. Pretty much no movement unless we needed food or bathroom. That sounds bad, but let me assure you, all of my coworkers reported doing the same. My friend Kristin even wrote a great blog post about it.

So wouldn't you think that the logical turn of events would be that the rest of the week I'd be rested, refreshed, and feeling on top of the world? Spoiler alert, I've already posted, and that didn't happen.

Friday: Couldn't get out of bed to run, but I actually had a pretty good "naked" (aka no electronics, water, nothing) 9 miler after work. I even got to try out my new sunglasses, a gift that Kari recently sent me. I've never had sunglasses specifically for working out, and now I'm dying to ride my bike in them. Plus, they look damn sexy.

I left my ipod at home just so I could hear the many catcalls.
Saturday: "Long" run day. I needed to run 15 miles, because I made that up after not looking at my training plan for like the ninth straight week. I didn't wake up until nearly 9am - fail. I also had been too lazy to fill my camelbak the night before - fail #2. Since I was still too lazy to fill it that morning, I decided to do three 5 mile loops in my neighborhood. Fail #3. My parents, who were visiting, were drinking coffee and eating bagels in our apartment with Eric, so I had to force myself to leave that tempting scene twice to return to the windy, cold streets and run more. But I managed to cover the distance, slowly.

Sunday: I was positive this would be it. With an extra hour of sleep to enjoy and the winds finally dying down, I'd be up early and chomping at the bit for a nice, cool fall run. Um, no. I slept for 9 hours and easily could have slept for several more. I still could barely drag myself out of bed. I contemplated skipping the run or cutting it short about two million times. Even my brand new shoes didn't help. I stayed the course for my planned ten miles, somehow.

It seems that those two days of nothingness alerted my body to the fact that doing nothing is the best, and now I want to do that for all time, until my dying day when they need a crane to lift my 800 pound body out of our apartment.

The only other solution I can come up with is that I have some sort of rare disease that's sapping all my strength. I'm sure anyone who's ever been to WebMD will agree with this diagnosis. Eric banned me a long time ago, so I haven't checked, but I'm still pretty sure I know that's what they would say.

In news that's less whiny and full of complaints, my mom and stepfather are visiting this weekend, which is a huge highlight in my life. I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. We decided to keep the visit low key, so we've mainly been hanging out, chatting, watching TV, and playing games. They went to Goodwill while we were at work on Friday, and found this gem. Anyone who's ever been invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party knows what a find it is, especially this late in the fall.

Now we must throw a party. It would be a crime not to.
When you have a professional photographer in the family, you can't just take funny iPhone photos to send to other family members. Here's a behind the scenes look.

I can't really talk about bringing your profession into your personal life, since I'm already trying to teach Harrison his ABCs. 

What weird rare unheard of disease do you think I'm suffering from? Could it be old age? FYI, it's not knocked up - itis, so don't even try.


  1. Apparently iPhones don't focus well by lamplight

  2. WebMD would tell you that you are pregnant. Or cancer. WebMD told me I had breast cancer when I was actually pregnant. And damn does Eric rock that sweater.

  3. I think I smell another caption contest coming up for Eric's picture. I'll start: Honey Wheat (I'm just assuming that is what he is drinking) What every Santa Man drinks.
    Or how about this one: What you lookin' at? You wanna peice of this? Honey Wheat....Get a peice.

  4. Maybe your peak week last week depleted your iron stores and you need to take a supplement? My answer to feeling low energy is always to take iron. :)

    40 miles? You should be deeply ashamed.

    I've been sitting with my feet up for almost a week now, but I'm wearing compression socks so I'm basically running. The gear is the important part, right?

  5. I need your fam members to follow me around in real life. That way, my blog photos would be so much better and never blurry.

    Also, you're running like 5000 miles a week, and just came off a 10,000 mile week last week. 40 miles is considered short to you, so I imagine your body is like I'm sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. You run more than I drive practically :)

    Also, I need a new book to read. I'm tapped out! Suggestions for me?

  6. You're definitely pregn--no? Okay. Ditto what Kara said - iron! Sometimes I just feel like that before a race. Either I go crazy from tapering or I know nothing I do at this point is going to make a difference, so I nothing.
    I love that picture of your family. So involved in getting the right ugly Christmas sweater shot!

  7. umm, sounds like you're training for an ultra?! and that 80-something mile week is catching up to you.

    eric in that sweater is hysterical.

  8. Wait, I need to go to Goodwill now to find my ugly sweater? Good to know. He really rocks that sweater!

  9. I had similar symptoms several weeks back and was convinced something was actually wrong with me, turns out I was just tired from trying to cram too much into my life! You are tapering after some serious training, sleep!!

  10. That sweater is awesome.

    I think you just need more chocolate. Either that or maybe you need to taper more? Chocolate, let's go with chocolate.

  11. WebMD thinks EVERYTHING is cancer or pregnancy. Stay away!

    Taper is weird. I always feel like "how could I possibly move?!?!" even though I'm running less. Get some extra sleep and stay hydrated!

  12. You make those sunglasses look good! When are you going to start with the science experiments?

  13. TWINS! When are you due? Kara is all smug and complacent, thinking she is so far in the lead - you're gonna scare the hell out of her.

  14. Why is it that if you're a woman and you aren't feeling 100% then you must be pregnant?! Hopefully you can get it figured out whatever it is and you'll feel better soon.

  15. Oh my, I remember in high school when anyone would complain about being tired and a little bit sick everyone thought it was mono. I've seriously been tested at least 3 time and it's never been positive. Sometimes you just get worn down.


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