Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A new and special shared experience

While I appreciate the responses to yesterday's post, it looks like most of us will have to agree to disagree. When in Rome. For the record, salads covered in blue cheese, bacon, and other similar ingredients were not what I was referring to. 

Sorry, but I think I've published enough horrible pictures of myself on this blog so far (feel free to check out any of my race recaps if you want proof, in fact, I just completely redid the page!). I will post this picture of me looking like I'm running a 35 minute mile from JFK as a concession.

Eric and I recently reached a new level in our marriage. First of all, he even sent me this text the other day.

I'm his wife, and I fully approve this message. Bacon is just ridiculously good. However, this is a big deal because we normally never, ever text unless it's of the "did you buy milk?" or "today is the last day of open enrollment, did you adjust our health insurance?" variety. Those of you who are in "here's what I ate for breakfast honey!" text type relationships may be judging, but that's how we roll. 

But that's not even what I'm talking about. We shared a wonderful new experience together. Monday morning, we worked out at 5am together. This is a big deal for several reasons.

  1. We do not work out together. We ran about a mile together one time, that was a disaster, and when we used to go to the same gym, we maybe drove together and worked out at the same time here and there. 
  2. Eric does not work out in the morning.  This accounts for about 85% of #1. The other 15% is because we don't like the same workouts, and we don't get along if one of us tries to do the other's workout.
But I really wanted to try P90X after JFK for a change of pace, and Eric was having trouble fitting in evening workouts, so we found ourselves doing pull ups at the ungodly time of about 5:12 am. (I had to use a chair). The first day was chest and back. It felt weird to me because I wasn't gasping for breath like I'm used to, but Eric kept assuring me that as long as I felt pain, it was working. I feel pain typing this blog post, so I guess it worked. 

It was fun hanging out together first thing in the morning, but it seems we are really, really dumb at 5am. Here's some examples:
  • Monday, we finished our workout, then realized it was way before we needed to start getting ready, so we just went back to bed for like an hour (we weren't sweaty so judge us only for stupidity, not grossness).
  • Tuesday, we woke up a little later, but then realized the workout was plyometrics, aka jumping, and doing that in a third floor apartment before sunrise wasn't going to win us any friends. We went back to bed again and planned to do the workout tonight, but I have class so we can't start until super later, way past when I'm usually half passed out on the couch in my Forever Lazy.
  • Also on Tuesday, Eric didn't get up exactly when he said he was going to, so he got to wake up to me leaning over him, taking his pulse to see if he was alive. He's a lucky man.
Do you work out with your significant other? 

Are you in a non-texting relationship or a texting what you ate for breakfast relationship? You all know what I mean.


  1. P90X is a good one! I actually liked those DVDs but just hate at-home workouts. I bet you'll be hurting :)

  2. Just wait until you have a kid... the texting will increase.

    I may not be as in shape as you, but get ready to want to die when you do Plyometrics. Also, I probably would have done it before dawn just to piss off my neighbor, but he already hates us.

    The image of your taking Eric's pulse to see if he was alive reminds me of the comatose state he was in when he asked "Where's my Chicken?"

    1. The kid thing is totally accurate. And usually involves texting about poop.

  3. My husband and I go through spills where we will text more and I even sent him a photo text every day while we weren't living together and he was over seas but now a text simply is a way to avoid a conversation when I don't really have anything more to say.

    I keep wanting to start into Intensity again but then I remember how exhausting it is.

  4. I feel like I owe you some blog love. We cannot workout together...tried running together once, but he wanted to go with the (fast) run/walk method and I wanted to do a slow steady run. So we only saw each other every few minutes when my slow run caught up to his walk. It was a disaster. Never again.

    And he usually texts me abbreviated messages to let me know he is coming home so that I can warn him about what baby disaster (read: Poop- in agreement with runningonwords) he is walking into.

    Good luck with P90X!

  5. My husband and I can't work out together. We've tried but it never really works. I tried to get him to do P90X with me to but he wouldn't. I haven't done the actual program, just random workouts when I feel like it and I usually never feel like I'm working out while I'm doing them (except plyo) but am super sore the next day. How did you use a chair for pull ups? I always skip those sections since I don't have a bar!

  6. My husband and I have only worked out 3 times together. This is 2 mud runs and a Spartan race...that is it and I think I like it that way HAHA.

    When we first started dating we sent texts a lot but now that we are married and he HATES cell phones I am lucky if I get a 'i am going to be late' text .

  7. Mike and I run together very occasionally. I think we'd kill each other if we did it more often than like twice a month. We have been doing pull ups and push ups together everyday, though. I, too, have to use the chair.

    Mike rarely texts because most of the time he doesn't even remember that he owns a cell phone. Also, we see each other all the time, so why text unless it's the grocery list?

  8. I never ran with my husband. I would be ok with it but, in his eyes, that is similar to working together. Never. Gonna. Happen.

  9. Jeff and I have run together but it's probably best for our marriage if we avoid that. :)

    We text, but mostly about kid stuff like "Your child is driving me insane"

  10. I just love your blog name. Chocolate is precious. :D

    I would love to be a morning exerciser, but it's just not happening over here :(

  11. We text pretty frequently - probably about 65% are "hi, I love you!" and the rest are "please buy wine on the way home!"

    We occasionally run together, and any time I lift, I make him go with me. He actually lifts more often than I do, but I won't do it alone. It actually works better to strength train together b/c we can each use our own weights and we aren't comparing/racing each other.

  12. My hubby doesn't text at all so we're the non-texting all together. He has a phone, he can text but he'd have to actually use it to do so. I know, we're so 21st century.

    Workout together? Once, 8 years ago when we both lost weight the first time.

  13. Allan and I are trying to decide between P90X and Insanity right now. He wants to do one or the other once I get past the marathon. Let me know what you guys think about P90X!

  14. If you continue to screw around with P90 crap until spring and then sneak down and race LPM and get an award again, I'm gonna dump something you.

  15. We're big texters, but mostly because we've been sucked into the evil that is GroupMe. So it's like a never ending chat room!


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