Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nothing but tangents

Yesterday I worked and then had to go straight to a long, tedious grad class, so I thought it was going to be a so-so day. I was so wrong. I heard the good news on the radio on my way in, and then received emails, texts, and Facebook messages from friends who were also rejoicing all day long.

I know Fox news has its flaws, but they opted for a Cory and Topanga wedding picture.

I think I can safely say that only thing better would be a Full House reunion - whoa I just got goose bumps typing that.

I swear I am not trying to beat the whole "craving salad" thing to death, but I really wanted to return to it one last time to bring everyone's attention to this comment from my BFF IRL (best friend forever in real life, for those who aren't in the know) for two reasons.

I will admit, I have craved a salad before...but I realized that it's because I ate really poorly- gas station food, etc. for a few days and my body is trying to say that it needs vegetables. I know this means that we can't be best friends anymore, but I think the type of craving is very different; it's more my body trying to tell me something so I do say that I crave it, but it's not what I really want- I'm just sick of the nasty junk food.

1. I want to publicly announce that we are still BFF. We've survived a robbery, a marathon, and a dance class that teaches sexy moves to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" together, so I'm not cutting things off over salad. Now, I will, and have, ended a friendship if someone shuns chocolate. My friend's baby just turned one and refused to eat any birthday cake, and I've already warned my sister that Harrison is dead to me if he tries to pull that kind of shenanigans. She agreed. We feel confident this is an empty threat, and I'll repost one of my favorite pictures from all time as proof.

So tiny! He's huge now in comparison!
2. It's really bothering me that I can't seem to articulate my thoughts on the salad issue and I think she put it into words perfectly. Ok I'm done now.

Yesterday I had the dreaded P90X plyometrics looming over me all day long. I was warned by many how this workout was absolutely killer. As I said, Eric and I didn't get started until about 7:30pm, which is past my dinner time and closer to my bedtime. Despite all that, I was a bit underwhelmed. 

It was definitely a workout, and I was out of breath and sweating,  but I was far from that "I hope I fall and break something so I don't have to continue" feeling. This morning, we did shoulders and arms. Again, it wasn't easy, but I never cursed at the TV like I do during Jillian's No More Trouble Zones, or held back tears, like I've been known to do in Body Pump.

It's always good to try new workouts instead of always doing the exact same thing (like, um, five months of straight running?). I'll do a little more of P90X to give it a fair shot but I see more Body Pump in my future. Bottom line - it burns more calories so I can eat more chocolate. Sorry I'm not sorry.

What arbitrary thing would you end a friendship over?

Anyone tried P90X or know more about fitness than me (aka anything about fitness) and can weigh in?


  1. Tell me more about this sexy dance class.

    1. Is there video? It sounds Christmas themed and perfect for posting now.

  2. His little hand is so cute! The cake looks so huge next to it.

    I don't remember Plyo being that brutal either, but again, the shoulders/ back one left me sore for the rest of my life. So did the Ab Burner. So, in short, I've got nothing for you.

  3. I can never muster the patience to get through a fitness DVD, not even Jillian Michaels when I actually know I'm getting a work out. I've heard good things about P90X, but I have no motivation to try it.

    Also, I too was thrilled at the Boy Meets World news. They better not F it up!

  4. You realize, if you have friends that don't eat chocolate cake, then there is more cake for you? Just sayin...

    Harrison is such a skinny baby!

    With P90X, have you tried the modifications? There are ways to make it harder and maybe do the crazy stuff? The black guy in the back of the video (you know, the one who looks like Dolvett) with the 12 pack is nuts. I don't know how he does it.

  5. Obviously a friendship can survive this, but it used to be a deal breaker for me in dating if a guy hated dogs. It was like I couldn't trust their judgment if they preferred cats.

    Is there an advanced Badass Edition of P90X you can try? Maybe you just need an advanced version. Isn't it designed for out of shape people to get INTO shape? You're already in shape.

  6. Sounds like my hike in Topanga Canyon last Friday was quite timely! I know what Carolyn means in her salad craving explanation. I've felt that way before after not eating well whilw traveling, and it doesnt mean I would refuse dessert for a salad, it just means I havent eaten much produce lately. If we eat out for a few meals in a row, the next time i shop, my cart is stocked with fruits and veggies. I have said before that i would disown my hypothetical future children if they had a peanut allergy and i couldnt eat pb around them.

  7. Love that little guy! Such a cute photo.

    You are just in crazy good shape because P90x is tough. Insanity is more my speed. I've done some of Jullian's too. But if I could get to a Body Pump or Boot Camp class, I'd go in a heart beat!

    Food should never come between friends..but that's only because you can always buy more. Or hide the things you can't.

  8. *sigh*
    I suppose the Boy Meets World redux will have to do...
    Come to me with news of a "Friends" reunion, though, and we'll be BFF.
    I'd even give up craving salads, for you.

  9. AHh he looks so tiny and malnourished! Everyone be advised that he is much plumper now, nothing to worry about!

  10. I am so beyond stoked about the new Girl Meets World. As long as there is Feeny, of course. I need to locate the full series of Boy Meets World on DVD so I can make my kid watch it.

  11. First of all, this seems like a great blog. I just stumbled across it, and I am excited.

    Second, even as a man, I am very excited for the BMW sequel. I mean, it spells out a fancy car brand, how can it be bad?

    Also, I had has several pieces of Maleys chocolate and a maley-o (chocolate covered Oreo) for dessert, so don't disown me. I earned it after a tough workout.

    1. I LOVE your blog name and I am extremely concerned that I did not present myself clearly in this post. I will only shun someone if they claim to not like chocolate, or refuse to eat it on a regular basis. I commend you for your consumption and wholeheartedly reject the idea that chocolate must be earned. Also I don't know what Maleys are but now I want that.

    2. Malley's, for you, would be heaven in a chocolate kind of way. It may be one of the reasons I gained weight while living in the Cleveland area! If you're ever out that way, I might suggest going to one that is also an ice cream shoppe. Anything with their hot fudge is to die for...and now I'm back to my weight loss blog! :)

  12. I am so glad we are still BFF IRL! I just had to try to explain it. I had a small salad for dinner tonight (since I wasn't hungry after my lunch) and then a huge bowl of extreme moose tracks mixed with a little leftover regular moose tracks. :) thank you for the affirmation that we are still friends...maybe we should do a reenactment of the Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" workout class! Boy, that was a long time ago! Were we dating our husbands then? I assume so, or else it was in the "dark days" when we got robbed and I cried at Costco.


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