Sunday, September 16, 2012

Changed woman

This weekend, I had to work at 10am on Saturday morning, meaning I would need to leave the house at 5am to get downtown in time to fit in a 20 mile run before work. I could have done the run Sunday, but I had friends over for game night Saturday night, and I didn't want to have to limit my wine intake. 

Lily and I ran 20 miles and finished by 9:15 am. I had time to clean up, change, stretch, and punch in to work. I hung out there for about 10 minutes until my manager pointed out that my shift was tomorrow. So essentially I got up at 4:30 am on Saturday for no reason. Still, it was nice to have the run done early. 

My Garmin seems to be permanently dead, and I forgot to charge my Nike + watch, so I went in to a 20 mile run with no watch. I didn't even throw a tantrum, and somehow I survived.

It meant I had plenty of time to buy wine and make these. Nutella pretzel brownies, with a pretzel crust.

Unfortunately, Eric had to work, so I had a few friends over on my own for "Game Night". We never ended up playing any games, partially because we were frantically catching up after weeks apart, partially because my friend Sarah brought a new friend over.

Harper, born 7 weeks ago

Ok, I can honestly say that if someone had wanted to bring a baby over when I was hosting a gathering I probably would have said yes only out of politeness. But now that I'm an aunt, I was actually excited to get the text that Sarah was bringing little Harper, and as soon as they arrived I was right at the front of the pack, throwing elbows to make sure I got my chance to hold her.

Is there something in the water with new mothers lately? I've been led to believe that they are supposed to be sleep deprived and carrying baby weight. I always knew my sister would be an exception to this rule, she's always been exceptionally gorgeous. I had no doubt that as soon as I was holding Harrison in my arms, she'd be looking like a world class model again, and of course that's what happened. 

Then Sarah has the nerve to show up at my house looking beautiful, fit, and fresh as a daisy only 7 weeks after having a baby. I get one night of barely any sleep (taking the red eye from San Francisco on Wednesday) and I look horrible and can't even manage to show up to work on the correct day. I've heard this new mother thing is pretty tough, but according to my Facebook feed, they all look fantastic.

Sunday, I made it to work for my actual shift, then did a 12 mile run downtown along the water after. I finally managed to get brave enough to run with a watch now that I'm back in the slow, hot state of Maryland. My average pace was 9:12, so slower than California (of course) but not terrible.  We'll see what happens once I get back to those lovely 5am runs.

Anyone else noticed this "new mother looking better than me" trend?


  1. ahhhh I totally have. WTF is up with that? They need to stop making me look bad.

  2. All the new moms look better than me. And a lot I pregnant people are way skinnier than me. When they are like 7 months pregnant.

  3. I actually lost all the baby weight within three weeks. My pants still didn't fit, but at least the scale was normal. Admittedly, I missed the biggest period of weight gain in pregnancy and I didn't eat for three or four days after delivery. Probably because I didn't have access to those brownies.

  4. Those brownies look amazing. Honestly, anything salty with nutella will automatically be amazing.

    I've definitely noticed the 'new mom' trend. Seriously, if I had a baby, I'd be in sweats and sleeping on my feet for months!

  5. Get the Garmin 110 if you're replacing yours. It's awesome.

    If I had done a 20 miler and then realized I didn't have to work, I'd probably go back to bed, but those brownies look amazing! They turned out a million times better than mine when I made them!

    1. or a soleus! i love mine and they're cheaper than a garmin! (or "less cheaper" as I had said in my now-deleted comment.... i can't think properly with that brownie photo)

  6. This trend you speak of is just baby fever clouded vision. :P

    I don't understand how your Garmin is broken and you're still functioning. You've made great strides in your addiction!

  7. Nice job. I did 17 last week on a weekday evening, and that is the longest single run to date in my training cycle. I somewhat envy you your 20-milers.

  8. I'm the same way! I get an hour less sleep than normal and I look like death! It's so not fair. My friend who had a baby almost a year ago is down to her highschool weight. Bitch :)

  9. Yes! I have noticed the trend too! Which makes me feel better about having kids myself. Like I will run again and may run faster (let's hope)!

  10. I'm with Kara.

    I definitely did NOT look fresh as a daisy at 7 weeks post partum.

  11. Harper! My friend is now an aunt to a Harper born a few months ago. Who knew it was so popular! I appear to have moved away from all my friends who were having babies, so I can't comment on this trend. I can only hope it happens to me if I try to spawn.


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