Saturday, September 8, 2012

Whatever happened to predictability?

We're in San Francisco!
Is the Full House theme song in your head yet?
We had a ever so slightly rocky start when our bag weighed 59 lbs, and we were told if we couldn't get it down to 50, we would be charged $100 in addition to the $25 we were already being charged to check it. Obviously we were hell bent on not paying $100 for essentially nothing, so we frantically started cramming clothes into our tiny carryons. Which ended up with me carrying this around for 2 flights and 13 hours.

By "me carrying" I meant me pretending to pick it up
and Eric carrying it.
Although we spent a long time traveling, I started the third Games of Thrones book so it flew by for me in a blur of knights and battles.

Here's something weird about me. I am pretty quick to get annoyed at anything and everything, but one classic annoyance that's in practically every comedy special doesn't bother me, and that's babies on planes. Yes, they cry. Yes, it's loud. But it's not like the baby is doing it on purpose, so why bitch about it? I mean, I know I'm taking a chance that this is something I'll run into when I opt to travel. But if it really gets to me, it's pretty easily solved with an ipod and headphones. I only really get annoyed when parents blatantly ignore their kids doing stupid or dangerous stuff, like the time I was waitressing and a 2 year old ran behind the grill (which is hot all the time and easily within her reach) and the parents didn't even know she was gone till we caught her (she ran really fast!) and brought her back. 

So anyway, Friday night we arrived at our gorgeous hotel.

We were pretty excited about this - does it remind anyone of the jungle room?

Gorgeous, right? By the time we rode through rush hour traffic to get there, checked in, and ate amazing food from this burger joint recommended by the concierge, it was 10pm (aka 1am) our time and we passed out. But I must mention that I had a nutella milkshake. I don't think I need to mention if it was good or not.

The concierge had insisted we'd be up super early due to the time change, but she don't know us like that. We stayed in bed until about 8:30 and it was wonderful. 

Once we finally got moving, my first order of business was to run across the Golden Gate bridge.

Turns out it's one of those weird places you can see from miles away, but it's a little confusing to actually get to. Like, I didn't expect this to be part of my journey.

I thought I'd find a troll in here, but no dice.
Once I finally found it, I couldn't even concentrate because the views were so amazing and I was in shock that I was actually running across it. 

Bucket list item, completed.
I did a total of 16.3 miles at an average pace of 9:02. That's about a minute per mile faster than most of my long runs have been. Even with 15 - 18 mph winds, and a few crazy San Francisco hills, it didn't feel like I was putting in any extra effort, if anything, it felt easier. This makes me feel like I am somewhat justified in blaming the humidity for my slowness. 

I also need to note this was my longest solo run without music! I don't know if it really counts considering the amazing scenery, but it's something.

If anyone is wondering why I'm sitting around posting to my blog instead of out sightseeing, it's because that myth about women taking longer to get ready doesn't apply to us. 

What's the most scenic run you've ever done?


  1. Wow, amazing views. I am beginning to think I need a bucket list! Most scenic? Hmmmm, I'd say Aruba right now!

  2. Wow, that is beautiful and way to get in a pretty awesome long run on your trip!

  3. the GGB is one of the most beautiful bridges i have ever seen. every time i visit SF i just stare at it. my god, i love SF and every time i go, the weather is always amazing. enjoy your weekend. it's such a great city!

  4. I"ve never been to San Fran before but I'd love to visit-- looks so pretty!

  5. There are some many things I like about this post.
    -I was singing "the milkman, the paperboy..." before I even scrolled down past the pic
    -I'm excited about your humidity-less miles. For you AND me.
    -Your views were breathtaking.
    -The photo of you is really cute
    -I enjoy the way you worded your last sentence, a lot.

    My husband's going to SF in a few weeks. He invited me to go, but I declined. I'm feeling pretty dumb about that decision, now. :(

  6. I love SF. Where did you get a nutella milkshake?! I want!

    Great job getting your long run done while traveling. I am terrible about doing that. Actually, I'm pretty bad about running on vacation in general.

    Hope your travels back are easier!!

  7. 1. that shower does bring back memories of the jungle room!
    2. nutella milkshake. not fair.
    3. seems like the whole trip so far has been a lot of you waiting for Eric to get ready. or should I say your whole marriage

  8. Wow, we need to run a west coast race!

    I'm so impressed that you did a solo long run without music! That's not easy.

    I'm way more annoyed by obese people on planes than babies. At least babies don't invade my personal space when they sit next to me :)

    1. Clearly you have gotten lucky. I've had many a small child and baby all up in my shiz.

      Ugh, I have to go wash the Full House song out of my brain. It's stuck.

  9. Your run sounds amazing. I really hope our pace will feel awesome and easy in three weeks. My 20 miler still felt sluggish on Friday. 16 miles without music is nuts! Nice work.

    The most scenic place I've run is probably in Nantucket. It's glorious there and there are sidewalks everywhere!

  10. What a beautiful place to run! I bet the miles just flew by since you were enjoying the scenery.

  11. Last fall, I visited one of my best friends in Boston. She's also a runner (and my main motivator to start running). I remember she told me the best way to explore a new city is by running. She had to go to work my second day there, so I laced up and went out for a run to "explore." It was great! I ran over the Charles River, past MIT, through Beacon Hill, ended up by the Cheers bar, and ran through the public garden and Boston Common.


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