Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My police on free booze

Saturday night, I worked a shift at the running store, then headed to my friend Donnie's 30th birthday party. I'm getting to that point in my life where 30th birthday parties are becoming a frequent event. It's a lot of fun while I'm still safely young at 29, but brings up a lot of pressure. My own 30th is in June. I've given up on the pipe dream of having my life together and being a real adult by then, but I do need to figure out some extra special way to celebrate. 

The usuals, partying it up
My adorable new third grade teammate stopped by for a little bit. It's amazing how much actually liking people you work closely with improves the quality of your life.

I strategically planned my rest day for Sunday. Planning my running schedule around my social calendar is key to success for me. Unfortunately Sunday turned out to be anything but restful. I had a busy shift at work (which I like, actually) and then I had a ton of grad work to do (which I despise more than anything on this earth). 

Monday morning Lily and I ran an easy 7 miles. I probably won't wear my watch at all this week until the marathon and just keep it light. After school, I was working at the running store for a Black Girls Run event. I had no idea what this event was, but it turned out the group just partnered with the store for a night of discounts, snacks, wine, and shopping. I swear I'm not just saying this for the sake of appearing positive about my job on the internets, it was actually a fun night! Obviously cleaning the toilet wasn't my favorite, but I love meeting new runners and talking about running. Plus, apparently they don't abide by my strict policy of never turning down free booze, so I got to go home with this. I even got hummus and grapes too (any free food is extremely exciting in my life).

The fun didn't end when I got home. The matching noodle huggers that Kari and I ordered for our race on Sunday had arrived, and were even prettier in person. Now we are officially ready to race.

The fun ended pretty abruptly when my alarm clock went off at 5:30 this morning. I always know I'm in trouble when I hear the alarm but have probably a full minute of total confusion where I have no idea what's happening or where I am. By the time I got home and ate dinner last night it was around 10:30 pm. Once again, I know I'm not horribly overworked or anything, I have plenty of friends who work much more than me. But we must keep in mind that I am significantly lazier than the average person.

I know I'll have to suck it up in the future because I want to keep my second job, but luckily this week I could pull the "what will help me more for the race, a 5 mile run or an extra hour of sleep?" card. An extra hour of sleep it was. I have grad class tonight so today is officially a rest day. I usually like to take two on weeks of big races anyway.

How many hours a week do you work?

Do you like the people you work with? I LOVE them. Now. :)


  1. I work zero hours a week :) It really cuts down my coworker socialization though.

    I am way, way lazier than you. I win.

  2. I'm liking that the noodle huggers are here, because that will help me plan my race outfit to semi-match it. Maybe I do need to go to the store and buy a whole new outfit...

    I don't even know how many hours I work. I probably spent about 6 hours at my desk, but then work on and off for the entire day, so who really knows.

  3. I actually have a job now! But I work from home..... so my coworkers are still the cats. But at least I like them.

  4. I must be significantly lazier than the average person too. Both Patrick and I started new jobs in the last two weeks and I swear, we barely see each other...and we're not even working terrible hours. I know plenty of BigLaw people who work 80+ hour weeks! But finding time to sleep and train is tough! How do people have kids?! The logistics are mind boggling.

    Also I slept through my run this morning too. I've been getting up at 4am to do them recently, and today I just went back to sleep. Oops.

  5. Ummmmmmmmmmm I'm at the point where the birthday parties are all a couple o' years into their 30s, and a few friends are almost to the 40 mark. Big events around here. I turn 31 this year-- do I get to throw a rager for that one?!

  6. I work a flex schedual so I am 9 hours a day for two weeks with a three day weekend every two days...it is pretty sweet I have to say...I have done 80+ in my past...glad to say that is over for now!

    My coworkers are all like me, science nerds I love working with them!

  7. You've got your life together way more than I do and I'm already 30. Next I just need an awesome husband like you. I'm super hopeful.

  8. I probably work around 50 hours a week, but with no commute or having to get ready for work (i.e. daily showers are no longer a necessity) it feels like way less. And since I work alone, everyone at work is really, really awesome.

  9. I work remotely and thus only talk to people via e-mail and only then if there are technical issues. My only on-site coworker doesn't talk yet. I like it that way.

  10. Haha, I've been rearranging my social calendar to fit my race calendar which completely mystifies non-runner family and friends.

  11. I think you are the antithesis of lazy! Lazy would be working 9-5 and sitting on your butt the rest of the time. Go girl!


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