Friday, September 21, 2012

Some complaints

I never write my blog post titles until I write the post (unless it's a race recap or Full House theme song lyrics) because I never really know what direction the post is going to go in until it's finished. I usually have an idea and "pre-write" a lot in my head on my run or in the shower, but it doesn't always follow the plan. Essentially, I'm not so much writing a blog, the blog writes itself and I'm just here to facilitate with my excellent typing skills. 

I'm in a great mood (who isn't on Friday mornings?) but as I wrote, I realized I have a series of complaints, so here they are.

1.  Sad news for all those who I knew were really looking forward to my mom getting her new iPhone today - apparently it's now not available until October 5th, due to "high demand". Come on Apple, get yourself together -  people do crazy things like wait over night in lines to get your products when they come out. Was "high demand" some sort of surprise to you? 

2. My Garmin is officially dead, according to my email correspondence with the company. At first, I was really impressed with their customer service, because they responded to my question really quickly. But now they want me to mail back my Garmin, pay for shipping, AND send them $79 for a refurbished one. Am I being a diva or is that a lot to pay when I've been using their product exactly as specified for less than three years? I didn't drop it in the tub or anything, I returned from my final run in San Francisco, and it decided it never wanted to turn on again. Anyone else had this problem?

Luckily, my sister is nice enough to temporarily let me take hers over, so I'll just go with that for now.
Random old race photo of us - why  not?
3. This morning Lily and I ran 10 miles, and getting out of bed was once again horrific. Next week, bedtime needs to be my top priority. I'm having trouble because I haven't been getting home from school until 6:30 or 7pm. I know many, many people work way longer hours than that, but lets be fair, those people are clearly less lazy than me. To be up for a 5am run, I'd need to be in bed by 8:30. Theoretically, that's possible, but by the time I get home, get everything ready for the next day, make dinner, and eat, it's usually already 8:30. If I went straight to bed, I have no time to see Eric, or, if he's at kickball or something, no time to waste time reading blogs. Do we all see how this is a serious conundrum?

Tonight Eric has to work, which sucks, but I remained positive and planned a hot date for his absence. 

Katy Perry 3D Movie Poster
It's out on video!

Of course, tomorrow is another early run, which means I would need to be home early enough to start watching by like 6:30 pm. But if that's not incentive to finish up early, I don't know what is.

What time do you usually get home from work?

What complaints do you have today?


  1. My Garmin (305) is a little funky. I thought my original one died. Same thing, I got home from a trip it too wouldn't turn on again. I ended up with another one but the old one started working again after leaving it sit on the charger for weeks. I found that it was turning on and completely draining the battery. When I'd stick it on the charger, couldn't get it to respond but if I fiddle with the charger cords enough, it will start charging again, seems there is some sort of short in the charger? Not sure, but I eventually get it to work and at least have a spare as a backup.

  2. Yesterday, I was in my pajamas at 4:30 (I just put them on after my run), but then had to change when we went out when Mike got home.

    I'm always home, but that basically means I'm always working, too, so it has it's drawbacks. That being said, I will never complain about working from home. That's just stupid.

  3. OMG, that pic of the pajamas is so funny because I have become that person! lol. My suntoo is dying a little bit so I may have to get another one soon. Its Friday but I am so looking forward to the weekend. This has been a brutal week and yesterday got out of work at 11:30 at night. But had enough sleep to go for a light run early this morning which was nice!

  4. That does seem ridiculous, especially considering the new Garmin is like 100 bucks. They sent those to bloggers who barely fucking run, you should get a free one too, plus some kind of bonus for being a runner who actually trains.

    My main complaint today is that I wish I was still sleeping. Too bad toddlers can't watch themselves. :)

  5. that sucks about your garmin, but I'm happy to help! And by help I mean never run. ha

  6. $79 for a refurbished Garmin? That's crazytown! Is that not somewhere in the ballpark of the cost of a new one??

    Typically if I'm at home, I'm in my pajamas. Of course, my pajamas are either a tank top and shorts or a t-shirt and shorts.

    Let's see, my complaint today? I need a freaking raise!

  7. I am usually home around 610, which sucks for including exercise in the bad ot hear about ur should have a funeral! lol

    Hmm no complaints today, but I still have half the day left!

  8. I have heard Garmin doing this a lot lately. My HR monitor has been acting wonky but I am going to live with it. I keep secretly hoping mine dies because I love tech and I'd like a new one. As always.

    Complaints today? Nobody could do my 4 miles for me. I was too lazy to do so.


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