Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The milkman, the paperboy, the evening TV

Eric and I LOVE weddings. You might say we live for them, specifically the dancing. On Saturday we attended one of the top rated weddings on the notoriously harsh Lindsey rating scale. And not just because we were forced to schedule an amazing vacation in San Francisco to attend.

To get there, took the bus through San Francisco without incident, then somehow walked right past the wedding site and got lost in Fort Mason, a huge park for half an hour and nearly missed the beginning. I was pretty stressed so imagine our surprise and delight when we finally arrived and discovered that drinking was not only allowed, but encouraged during the ceremony!

We should have thought of this at our wedding.
Obviously, the wedding was off to a great start, and it continued to impress us. The ceremony was on a gorgeous lawn overlooking the bay and Alcatraz.

A wedding overlooking a prison? Genius.

The bride was stunning, and they included "supporting each other through crappy runs" in their wedding vows. My kind of couple.

I even got to re-wear a bridesmaid's dress from another highly rated wedding (different group of friends, so if I wasn't admitting it on the internet, no one would know).

Tree growing out of my head. Sorry Vince.

Best of all, there was hours and hours of dancing. 

Notice anything special about our attire? TWINSIES!

The dance floor was so much fun that I didn't even eat the cake that I'd carefully saved, except for a few bites of frosting at the end of the night. You know that's serious.

It's really hard to write in lipstick, but the cake was there when the lights came on.

Sunday morning my alarm went off bright and early for my run, and I started to regret not listening to Eric when he kept telling me "it's a marathon, not a sprint" in reference to the signature cocktail the previous night. But the training plan was there in black and white, so I dragged myself out along the bay for 10 miles. Most of the run was decent but somewhere in the middle I got side stitches so badly that I was honestly about to flag down a cab and see how close the $10 in my water bottle holder would get me to the hotel. As a result, my pace sucked (9:47 average). According to this research, we can all officially cross tequila off the "smart pre-run fuel" list. You're welcome.

What earns a wedding a high rating in your book? The biggest way to lose points with us is limited dancing and open bar time. Previously, I only examined open bar time during the reception, but this wedding raised the bar and every subsequent wedding will now be judged accordingly. 

What have you had to cross off your "smart pre-run fuel" list? Less obvious answers than "tequila" will be accepted.


  1. I have eaten the following pre-race-

    1) Hubcap of margarita and quesadillas from Nacho Mamas

    2) All u can eat Brazilian BBQ at Fogo de Chao

    3) 4 bratwurst 2 hrs before a run.

    Only the bratwurst was a bad idea.

  2. A little Photoshop would clear up that tree. Hmm...where have I seen that dress before?

  3. I always try to make mike "match" me at weddings. He only owns like three ties, though, so it's tricky.

    I love weddings so much. You know what's the worst? CASH BAR? WHO DOES THAT?????

    Bad pre-run fuel: Philadelphia pizza, indian food

  4. I went to a wedding once where they sat everyone based on whether you drank or not-- drinkers on one side of the dance floor, sober people on the other. Then, each glass of wine was $12/glass. Swear. It was one of the most beautiful venues I've ever seen but we all left super quick!

    PS I Love your dress! Whatever bride picked that totally rocks!

  5. high wedding ratings - whiskey bar. Also high on the "not smart pre-run fuel" list.

    worst pre-run fuel though had to be a pint of coffee ice cream. that was a huge fail.

  6. If there was someway I could get a job as a professional wedding guest, I'd do it in a heart beat. Like a seat filler at the Oscars...

    While the obvious bit is the importance of an open bar, a good DJ will make or break a wedding. I was at one recently where the DJ played non stop reggaeton, not to disparage that genre of music, but it wasn't playing to the crowd.

    Finally, a wedding where you get to drink during the ceremony, may in fact be the greatest thing I have ever heard...

  7. Biggest wedding blunder for me is to have shitty appetizers or even worse, awesome ones but not enough. I'm really there for the food, everything else is just extra. :)

    Love the dress, I guess it isn't always a lie when a bride says "You can wear this dress again!"

  8. Cereal is a no-no for me pre-race. I've never puked while running but I nearly did a couple of weeks ago during a 10K when I had eaten cereal for breakfast that morning.

    That looks like a really fun wedding! My favorite weddings are the ones that reflect the individuals getting married. If people can't be themselves on their wedding day then there's not much hope for them in my book.

  9. Kara's comment reminded me that we just went to a wedding with fried goat cheese balls that had sweet and sour sauce on top. It was amazing. The whole reception was based around a four course meal.

    I'm impressed that you ruined lipstick to save your cake. That's devotion.

  10. ummmm, that is where they got married?!?!?! omg, my dream wedding. it DOES NOT get better than that!

    if they close the bar during dinner - it sucks.

  11. Wedding with drinking during the ceremony = best idea ever. I will probably have to steal it.

  12. You and your husband are the cutest couple ever!

    And that was a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous bride. Gorgeous location, too: I really want to visit SF someday.


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