Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yet another random post

1. I'm struggling a tad to write this post because I'm suffering from heat induced rage. And stupidity.

Teaching all day in what feels like the amazon jungle results in things like sweat dripping off me to the floor when I'm barely even moving, me being irritable beyond belief, and just an overall unpleasant aroma. It makes me far more grouchy than what is acceptable for someone leaving for an amazing trip to San Francisco in 2 days. Today we ran out of water, so that was extra special.

Funny Workplace Ecard: Let's go out into the scorching heat wave to avoid frostbite from our office air conditioning.
Struggling not to punch people who complain about AC being
too cold requires a significant amount of my energy.
2. (Related to 1) I wrote a really angry letter to the government in my head about how they're screwing over the future of America by making it too hot for them to learn and was going to post it on my blog but then I remembered that no government officials actually read it and my actual readers just want to hear running stories and see funny pictures and not read annoying self righteous whiny rants that have no relevance to them.

3. (More related complaints) I'm also sick of the horrible humidity making me slow and pathetic, but aren't we all. Today was a 9 mile run, something like a 10 minute pace, and I felt like I wanted to puke. And I almost drowned in my own sweat. Lovely.

4. My semester for grad school started last night, so now I get to juggle grad school, two jobs, and training. This is a real challenge because I require more time sitting around wasting time on the internet than the average person, and all these responsibilities really eat into that.

5. I love internet diagnoses as much as the next person, so why have my quads hurt almost at marathon level for nearly a week now? As in, I need my arms to help when I get up from a chair. Eric says I'm not in teacher shape yet, and standing all day has exhausted them. Thoughts?

6. Last month, I was all excited that Eric and I were going to our first interracial wedding (other than our own). The beautiful bride posted this on Facebook last night.

I commented the following:

Immediately after I hit enter, I got a text from my friend saying that the comment right above mine belonged to the priest who had married them. So now he would get that little notification about my follow up comment, which was oh-so-appropriate. In my defense, I didn't know priests used Facebook.

7. This post was a bit of downer, but the important thing is - we're going to San Francisco in two days! 

Have you ever made an ass of yourself to a religious official? I wouldn't have guessed my first time would be on Facebook, but there it is.

Seriously, where should we eat in SF?


  1. When I feel hot and cranky during the day, I think about you in an unairconditioned room with a bunch of 3rd graders and I feel better. So your suffering isn't totally pointless :)

    I am also really tired of feeling slow while running. :P

  2. A) Way to insult a priest. On FB, no less. Who does that?!

    B) I most definitely would like to read a rant to the government about how they are disrupting your educational services. Highly entertaining!

  3. I'm pretty sure the priest agrees with you.

  4. So your classroom doesn't have AC? How can a school run out of water? Seriously, that really is terrible. I do think that standing all day is tougher on your legs if you're not used to it. (I'm not!)

    A bunch of my friends in high school and college has pastors for dads, so I've embarrassed myself plenty. Not about anything dirty though, so you have me beat.

  5. I'm pissed off at humidity and went on strike with running last week because of it. Little did I realize that it's only hurting myself in the long run and doesn't actually make the humidity go away. Makes me feel better about my pathetic 8 I did tonight. Apparently the humidity will be gone tomorrow here in WI so maybe you'll get some relief in a couple days. If I still suck at running tomorrow night, I'm gonna cut someone.

  6. I am so over the heat too, luckily where I live humidity is rarely an issue, you can hate me a little for that if you want to.

    Too funny about the Facebook comment!

  7. Hmmm, my only FB embarrassing moment like that was a "your momma" joke and then my friend said "the previous comment was my momma." Oops.

    I am over the heat too. Sweating makes me feel accomplished but I think I ate my weight in sunscreen during my race last weekend. Over it.

  8. HAHAHAHAH I really hope the priest saw that! Amazing.

    Your readers definitely want to read self righteous rants!

  9. your comment is hysterical!

    i never cut runs shorts but i did on tues and wed due to the humidity. 100% and i felt like i was running in a tropical rainforest. i cannot stand it.

  10. My senior year of high school the air conditioners were broken the first two weeks of school. In mid-August. In Oklahoma. With daily temps above 100. We made the evening news every day for a week and it still took the school system 2+ weeks to get the a/c fixed. Teachers kept moving class outside because there was at least a breeze.

    That was 15 years ago, and I still have vivid memories of how awful that was.


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