Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The rest of my epic weekend

As I said in my last post, after the Culpeper triathlon, I had to race to prepare for my friend Conor's wedding. A guy at the race overheard me saying I had a wedding to attend that night and was all sympathetic. This was no hardship on me though, Eric and I LOVE weddings. I've been looking forward to August 4th for a long time - a triathlon and wedding was a pretty perfect Saturday in my book.

We couldn't seem to get any good pics of the bride and groom
 Tell me you are not as fascinated as Eric and I were that these little baby mini hamburgers were even smaller than strawberries.

Getting ready for the wedding felt really weird. My "beauty" routine all summer has been something like: run, shower, put on clean running clothes, sunscreen, and my wedding band. Wearing jewelry and makeup felt strange and foreign. I thought I did really well, but I left part of my body marking. You can't really see it, but tons of people were asking me why I had a huge sharpie number 9 on my arm.

For those who asked, my dress came from the same place nearly all my clothes, and most of my household items come from: Ross Dress for Less. It was a $14.99 steal. Now I can not only switch from teaching to graphic design, but from running blogging to fashion blogging.

I'm pretty depressed about going back to a full time job next week, but the good news is I get to work with these awesome people.

Teachers in the house!
 No wedding post is complete without a few classic dance floor candid pics.

I was a little worried about coaching my 5K group in the morning, because the reception went until 12:30, and my plan of not imbibing too much didn't exactly pan out. Luckily, we were staying just a few floors above the reception, so I was asleep around 12:34. I felt fine after some coffee in the morning, and did a mile warm up on my own (that didn't feel fine, actually my legs felt horrible) and 2.3 miles of walk/running with my group. The main problem I experienced was impatience - the second the group ended I was leaving to drive to Rochester, NY to FINALLY meet my new nephew, Harrison!

There is just no way you've seen a more perfect baby

He's so tiny his little red hat won't even stay on!

 I went straight to the hospital,and got in a couple of hours of quality baby snuggling time before visiting hours ended.

He was in a milk coma, so we snuck in some sister bonding time as well.

Now he is home with his mommy and daddy and all are doing well. Thanks so much for all the happy wishes! I have to go back to Baltimore tomorrow and just the thought of leaving is making my eyes well up.

Would you contribute to a charity fund to help me quit my job, move back in with my parents, and just hold my nephew all day?


  1. He is the freaking cutest baby ever.

    Your weekend makes me so jealous, it's ridiculous. Did you eat that teeny tiny hamburger?

  2. Wow your sister looks happy. I hope they give me some of those drugs too :)

    Harrison is adorable. C-section babies always look so perfect and adorable. Faith looked like she'd been in a prize fight after all that pushing. It took a solid day for the swelling in her face to go down! It was a face only a month could love for a few days after that haha.

    The amount of boob in this post will surely cause a spike in your subscriber numbers. Well done.

    1. I was told repeatedly that I should be glad I was having a c-section because then her head wouldn't resemble a cone.

      I want those cheeseburgers.

  3. I will be thrilled if you switch to fashion blogging. It'll make me feel like my Nike capris and tech shirts are fashionable!

    Harrison is super cute. What a face! Adorable. C-section? I thought his face looked so perfect and round and I was wondering how that happened! All the newborns I've seen look...well, like prize fighters.

    I'll contribute to your fund, but only if you match my contribution with a donation to pay off my student loans ;)

  4. He's adorable! So glad you got to see him so soon - that must have felt like eternity though. I saw my brother Robert the day after he was born and it felt like ages.

    I LOVE that your race number was still visible. You're so hardcore.

  5. hevdefinitely doesn't look like a newborn! Except for his miniature-ness. So adorable.

  6. wow - that is one of the cutest babies i have ever seen. congrats and glad you made it up safe.

  7. Excellent graphic skills. But don't treat them like swimming, and blow them off the next year so they atrophy.

  8. He is so cute! But you already knew that :)

    Your sister looks great! And you two look so much alike. I wonder how nature decided which of you got which hair.

    Love the noodle hugger!

  9. He is such a cutie! Glad he and your sister are both doing well!

  10. Awww love the pic of you, Darcy and little Harrison!! :) sad I didn't get to see you in "Aunt mode" :( but like I tweeted to you, just move back to Rochester. Please. And Thank you. ;)

  11. Awww love the pic of you, Darcy and little Harrison!! :) sad I didn't get to see you in "Aunt mode" :( but like I tweeted to you, just move back to Rochester. Please. And Thank you. ;)


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