Friday, August 24, 2012

I married a social butterfly

Last week, my mid week run went so well that I decided to recreate it, especially since I have plans that may keep me out late tonight, and my 5K group Sunday morning. I gave myself an extra challenge and scheduled it the morning after I had to close at Charm City Run.

Note the time I'm setting the alarm.
I began my run prior to 4am on Wednesday morning (3:57 but why split hairs?), which I believe is a new record for me. I enjoyed 10 miles in the dark listening to The Maze Runner, then picked up Lily for the last 8.  

I'm surprised my beauty didn't cause any car accidents.

After my pre-work 20 miler the week before, I was exhausted all day and could barely function. Surprisingly, after only about 4 hours of sleep Tuesday night, I felt pretty normal after my long run, and even did things like attend meetings and make (what I thought were) intelligent comments. 

I had my 5K group Wednesday night, and only two people showed up. I took turns walking or running with them, but I got to run on my own in between them (we do a big mile long loop around Fort McHenry). I did a walk/run that was at least 70% run for another 4 miles, which left me with me 22 miles for the day.

Thursday morning I dragged myself out of bed prior to 5am again, and met Lily downtown for a ten mile run along the harbor. My Achilles started bothering me on this run, so it wasn't really my best effort. It was sore and tight the rest of the day, so I iced it and decided to take Friday off. Today, the pain is gone, but it still feels extremely tight after I sit for awhile or go down stairs. Naturally my reaction is full blown panic, nothing even remotely close to a reasonable response. I'm planning to see how it feels after my shift at Charm City tomorrow and run in the afternoon if it's still pain free.

On a much more cheerful note, yesterday was Eric's 32nd birthday! Or, as I like to think of it, an excuse to bake. I decided to make chocolate chip blondies with peanut butter frosting

I got fancy and grated a Hershey's bar to go on top.
A lot of people at work asked me what blondies were. I don't know the technical terms, but my impression is that they are brownie consistency, but made with brown sugar instead of cocoa, so they aren't chocolate flavored. It tasted like a giant, thick, chocolate chip cookie.

Eric was a fan.
Everything looks better with an instagram filter.
I got him tickets to the Ravens/Browns game next month, because he's a super diehard Cleveland Browns fan and he's never seen them play in Baltimore. Wife of the year, right here.

Then I dragged him to my work party that my boss threw at his house. If the situation were reversed, I'd probably spend the night huddled awkwardly in the corner, simultaneously praying and dreading that someone will come make small talk with me. I'm just bad at social situations, especially ones where everyone knows each other and I know no one, which is why I like to write and read blogs and make friends on the internet. Eric is the total opposite, and was immediately off making new friends and at least 5 people came up to me to tell me how much they loved him, and my boss begged him to leave his job and come work at our school. I want to be like him when I grow up.

Please make me feel better and tell me that the fact that my Achilles is tight but not painful today is a wonderful, positive, perfect sign. 

Are you more like me or Eric at parties?

Which do you prefer, blondies or brownies?


  1. I don't know the rules when it comes to icing vs. heating, but shouldn't you apply heat as well?? Won't that help with the tightness?! I don't know, but that's what I would do!

    As far as parties, I like to think I'm like Eric, but probably not as good as I think I am!

    BROWNIES!!! (But of course I know what Blondies are.)

    1. Somebody loves exclamation points!!!!

    2. You wouldn't want to use heat if there's active inflammation.

  2. I think if you treat your ankle well with stretching and icing then it will be fine. I know you won't run through injury pain because you're too smart for that.

    I love blondies. I'd make some but I'm lazy. I should buy a mix or something.

    Do you have to go to the football game too? I would get Jeff more tickets to games if I didn't have to go too. :)

    1. lots of stretching!!!!! mine was SO tight during the first week of my Triumphant Return and stretching it a lot helped sooo much.

    2. I bought Patrick 2 tickets to a Scotch tasting last Christmas...with the one condition that he had to take ANYONE but me. No way you could get me to voluntarily taste Scotch.

  3. I'm a total Alyssa at parties (not that I actually go to parties).

    Those blondies look like brownies in your instagram picture. I can't get over the idea of a chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter frosting and chocolate shavings. Delicious. I'm still bitter about Kari's outbidding me for your caramel cookies earlier this summer. FYI, my birthday is in November.

  4. Even for all of my awesomeness, I am a total clam in situations where I don't know anyone. I close myself up and am content to sit back and watch. If I feel that I can contribute to the group in some cohearant way I will but I'm usually content to be a watcher. When I with a small group of people that I know well then it's an all out Kristin fest!!

  5. Are there really people that don't know what blondies are? That's really sad.

  6. please bring that along with your caramel things to Hartford. I want to know what Kari is making to try to one-up that.

  7. Those look amazing. You can send a batch my way....I just quit my job today so I have some celebrating to do!

    I am a mix of both of you. And if you add alcohol, I am apparently obnoxious.

  8. Ooph, hope the achilles is okay. Do lots of icing and maybe foam roll it a bit?

    PS Major props for running at 3:57 am. You get bonus points for those extra 3 minutes, but that's pretty hardcore regardless.

  9. The lack of pain is definitely a good sign! I second the foam-rolling suggestion. That was gonna be mine, too. Rest, stretch & roll. (ice won't help tendons, sadly)

    Your husband is a lucky, lucky man. That dessert looks amazing. I'm partial to blondies, though, too. This is one of my all-time favorite recipes (blondie or otherwise) :

  10. I like to alternate blondies and brownies, since both are amazing.

    I'm a mix of you and Eric. If alcohol is involved, though, I'm Eric. People LOVE drunk Kari.

    I think if you just start icing regularly and maybe take a couple days off you'll be ok.

  11. not painful is a good sign but you need to be careful! don't push it.

    i'm OK in social situations around new people but sometimes i do get a bad case of work vomit and say weird things.

  12. Not painful is a good sign, but be sure to stretch and foam roll/stick. A lot. A tight Achilles just might be related to tight calf muscles. Simple stretching and RICE might be the simple and quick solution. I also like IcyHot. It might just be psychosomatic, but I feel like it helps.

    I am totally you in social situations. Patrick could make friends with a brick. I'm super awkward. It's why I have to meet my friends through the internet ;)

  13. Here we go Brownies, here we go! (and I'm not talking about the food!)

    I am more like you in social situations. And it is bad when I am at a party with loads of alcohol. Talk to people or sit here and double fist these drinks while I pretend I'm doing something? Drunk by 10:30/11!


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