Monday, August 20, 2012

Cake is my number one priority

This may sound a little bit confusing, since I talked all about being back at work last week, but now I am officially back at work. Last week was actually optional, and only for reading teachers at my school. There's just a different feeling knowing that I actually have to show up now, as opposed to just opting in because I like getting paid more than not getting paid. Plus, I have to give all these presentations to the staff, which I'm just terrible at. Luckily, I refuse to act professional or even wear normal clothes until the last possible second, so I have one more week of living in running clothes.

As you may imagine, I'm facing a major challenge as I begin this school year: which picture of my nephew do I frame to put on my desk? I struggled enough to choose one for my phone and laptop background, and this is even more of a commitment. Every time I try to decide I just get sucked in to looking at them all and each one seems cuter than the last, and I'm left right back where I started.

Quite suspicious of the camera here
It's my sister's birthday today, so go over to her blog, wish her a happy birthday, and then give me some feedback on which picture is the cutest!

I think this picture sums up our relationship.
I got a cruel text today with a picture of the birthday cake that my mom made for my sister. It's a salted caramel cake with Nutella buttercream frosting.


I knew I had to have some of that cake in my life. Kari and I are going to visit when we run the Wineglass Marathon in 6 weeks. I was planning to drive home directly after the race on Sunday, but after receiving that text, I decided to fly home Monday morning instead. I texted my sister to see if she thought my mom would make it again for a post marathon dessert (she thought she would). Then I called my mom to confirm 100% that there would be cake before booking my plane ticket. I'm not proud, but after hearing "salted caramel cake with Nutella buttercream frosting", that became my number one priority in life.

I've been teaching for 7 years, and I can safely say I've never been prouder of anything a child has done.

Less than 3 weeks old and already knows the meaning of life

This morning Lily came over for a run, so it was just like the good old days! We ran 4 miles before hitting my new discovery, the high school track a mile away. I did 3 mile repeats, which were lame because they were supposed to be at an 8:00 pace, but they were 8:00, 8:06, and 8:07. But my visit wasn't wasted, I met a guy who is a super ultra marathoner - as in, he's done over forty 100 milers. He's training for some world championship 24 hour run. He's done JFK 10 times, and gave me some good advice.  

I just happened to ask if he'd ever done Umstead, the first - timer friendly 100 miler that Kara and I plan on doing eventually. It wasn't like I'd immediately recognized him from the time he wore an "Umstead" shirt to the YMCA months ago or anything. Turns out he's not only done it, he's won it. Four times. 

Just take a guess how many miles a week he usually runs to do all this. 

If you're anything like me, your guess was way too low. The answer is 190. ONE HUNDRED NINETY MILES A WEEK. And he's a regular guy with a full time job. Unbelievable. 

Which picture of Harrison should be framed on my desk for me to constantly look at to reduce my stress level at work?

How many mile did you think that guy would have run a week? I was thinking more like....90. I wanted to run 20 more miles with him and pick his brain. If work was optional this week I totally would have.


  1. 190 miles a week? As slow as I run, I'm literally not sure that would be possible. Seriously. That is crazy! I was gonna be all proud to break 100 this month until I broke my knee!

  2. Fuck. I'd be saying a lot of Fucks during 190 miles.

  3. I think you should frame that adorable picture of Harrison smiling. I love that one.

    190 miles a week is unreal. I know this one dude who runs like 140 a week BEFORE he races a marathon on the weekend, but he's batshit.

  4. I cannot tell you how much I love the pic of you , Eric and your sister. I think I want a framed copy on my desk!! Ok that's not creepy or anything. As for Harrison- hands down the first one! I love his face.

  5. Wow, that guy is intense! To win a 100 mile race not once but four times blows my mind. I would imagine the percentage of people that finish a race of that length probably isn't even very high.

  6. That cake looks amazing! Darcy texted me the pic of Harrison reaching for cake - smart smart boy!

    Today is also my Grandpa's birthday and when I called - everyone was over at their house and he told me there were TWO cakes and a pie! Needless to say, while shopping at Safeway - I picked up a .99 piece of cake :)

  7. Does that cake ALSO have Ferrero Rocher chocolates on top? Divine.
    I can't even fathom 190 miles per week, honestly. I have no idea how people manage to do that, never mind trying to add a job in there too.

  8. I don't think I've reached 190 miles for my entire running LIFE.

  9. 190 miles!? The super speedy guys I work with who run 15:00 5ks run 90-100 mile weeks. Is the pic of the three of you at Letchworth? Great shot of you guys. And the cake looks fantastic, I might change my travel plans for it too.

    1. Yes, it's Letchworth. Love, the creepy girl who never comments unless you're asking about a picture Alyssa took at my wedding, in which case I can't resist.

  10. That cake sounds absurdly delicious. She should mail one down to Baltimore ASAP.

    190 miles/week is ridiculous. But I bet if he sat down and had to eat the exact meal I did, and then we went for a run, I'd win. Just saying.

  11. That cake looks AMAZING. Oh my...I love Nutella. That is the perfect post-marathon dessert.

    I would have guessed about 90-100mi/week. Who has time for 190mi weeks?? I don't have kids or pets, but I have no idea how I would manage that. Oh and also my legs would fall off. ;)

  12. Did you ask how fast his mile times were? I bet I could double my mileage if I was super fast. Still 190 is INSANE.

    Can you make a collage of pictures of Harrison? Then you don't have to choose.

  13. That cake sounds amazing. 190? How does anyone function with that much mileage. Granted, I am slow so fast people could run a whole lot more than me in the same amount of time but that is crazy. I like running but not sure I like it that much!

  14. I retained nothing I saw the cake. It's hard being a fat kid.

  15. I think you need a digital frame so you don't have to pick. The cake looks interesting and I'd have changed my plans too!

  16. Saying cake and 190 miles in the same post should be disallowed. I want to join you for that cake!

  17. Omg I'm in a waiting room at my foot doctors at the moment, and just burst out laughing at Harrison goin for the cake. I love your commentary that goes along with the picture too, "the meaning of life".

    I have framed the "welcome home" picture of Harrison, I love his little smile in that one. Can't wait for you to be back in Rochester! And this time, I willlll be seeing you.


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