Friday, August 3, 2012

Content overload

I have a blogging problem that I've never experienced before. This upcoming weekend is going to be so exciting that I don't even know how to blog about it. I've experienced plenty of writer's block or lack of material, so this is new. 

Tomorrow, I have my first olympic triathlon. Naturally, after any sort of race, a blogger writes a recap. But I'll have no time for that, because the real race will begin after the finish line, when I have to make it home in time for the wedding of my good friend from work. We survived our first year of teaching together, which is sort of like surviving war. 

The bride-to-be is just to the right of me.
I'm extra excited for this wedding because it's an interracial wedding. I'm sure most of you "don't see color", so I'll spell it out for you: my husband is black. And I'm white. At our wedding, two different race hearts became one. Since then, we haven't been to any other black/white weddings. Our presence is a huge honor for the bride and groom at any wedding, but here I feel like we'll just really fit in.

Look at that sexy blue steel
We love, love, love going to weddings, and I'm especially excited to party with all my coworkers. We'll be staying at the hotel with some friends, and then I need to be up bright and early to meet with my 5K training group. 

After 5K training, I'll grab Eric, rush home for a shower, and hop back in the car to make the 400 mile drive to my hometown. My sister's due date was Monday, so I'm hoping to meet my new nephew this week!

If you don't have relevant pictures,
you can just use any ones of the people you are talking about.

So you see what I mean about a blog content overload? Plus, some people have asked about my 5K training, so I really want to write a post about how that works. The sad thing is, once this excess is over, I'll probably go through weeks with nothing interesting to talk about. Especially since my JFK training will just something like "ran, ran more, long run, more running, icing and compression, repeat". Thrilling.

Have you ever had too many exciting life events going on in one weekend?

Have you ever had to refrain from punching someone because they said they "didn't see color"? I know I read it in a blog once and was in awe that someone would actually write something so stupid. I don't even know that I'm totally clear on what it means.


  1. Haha, newsflash: You are white. Eric is black. AMAZING. I NEVER NOTICED.

    See you tomorrow! 86F water and all!

  2. Your exciting weekends make mine look so sad and pathetic.

    I don't see color.

  3. ...Eric's black!? I can't believe I never noticed.

  4. I don't know how you stay awake for all of this activity, even with coffee! Have a great weekend full of excitement!

  5. What? Eric's black???

    I can't even think about all the other stuff you mentioned.

  6. My friend is red/green color blind, so he doesn't see red and green like we do. He knows if the traffic light is red or green because red is on top and green is on the bottom. It's fun to mess with him. That really doesn't go with what you were talking about, but I thought I'd mention it. Because being random is fun.

  7. Good luck tomorrow, Alyssa! Can't wait to hear how you do!

  8. Good luck tomorrow! When I have a bunch of things that all end up on the same weekend like this I make sure I have a list of what all I need for each event so I don't end up leaving something behind or not having it with me when I need it. Not really sure if that helps!

  9. I hear that blind people don't see color, but they can hear it.

    That's racist.

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  11. Good luck tomorrow! Your weekend sounds amazing...have a great time!!

    Uh, did you say Eric was black? Are you sure? I can't believe I missed that!

  12. I was so excited to comment, "What, Eric is black?" but four people beat me to the punch. Damn.



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