Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Achilles heel turned out to be my Achilles heel

Hey, who wants to hear the old tired story of a runner getting injured? Probably no one, but that's all I've got. 

Mine's incredibly generic and predictable so I'll try to keep it brief. I'll use bullets to make it more visually appealing.
  • Ran 10 miles Thursday, right Achilles tendon started to hurt.
  • Achilles hurt all day Thursday, so I followed the normal course of action - did shots and took Friday off.
  • Woke up Saturday, Achilles felt better.
  • Went to work. 
  • Attempted to run 10 miles with BFF Carolyn after work.
  • Pain came back at mile 4.5 (after only feeling tight prior).
  • Made it to 5 miles, walked to Carolyn's car, and made her drive me back to work, wasting her time and causing her to finish her run in the rain. Friend of the year.
  • Whined to Eric, drank wine, ate copious amounts of ice cream.
  • Lots of RICE-ing occurred for the rest of the weekend (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).

My running store manager suggested using a golf ball in addition to foam rolling, since it's smaller and you can really massage the Achilles that way. It has the same "hurts so good" feeling of the foam roller, so that's probably helping.

Then there's the usual "let's look at the positive side!" crap. More free time, extra sleep, etc, etc, but we all know I think in terms of food. We ordered Indian food last night and got the most delicious Garlic Naan there is.

So, enforced rest is upon me. I should probably swim or something instead, but I was really excited to not have to do any more laps at the YMCA or smell like Chlorine until next triathlon season. Tomorrow is the first week of school with kids, which is always really stressful and busy, so I kind of just want to be a little bitch and say "well, if I can't run, F all the exercise then". 

I heard a healthy attitude helps heal people, but I'm relying more heavily on the ice cream. 

The good news is it feels better today than it did Thursday or Friday, so I'm thinking ending the run as soon as it started to hurt was the right choice.

I had to cancel my 5K group this morning because we had crazy thunderstorms and flash flood warnings, so I stayed in bed super late and read Games of Thrones during that time I'd normally be running, and it was pretty awesome. 

The only reason I finally got up at 10:15 was to throw on my Girl on Fire shirt so we could go to Carolyn's and watch The Hunger Games. Yes, we just watched it last weekend, but that was just Eric and I, this was with a bunch of other diehard fans who helped to validate our "but they didn't do it that way in the book!!" comments every 45 seconds. 

So, we all know this part of the movie, right? The totally pointless part when Katniss is randomly looking out her window in the training center and pushing buttons to change what area she is viewing? The one that should have been eliminated in order to fit in Haymitch falling off the stage at the reaping?

I couldn't find it in google images, so I had to go old-fashioned and take pictures
of the DVD playing with my iphone.

Well, both times I've watched it in the past week, I've made this comment:

That's a clear cinematic connection, in my humble opinion, but no one agrees with me. First, Eric nearly forced me to leave him when he admitted to never even seeing Beauty and the Beast (and this is someone who randomly recites lines from Lion King at least 3 times a week). Then, my girl friends majorly let me down by having no clue what I was talking about and calling it an "obscure reference". 

Am I totally crazy for seeing this connection?

Should I do some boring crap like swimming or just be a lazy POS for a few days?


  1. I don't get the Haymitch falling off the stage thing. Help me.

    1. I think it's time for you to reread the books!

  2. Hope it feels better soon! Sounds like you are playing it smart. I ran 6 miles instead of 16 on Saturday and ate an entire container of blueberry donut holes today if that makes you feel any better! :)

    1. Mmm donut holes. I just discovered a bagel place up the street on my run on Friday. I'm in trouble.

  3. Also I totally know that part in Beauty and the Beast and now I want to watch it!

  4. That is a totally obscure reference, but I haven't seen the movie in a while. I did have the soundtrack on CD if that counts for anything.

    Tell yourself you can be a lazy bum but know if you get antsy, swimming is an option. I'm betting you'll crave some activity after a day anyway :)

  5. Totally obscure reference...I didn't get that at all.

    I would say swimming is the "smart idea" but we all know that when I took a few days off for a muscle strain last week, I was totally a lazy POS for four straight days. Plus I drank like 3 bottles of champagne that weekend too. Yup, I'm a model healthy living blogger.

  6. I didn't get it, but I haven't seen Beauty and the Beast in a looong time. I should watch it tomorrow instead of doing housework. Sorry about the injury. I'm also trying to force myself to still exercise instead of using my jacked IT band as a reason to sit around eating ice cream. So far it's been kind of a fail.

  7. WTF - Beauty and the Beast should be memorized by everyone. I'm assuming the idiots you refer to are my friends as well so I may as well disown them now.

    You have my vote for a no exercise week. The first week of school is sacred and should be reserved for working, crying, sleeping and eating copious amounts of calories.

  8. I didn't exercise other than doing lawn work for a week and then annihilated my 22 miler this weekend, so I think you're fine doing absolutely nothing. The only problem is that it's a giant pain to stop being lazy again when you start back up running.

    I don't really get the connection either :/, but I do think Eric needs to see Beauty and the Beast as soon as possible.

  9. I don't get that reference either. I must need to brush up on my Beauty and the Beast lines.
    I saw Hunger Games for the first time yesterday (I know I'm late to the party but I wanted to watch it with the bf so I kept putting it off). I enjoyed it but it wasn't near as good as the book. I definitely agree about the Katniss screen viewing thing. Also they could have definitely eliminated the scene where she runs into Foxface right after the start of the games in favor of Rue telling her the difference between edible berries and nightlock.

  10. I totally get the reference! But, then again, Beauty and the Beast was perhaps my favorite Disney movie of all time. We're clearly geniuses.

  11. effing achilles. My lazy butt finally decides to start running again and that's what is killing me now. After my 9 mile last week I felt like I was going to have to crawl everywhere. I waited a few days then tried running again and made it a block. pathetic. I'm going to wait a few more days and if it's not better, I'm screwed. all I want to do is eat ice cream, but without running the ice cream will make my ass get big again. ohhhh the pain of loving food.

  12. Totally get the B&B reference, and I agree!! And like your friend Mandy who commented...I also have to admit that I was alittttle obsessed with that movie when I was a wee little I'm in the mood to watch it.


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