Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The first day of school

Yesterday I survived my 8th first day of school. After the first day is over, I always feel so much better. 

Submission: CP

I'm a creature of habit - I like to eat the same foods, watch movies I've already watched, go to places I've already been, because I know I'll like them. So I hate the chaos of the first day. It's horrible. I crave routines, and can't wait until a few weeks down the road when we are in them.

Submission: Ms. Smith

Last year, my whole class thought that Ryan Gosling was the sub that was ready to take over at a moment's notice, because my friend Kristin printed out a "Hey Girl, I'd love to watch your class while you use the restroom" and taped it to my desk. I tried really hard to find it, but you'll just have to imagine using the image above. She had the same one up in her room, and a kid thought it said "Hey Girl, I'd love to watch you use the restroom", which ended up being a whole different discussion.
This is funny to me because we have to write essential questions this year.
While my colleagues claimed to be tired during the school day, I never had that problem. I took a tylenol pm at 7:30 Sunday night, was asleep by 8:30 pm, and since I wasn't running Monday morning, slept until nearly 7 am. Of course, all that extra time in bed meant that I ran out of time to eat breakfast, but that was a separate issue. Don't worry, I made up for it when I got home by eating a gigantic dinner.

I was wisely advised not to wear flip flops until my Achilles is better, since they have no support for your feet, and aren't really going to help any sort of injury. So I thought I was being all smart wearing black pants and flats, even though I usually only wear dresses until my classroom temperature gets under 90 degrees, which usually isn't until at least October.

Well, obviously I hadn't worn anything other than flip flops or running shoes since probably April, and my feet weren't used to these weird prisons I inflicted on them. Before the kids even arrived, my heels were bleeding.

Naturally there was only one solution (not bandaids, I was sweating too much for them to stay on), and I looked super professional when my boss came in and the kids were going wild trying to organize their supplies and I was walking around barefoot. Amazing.

Submission: aricheyuk
I really need to get back to Glee.
My strict schedule of 10+ hours of sleep, icing, and ice cream seems to be helping, because my Achilles is feeling back to normal when I walk around, and even when I probe it with the golf ball. Just when I was getting used to this schedule of laziness, too. 

Let's all vote: how many more days off running do I need? Because I was just kidding, I really can't freaking wait to run. 

Has your boss ever caught you doing something totally unprofessional? I forgot to mention, after I dismissed the kids I took my shoes off again, and was walking down the hall with them in my hands, and a parent came up to introduce himself to me. This is my level of pain tolerance, and this is how I already know I'll be getting an epidural. 


  1. Man! You wear shoes that hurt until you're bleeding?! You lasted longer in them than I would have.

  2. Your Gos picture will be sent to you today! Love the new Hey Girl Memes!! And if I ever say "I can't freaking wait to run." check my pulse and temperature too because I must be hallucinating!

  3. See, I only have two bosses...and they're my parents :) Takes that unprofessional thing to another level when the entire company is run by you and your mom and dad!

    And I can sympathize on the running thing. I'm not as avid about it as you are, but without a decent run in 2 weeks, I m seriously chomping at the bit to get out there again!

    Congrats on another first day back!

  4. It's sadly hilarious that the shoes you chose to wear to help your Achilles injury ended up shredding your feet.

    I knew you wouldn't make it long until you needed to get in some sweating time. Maybe biking would be a good option this week since you're so busy?

    Epidurals are the best. I wish I could get one now.

    1. Yeah, I hear epidurals are awesome. Too bad my spinal block didn't work.

      I'm clearly still bitter.

  5. How does one probe with a golf ball?

    I don't think you need anymore than a day off if you're not having any pain anymore. If anything, just go for another test run to see how it goes.

    I've decided to be done with flip flops altogether other than on the beach after how awful they made my foot hurt with tendinitis.

  6. I'm with Ricig - just take it for a test run. Just an easy 2mi and see how it feels. Then ice and stretch like crazy. That said, I am never giving up flipflops.

    Also, have you seen this - http://heyrunnergirl.tumblr.com/
    It makes my day.

  7. at the very least 1 more day - maybe 2. in the grand scheme of things 1 or 2 days is nothing. fingers crossed for you!

  8. That happens to me with so many of my flats...hence why I restrict myself to flip flops and running shoes all the time.

    Um, excuse my cultural ignorance, but who is that attractive guy at the top in the first picture? He's got nothing on Ryan Gosling, of course, but he's certainly worth investigating...

  9. Flip flops are apparently the worst thing ever and will destroy your feet. Now if I say it 100 more times maybe I'll stop wearing them.

  10. Hope your achilles is feeling better by now! I'm sure I've done something unprofessional in front of a boss but I tend to block awkward moments from memory. Haha

  11. Ouch, your poor feet! I can't think of anything unprofessional I've done but I am sure something has happened.


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