Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

It's Thursday, time for some random thoughts. 

1. Am I the only one that cries every time I watch the Olympics? I love watching the athletes win medals. Especially when they turn around in the pool and see the scoreboard or whatever they look at. Oh, and when they cut to the parents going crazy. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

Yes NBC, she has won my heart. 

2. I haven't been able to wake up early in the mornings to run, because working part time is just exhausting. I end up running right in the hottest part of the day. No, really it's because I'm up late with the rest of America watching the Olympics. My upcoming tri comes in handy because the run will be later in the day, so I can just pretend I did it on purpose to acclimate to the heat. Crap, now if my run sucks on Saturday I'll have no excuse.

3. I always do my last run before a race naked - no music, no Garmin. Today I enjoyed 8 miles with nothing but my ice water and my awful side stitches. I've actually been trying to wean myself off music to prepare for JFK, which is strict about not allowing headphones. I hardly listen to music on any of my weekday runs anymore, and I've worked my way up to 10 miles of silence. So now if I can just add another 40 miles on to that, I'm good to go.

4. I'm working from home today! I've never done that and it's very exciting. I have a list of tasks to accomplish for a committee I'm on at school, and I'm doing them on my couch, in my pajamas, while doing laundry. Amazing.

5. I've been a Brooks convert for a year or so now, but recently Mizuno sent me a pair of Wave Inspires to try out as part of the Mezamashii project.


They are stability shoes, so still similar in level of support to my beloved Brooks Adrenalines. I've worn them for around 30-40 miles now, and I think I can safely say that I love them!

I'm so reflective, even in daylight.

They are a little narrower than Brooks, which I felt for the first 2-3 miles and I thought might be a problem, but I haven't noticed it since the first run. They also feel a tad lighter, which is a nice change. I'll still be wearing Brooks (mainly because I bought a year's supply before I tried the Mizunos) but I've been recommending Mizunos to customers now.

Are you devoted to music? If so, would you ever do a race that forbids it?

Anyone else get emotional watching the Olympics, or am I total freak?


  1. Oh my gosh. The half I ran with no music was SO HARD. At least the JFK 50 isn't a road race.

    I totally get emotional watching the olympics, The Biggest Loser, Disney movies. I'm a total softie.

    1. Lol, no it's only 27 miles on crushed gravel canal trail and then 8 miles on the road.

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  3. Dangit! Why am I the only one who feels like the mizunos want to murder my feet?

    I only ever listen to music on short races, like 5ks to 5 milers. Otherwise I listen to podcasts or nothing. You can practice you're no music policy at our marathons, I'll attempt to talk.

    I get emotional watching the Olympics, too and it freaks Mike out.

  4. I watched a few gymnastics routines online, and I had tears in my eyes after each one. The same thing happened in 2008, but I blamed it on pregnancy hormones. I guess crying during the Olympics is just part of being an adult.

  5. You won't notice the no music thing at JFK. The other runners are chatty. I met lots of people and heard about other ultras they have done. I don't remember jack shit of those conversations, but I remember having them.

    I've only been watching the equestrian events seriously (meaning, I have the sound on). The rest of it I watch on mute. I can't take the commentary.

  6. I usually run outside without music, but I had it for my one and only marathon and it was amazing. I cry about everything, so it shouldn't be surprising that I am for the Olympics too.

  7. I love mizunos, but haaaaate Asics. I don't understand the people that swear by them. I tried a pair and after three miles I was limping and in tears. Mizunos seem to be the key to keeping my feet injury-free though, since they have so much stability and they're so light. I'm such a fan.

  8. i love, love, love the Olympics. every time they play the national anthem, i tear up. missy franklin is adorable - i'm so happy for her.

  9. I love the Olympics but social media is killing it for me this time. I think it's because 4 years ago I only watched the coverage at night and didn't hear any spoilers during the day.

    Glad you are enjoying your Mizunos. I love all 3 pairs that I have!

  10. Since returning to running from the whole having a kid thing - I never run with music. It's odd now thinking about how I used to always run with music.

    And the naked thing - I just was reading about a naked (no clothes) biker on my running trail this morning, and was like, NOT ALYSSA TOO! HA!


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