Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Out: swimming. In: running

Yesterday, I did my final swim, bike, run, in preparation for Saturday's triathlon. I'm planning on it being my final training swim until next triathlon season, because I'm so over swimming right now. Yesterday was an epic battle between me and the current. I swam the distance that measured 1,000 yards, but I really zigzagged so much I wouldn't be surprised if I swam an extra 100 yards. I couldn't sight because the waves kept crashing over my face every time I looked up, and I swallowed a minimum of 2 liters of lake water. If the water is like that on Saturday, I'm in trouble.

Next was a 14 mile bike ride and 2 mile run, which I don't have anything interesting to say about. Riding in wind is hard, it was hot, boo hoo, the elements are mean, etc, etc.

This weekend's triathlon is the Culpepper International Triathlon - a 1,500 meter swim, 24 mile bike (that is "not easy" according to the website), and 10K run (which they call a "challenging course"). I really could not be more excited for it, even though my training has been sub-par. Mainly because my half ironman dream team is back together - Lily, Jackie, and me. Try this on for inspiration - I'm driving down while Jackie sleeps in the car, because she is working from Thursday morning until Friday afternoon, then doing the race Saturday morning. Oh, and she just registered yesterday after coming off a 40 hour shift. I can pretty much never complain about being tired after work again. 

Moving forward, next week I'll be phasing out the swimming for sure, and most of the biking, to start focusing 100% of my efforts on JFK training. I just completed my fall training schedule by signing up for the Fire on the Mountain 50K, recommended by Abbi, who did it last year.  I'll be doing a the Wineglass marathon, followed two weeks later by the Hartford marathon, and the 50K two weeks after that. Hm, typing it all out like that makes me feel tired already. The 50K will be my last long run, and then I'll start a 3 week taper for JFK. 

I'm aiming to do what Kara did last year - taking the long runs from one plan, and combining them with weekday runs from a second plan. It's been awhile since I actually tried to follow a training plan exactly as it's written, but of course I'm oddly excited about it. Since this is my second 50 mile race, I wanted to incorporate some speedwork, which the second plan provides. 

I see JFK training being less time consuming than my half ironman training last spring. Sure, I'll be running a lot, but I'll also eliminate a lot of "transition" time. I won't have to drive to bike rides, get my bike set up, put a wetsuit on, switch between two (or three) sports, or do any two-a-days. I'll just fill in the extra free time by working at the running store to pay for all these races!

Do you like to incorporate shorter races as part of a training plan? I find it's a good way to avoid getting burnt out on the same long run routes by yourself all the time.


  1. I'm hoping this weekend's 10 miler helps me not get burnt out in my 19 mile training run. Too bad I'll have to run at the back of the pack.

    I'm so excited for our races together, it's ridiculous.

  2. I like having shorter races in my training plan because racing is more fun than running alone, plus it gives me something to brag about. That's important too.

    Jackie is freaking beast. She's my hero.

  3. I did not pick up on the fact that you were considering FOTM at all. Man, there's several people that have signed up for it, a lot of people are going to be bitching at me if they hate it! Your schedule packed but you are quite impressive at these races so I anticipate it is going to work really well for you an JFK!

  4. Ive heard a lot of great things about Fire On the Mountain!! SOMEDAY, I will do that one!!

  5. 40 hour shift? Good lord, I hope I never work in her profession. Good luck with all those races! I suddenly feel like an epic slacker.

  6. 40 hour shift???? OMFG.

    Good luck with all those races! I like to prepare for longer races with a few shorter races too, but I don't think I've ever had as many as you have on your list!

  7. NOoooooooooooooo don't abandon swimming!

    Culpeper is going to be SO MUCH FUN.

    (I should look up the weather forecast before saying that)

  8. i like to do a HM during marathon training as a tune up race. hopefully, if all turns out well, the HM is a confidence booster for the marathon. if not, i try really hard to forget it even happened!

  9. I'm jealous of all your swimming. That has to be SOOO much better when it's a billion degrees outside.

    I also can't believe you're racing again this weekend! You're a machine!

    I love adding shorter races to my training plan. I have 3 this fall before my goal race. :)

  10. Dang, what does Jackie do? I don't even think I could sit on the couch for 40 hours, never mind doing anything with a purpose. Good luck on Saturday!

  11. Good luck with your tri this weekend! I love using shorter races as training runs. It helps me push myself and I know I'll get the miles in.


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