Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random lists are the way to go

1. My little sister started a blog! This is awesome for a variety of reasons. First of all, she's an incredible writer. I am still blown away by her maid of honor speech at our wedding nearly four years ago, and have been stressed about how to live up to it at her future wedding every second since then.

Not clear what Eric and his best man are doing, but clearly I loved it.

If you ever wondered what I look like creepily staring at the camera in a wedding dress, you're welcome.

So right now everyone can enjoy her fantastic writing, and in just a few short weeks, you can also enjoy pictures of my adorable nephew. Don't worry though, she promised it wouldn't turn into one of those lame mommy blogs, it will just be a hilariously awesome blog with precious baby pictures. Win/win.
 I demand everyone check it out immediately or you are dead to me.

2. I'm running a 4th of July 10K tomorrow. It seemed like such a fun idea back in the day when I signed up in a nice, air conditioned apartment. Now I've struggled through every run I've done since returning to the east coast. I indulged in a wonderful fantasy in which I checked weather.com and was pleasantly surprised to find that there would be a sudden drop in temperature overnight and the race would be 60 and overcast with no humidity.

Not the case. It's supposed to feel like 80 degrees with 81% humidity at the start. Lovely. I barely survived a 7 mile run in similar weather yesterday, so that should go pretty well.

3.  Speaking of races going well, I keep forgetting that I have another little one coming up this month. The Rosaryville 50K. Running 31 miles of trails in Maryland in mid July. Saturday I ran 14 miles, which was my longest run since March. But it's just part of JFK 50 training, not a key race, so I'll be fine, right? The day before the race we will be driving home from Tennessee (something like an 8 hour trip) and then I have to go immediately to work that night. Just getting my excuses out there nice and early.

4. I recently found out that once again I can combine my love of cheesy teenage vampire drama and running excessively long distances. Last year, I saw Breaking Dawn, Part 1, on the night it was released, which was also the night before my first 50 mile race. This year, I'll be joining all the 16 year old girls in seeing Breaking Dawn, Part 2, the night before what will still be my first actual 50 mile race.

Bella will help me through again.

5. I've been in Greece, NY for more than 4 days now, and my number one goal of meeting Karen Klein still hasn't happened. Unacceptable.


  1. Bella...close your freaking mouth!

    Racing tomorrow sounds awful. I like my plan of a slow run early and then a pool party.

    I'm excited to watch you at Rosaryville if that counts for anything. I wish I could run a loop with you!

    1. It's all your fault I can't stand Kristin Stewart (or however she spells it). I was just not a fan until you had to point out her ONLY FACIAL EXPRESSION!

  2. 1) Did you know if you google Roasaryville 50k July 2012, your blog is the THIRD thing that shows up? Cool.

    2) I know this because I read your entry, then googled the race.

    3) Which is dumb b/c I don't even want to move in this heat, much less run 31mi.

    4) And yet, I'm still on the website. Running has addled my brain. Or you and Kara are getting to me.

  3. Where and why are you going to Tennessee?? Those are my people!

  4. I kept thinking about signing up for a race tomorrow, but I checked the weather first. Hell no (it's in the 90s all week here). I might run tomorrow if I really hate myself, but no promises. Breaking Dawn 2 comes out right before my birthday. Usually that means I can bully someone in to coming with me to see the latest Twilight movie. Win.

  5. I almost signed up for a race tomorrow but then obedience training happened and that's the only good thing that is coming from the fact that it costs a ridiculous amount of money to train me to train my jerk dog.

  6. It appears that Eric is picking his nose in that picture... glad I was able to keep his attention.

    Don't leave Greece!! You can continue your quest to find Karen Klein and stay and wait for your nephew to arrive.

  7. Here's a good tip for Rosaryville -- go out hard on the first loop and get some space from the crowd. That usually works out well, in my experience.

    1. Or at least, well for the first loop and a half. Which is good enough.

  8. Bahahahhaha I just died at your "goal to meet Karen Klein" oh man.

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