Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm an inspiration

In yesterday's post, I forgot to thank everyone for taking me seriously when I said you would be dead to me if you didn't check out my sister's blog. I appreciate the support, and now I'm jealous because her first post got like six comments, and it took me months to even get one, and that's still before she plasters it with an adorable baby. 

So, this heat wave, let's talk about that, it's pretty new and exciting.

We got back from our Fourth of July party around midnight, so I had two options for running the next day. Force myself to wake up at 5am to a lovely, cool temperature of about 85 degrees, or give up on the great outdoors and resign myself to the treadmill.

I got this sage advice from Facebook.

I have some sort of problem with making workouts happen when they aren't first thing in the morning, and they aren't at a set time. Group workouts are perfect for me, because I know people are counting on me to be someplace at a certain and will judge me if I'm late. Even exercise classes work because the YMCA is psycho and you have to get a ticket and if you aren't there in time to get a ticket you can just kiss that class goodbye, because people are just pounding down the doors to go to YMCA zumba, so they have to make hard decisions.

But if I just sleep in, and say I'll get to the gym "in the afternoon", I can put it off for hours. Even giving myself an assigned time to go means nothing, and I really make no attempt to stick to it. Especially when it's a workout I'm dreading, like a treadmill run.

I tried to jazz things up by listening to a podcast, and even though I was making a fool of myself laughing out loud, the run was still so boring I wanted to cry. But I didn't melt, and I was bored enough to run faster than usual, and ran 6 miles at an average 8:20 pace, and I'm calling that a tempo run.

When I got home I decided to get crazy and did some random strength training moves that Eric showed me.

You may not be familiar with this one, it's called a "pushup"

This one had "lat" in the title.

Apparently I can't do squats correctly unless
I pretend I'm holding the Body Pump bar.
And that was your strength training tutorial for the day, feel free to pin that. 

I'm supposed to be doing a blogger ab challenge for July with Emily and Emily again. I hadn't even read the email 5 days in, and thought maybe I'd give it a whirl, but I couldn't find the email. I tweeted the Emilys, and when I didn't hear back in 3 seconds, I gave it a "aw, shucks, well, can't say I didn't try", but then Emily forwarded me the email and I was forced to do it. Good story. I heard my blog is getting voted as Most Inspirational for Fitfluential or something.

This morning, I did a bike speed interval workout with the tri club. I feel way out of biking shape, but I didn't get lapped by anyone. 15 miles at an average speed of 17.1 mph, which is super fast for me.

Here's a little scenario to contemplate: You go to a paved path around a lake for a leisurely walk. You see two lanes. One has a big picture of a person walking, one has a big picture of a bike. Which do you choose? Quite a few people at Lake Montebello seemed to find that a mystery this morning.

Are you the type that would yell at people in your bike lane, or a wimp like me that just whines about it on a blog later?


  1. I totally yell at people when they're blocking traffic on my running routes. I can't imagine how annoyed I'd be at 17mph. On Wed, a woman with a stroller, baby, husband an dog were stopped in the MIDDLE of the W&OD trail while looking for something in the stroller. I wanted to be like "someone DIED on this trail by getting hit by a bike last week. Move!" Unfortunately, I was too busy trying not to drown in my own sweat that I missed that opportunity. But usually, I make snarky comments.

    Also, not kidding about someone dying. An old lady got hit by a biker and killed. Apparently he said "on your left" and she turned left into his bike. Scary.

  2. I think we all know which type of person I am.

    Thank goodness you had a picture of the push up. I'd never heard of such a thing before.

    It's so miserable outside. So I hear, I wouldn't know because I've been avoiding it like the plague.

  3. I would whine about it later....but brings up a great story that I know you want to hear *sarcasm* one time I went to go run at the track half a block from my house. I brought both of my girls with me and had them on their bikes. Kenzie could barely peddle her bike so I was excited when she actually was making a little progress. Then this old bitch wearing skates comes through screaming at her because Kenzie was in "her lane and she WAS HERE FIRTST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kenzie was so scared she fell right off of her bike in front of this old crotchy bitch and the bitch just kept going. I yelled at the old lady but she had earbuds in so I doubt she heard me.

  4. I am terrible with procrastinating if I don't workout first thing as well. I wouldn't have said anything and then just whine about it later on my blog too! :)

  5. Yep, I'd yell at them. I almost yelled at some runners running on the wrong side of the road today, but then thought it'd serve them right to get hit. I'm awesome like that.

    What podcast were you listening to? I love looking like a crazy person laughing out loud while I'm running.

    1. I always want to yell at people running on the wrong side of the road but now that I live in a neighborhood with sidewalks, my runs have just been way less dramatic.

  6. Wow you have neat workout equipment in your apartment. And you have a husband who doesn't mind taking pictures of you so you won't be dubbed a "bad blogger". I'm impressed.

    Wait. You mean it's hot outside? NO WAY!

  7. I've been doing some sort of ab challenge... just not really the one I'm supposed to be doing. It involves doing about 20 v-tucks then eating a bowl of ice cream. #fatfluential

  8. Those look similar to TRX straps. I need some for home! Good job getting at it! I need to be better about doing stuff from home too! This heat is crazy and I can't believe how widespread it is. And Arizona was cooler than here this morning!

    1. Oh, and I have totally yelled at people on the trail. Every time.

  9. As we 've established, I don't know how to ride a bike, but considering the way I scream in traffic in a car, I'm guessing I would be unable to contain it. Where did you get the sweet straps? I need to figure out a way to strength train at home because gym memberships cost money.

  10. ha ha - i hate when people can't follow the rules! like people that run on the wrong side of the trail and you're supposed to go around THEM even though you are on the correct side?! drives me nuts!


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