Thursday, July 19, 2012

4 years later

2008 - I feel this picture sums up how
our wedding was the most fun of any wedding, ever
2009 - Annapolis Harbor
Fun fact - I later jumped in that harbor during GORUCK
2010 - Richmond, VA
2011 - Rosaryville 50K

Yesterday, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. I'll skip the whole blah, blah, I love my husband, he has all these wonderful qualities, etc etc. I think I made that apparent in the fact that I married the guy, and besides, I've already written a blog post bitching about how I don't believe in marrying your best friend. Instead, I'll just post tons of pictures of us looking lovey dovey.

As I mentioned, we try to take an anniversary gift each year instead of exchanging gifts. This year, we went rural.

On Wednesday, our actual anniversary, we slept in and then drove into the mountains and spent the day hiking to a waterfall. 

We did a little off roading
The waterfall was about 2.5 miles from the trail head, but we wanted to go to the end of the trail, another mile and a half or so. Past the waterfall, the trail got a bit more rugged, and we stopped seeing other people. We walked about a half a mile until we started hearing thunder in the distance. I commented that it sounded really far away (all casually, like I might have some sort of meteorological knowledge). Literally moments after I closed my mouth from this statement, thunder appeared to boom right over our heads, like God himself was calling me out for pretending to know stuff.

Eric was leading and increased his pace approximately 100% after he heard the thunder. In his defense, I have no practical knowledge, so if anything happened to him, we'd be in trouble. We didn't have cell service on the trail, so my only option would be to use my phone to play music to him and cry.

We stopped and got dinner on the way home, and Eric enjoyed some authentic southern barbecue. I think he got 5 kinds of meat? I went across the street and got pizza.

Then we enjoyed our favorite anniversary tradition - watching our wedding video. It's gotten to the point where we each make the exact same comments at the exact same parts, and can predict each other's. So much fun.

Thursday, we headed back out again on a longer trail, that was supposed to take us up to a bluff with amazing views. If I thought yesterday's trail got a bit rugged, this trail was truly rugged, with a lot of elevation. You know, because we were climbing a mountain.

This was the trail

You can't tell, but this was at the edge of a huge precipice.

Not a real stream crossing, there was a rock bridge
We made it about a mile and a half and I could tell Eric was truly miserable. He was trying to put on a happy face for my benefit, which really impressed me, because had the tables been turned, I would have been whining nonstop and begging to go home. He refused to admit it or end the hike until I stopped in my tracks and demanded we go back to the resort to play mini golf. He still wouldn't admit defeat, but noticeably cheered up on the way back. We ended up with a 4 mile hike, and hours of laying at the pool.

 We also saw fresh bear poop on our way back, so fresh it hadn't been there when we passed the first time. So close to danger!

So, to sum things up, 10 miles of hiking on a mountain have been my only exercise on this trip. Normally I am fine with getting up early to run on vacation, but that also requires going to bed early. Since I came on this anniversary trip to actually spend time with my husband, going to bed way before him so I could get up and run before we hiked was, I'll admit, an option I considered, but ultimately counterproductive. Plus, my legs will be nice and rested for Sunday's 50K!

If you were on a mountain with no people for miles, with no cell service, and your companion got hit by lightening, what would you do?

If you are married, did you hire a videographer? I can't even believe people skip it. It's the only way I was able to see the ceremony!


  1. I love that you guys take a trip every year for an anniversary gift. What a great idea! Congrats on 4 years!

  2. I am so jealous of your trip! I want to go there too now! Too bad my husband is wise enough to refuse hiking with me. :)

    I didn't get a videographer and even if I had, I can't imagine watching it. I hate even hearing my voice on tape, I can't imagine watching myself all nervous and shit.

  3. Looks like a great trip! Mini golf sounds like perfect cross training to me in preparation for this weekend's race!

  4. Someone took a video for us and I'll admit it, I never watched it. I had a sinus infection and thought I was shouting so there was likely little to no audio. Yup, a fun wedding! That trip sounds awesome! Enjoy!

  5. We didn't hire a videographer, but a friend is one, so he gave us a wedding video as a wedding present.

    I'm so jealous of you guys! I love TN and hiking in the mountains! Did you go to Frozen Head yet?

  6. Looks like a lot of fun! I like the fact that Eric's BBQ dinner needed three separate Styrofoam containers.

    I agree about the videographer! Without that wedding video, we would never be able to relive the moment of Marc tap dancing to Sweet Caroline.

    I especially like the shirt you are wearing in the 2010 anniversary picture ;)

  7. Seriously? I get back from vacation and realize that you guys are like 2 hours from me? Sounds like an awesome trip and happy anniversary!

  8. I just want to warn you, don't drink the grape juice Kara is bringing to the run. It's not just thick and nasty, it also has consequences for your internal system.

  9. PS: We have a wedding video, but it is on old-school technology you won't even have heard of -- you have to "rewind" a "tape" to mess wit it.

  10. Your trip sounds awesome! My new prerequisite for marrying me is going to be "you have to want to take vacations that involve hiking with me near bears".

    I'm with Kara. I hate the sound of my voice. Pictures of my wedding would be bad enough :)

  11. happy anniversary! your wedding picture reminds me of ours - the best time ever! our anniversary is wed and we are going away hiking in aug to celebrate. hopefully without the fresh bear poop siting.


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