Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mo Menorah, Mo Problems

If you are looking for an idea for a theme party, I highly suggest our "everyone comes dressed as a holiday" idea.
Also, if you need a group shot, just put the camera on the floor.
I graduated from college in 2005, and while I met my share of weirdos, I also lucked out and met some good peeps there. So good that I'm still BFFs with them. 

MLK day, St. Pattys Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July

Amanda and Nicole, known this weekend as 4th of July and Halloween, brought it to the next level and married their college boyfriends, New Year's Eve and Christmas. My friend Carolyn (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) moved down here with me after college, and now lives 20 minutes away from me. We graduated as single ladies, and had to do an extensive search of local men before finding suitable husbands. It's actually a pretty good way to try out a lot of different restaurants in a new city without having to spend any money.

There were a few members of our party who weren't fortunate enough to attend our alma mater, Geneseo, but they've since learned the fight song, and are now part of the group. They still missed out on four years of bliss though. As my sister said, it's the most magical place on earth. 

I really brought my college days back this weekend. Friday night, Amanda and her husband Alex didn't arrive until after midnight, so we stayed up talking until like 3am. Luckily my friend Mike (Christmas) is a fellow runner, so he got up at 8:30 with me to do a 10 miler. 

When you are "having a party" in which all the guests are already staying at your house for the weekend, you have to be a little creative in delineating when just hanging out stops and the party begins. This isn't our first time at the rodeo, so we generally have each person leave the room and then come back in, with some sort of announcement and fancy entrance.

Here's an example. He left as Eric, and returned as Hanukkah.

Mo Menorah, Mo Problems

 Some people brought props in addition to their costumes (can you see the Stovetop behind Eric?). There was absolutely no way this was a bad idea. 

Thank you, Fourth of July and New Year's Eve.
 As always, I was quite the party animal. In my defense, I made it past 2am, two nights in a row.

Leopard print snuggies are a type of traditional Irish clothing

It's really hard to believe we graduated 7 years ago, it seems like yesterday.

Are you still friends with people from college?

Did you meet the love of your life early on, or did you have to kiss some frogs (or are you still kissing frogs)? It's amazing my friends let me date some of the losers I did before Eric came into the picture.


  1. Definitely friends with people from college! Most people don't go to college in San Diego and leave...we all stay. So everyone still lived there and we got together all the time.

    Oh I kissed a few frogs, but not for too long. I met Patrick at a bar on New Year's Eve around 1am. Surprise, prince!

  2. Even IN college I don't think I partied at your level. So much organization and puffy paint! I've actually done a better job staying in touch with grad school friends, mostly because we all went on to work in similar fields and it was more recent than college.

    If I came to your party, I'd be Arbor Day and come dressed as a tree. Or Earth Day and come as Captain Planet and hand out decoder rings and everything.

  3. I'm with Kara, I think you put my college days to shame.

    I met Mike a year after college. We did go to high school together, though. He was a senior when I was a freshman. We didn't know each other, though.

  4. I'm friends with a couple people from college, but not too many, so sad. You make it look so fun! I did marry my college boyfriend, so there is that.

  5. i'm still friends with people from college and see them all the time. we don't party quite as hard as you do (especially since they all have kids now) but we did not so long ago (which at my age - 35 - is a bit sad).

  6. The pictures are even better than I expected from your weekend. My favorite may be the Halloween sweater vest!

    Allan and I still get together at least once a year with all our wrestling & mat cat (hostesses) friends from Auburn and last year 10 of them "surprised" us by coming to our house for a long New Year's weekend.

    I've done a little frog kissing in my lifetime but some of those were pretty hot frogs so I can't complain!


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