Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm a tad cynical

In 2008, when I was planning my wedding, the number one phrase I loved to hate was this one. 

Runner up: Two hearts become one

I'm not trying to offend anyone, but it just wasn't for me. I mean, husband and best friend are clearly to different things (and "best friend" is obviously not reserved for only one person, hence the popularity of the term "besties"). I actually sort of felt bad for anyone who planned to offer their husband that coveted title, because they obviously didn't have best friends like mine. 

If they are not going to watch The Notebook and cry with you,
they are not your best friend. The same goes for knowing all the words to Baby Got Back
and singing it with you at your wedding.

Saturday, I was supposed to go on another GNO (girls night out, which has really turned in to girls day out) with BFFs Carolyn and Casi. Last time, we went ice skating, then watched chick flicks and cried all night. This time, we had tickets to go kayaking on the Potomac River, on a tour that takes you past the famous Washington DC Cherry Blossoms. Even though word on the street was the blossoms fell off, we were still super excited.

Late Friday night (like 9pm late) we got an email saying kayaking was off, due to high winds. We were devastated. At least I felt a little more legit about all the whining I did about Friday's windy bike ride.

All the remained of our plans was meeting BFF Katylin in Arlington for lunch, which was still pretty good, since it had been months since we'd seen each other.

Nothing takes the sting out of failed kayaking like daytime drinking. Go hard or go home.
I'll never order a small sangria again

Considering that I can't handle wedding catchphrases that celebrate an all encompassing love between two people, it should really come as no surprise that I nearly got kicked out of a craft shop because all I did was walk around hysterically laughing. I have nothing against homemade crafts, but when people put up signs like this:

they really leave me no choice but to drag my friends over one by one yelling things like "they're here! you've been waiting so long and now your dreams have come true!"

In my defense, we had just been to a cheese boutique that was offering a free wine tasting. Yes, you read that right, cheese boutique, aka, HEAVEN.

As much fun as that was, no day is complete without dessert, so we went to a place called "The Dairy Godmother" - best name ever. Apparently Obama was there with his daughters for Father's Day last year, so it's basically like we met him. 

Carrot cake ice cream sandwich with cream cheese frosting custard
There's really no way to top that day, so I pretty much failed at celebrating Easter. Although, I spent five straight hours reading after I woke up, and that's a win in my book. I also ate jelly bellies and peeps for lunch, so win #2. 

My friend Jackie gave me an amazing gift last week.
This is only half the map!
I kind of freak out if I am left to my own devices to ride my bike because it's hard to find safe, minimal traffic, paved streets, so having a map of suggested bike routes is a huge help. Since all my riding buddies were celebrating the holiday, I found a route around my neighborhood to try out. It was pretty good (although lots of stoplights) but the 19-27mph winds were really getting on my nerves, so I only did 12 miles.  I followed it up with a 5 mile run. I felt like I was running 10:XX minute miles into the wind, so I was surprised when I finished to see it was at an 8:50 pace.

We did put on bunny ears while we ate dinner. I think Facebook passed a law that you have to post a picture of someone in bunny ears on Easter, so since we don't have any kids or pets this was our only option.

Eric ate his Easter gift from Casi - a chocolate covered twinkie. He was wide awake here, not sure what his deal was.
Not as good as chocolate covered peeps
 I broke one of my cardinal rules after my run and bought whipped cream just so I could make this and caption it "My kind of Easter Sunday" on instagram. True story. My life is so exciting.

Check out my Easter gift from Casi - chocolate dipped peeps
Last week I played an April Fool's Joke on Eric and told him that our apartment complex was turning off our water and power for repairs all week while we'd be home on spring break. That really came back to bite me in the ass because today is our last day of break and they actually are turning off our water all day. WTF.

Is your husband your best friend, and if so, did reading this make you think I'm bitter and dead inside?

Would you have laughed at the "Finally, fashionable magnets!" sign or is that further proof that I'm dead inside?


  1. I love that so many of your posts have a shirtless picture of your husband. I really need to get Jeff on this plan.

    I don't know if I'd say that Jeff is my best friend or that I married my best friend. That sounds like lesbian talk to me.

    I've been looking for fashionable magnets FOREVER. I sure hope you bought some.

  2. I've been told multiple times that I'm not taking wedding planning seriously enough. Then I have to explain to my very, very religious mother in law that when I say I want our first dance to be to "Baby Got Back," I'm being completely serious.

    But yes, the cheesy wedding sayings make me throw up in my mouth.

    And I NEED to go to the Dairy Godmother. Pilgrimage.

  3. I'm adverse to all quotes where "two hearts become one" or "you complete me" or some such garbage. It's not true. You have to be complete, all on your own, before you can love someone else. Or you should be. Because god forbid, what if something happens? Are you going to live with half a heart?

    I'm ok with the best friend thing because 1) you can have more than one best friend and 2) I really do think of my husband as my best friend. He's funny, he's engaging, he's great for adventures outside and cuddling during sappy movies and pretty much everything. Everyone's relationship is different though. I don't think you're cynical just because some cliche doesn't fit your life.

    Wow, that got long. And I would have mocked fashionable magnets until I got thrown out of the store.

  4. My husband isn't my best friend....he totally doesn't do drama and you aren't my best friend if you can't talk shit about someone with me.

  5. I regularly tell my husband that not only is he not my best friend, but he's not my friend. We're married; not friends. They are mutually exclusive in my mind.

  6. i hate all wedding catch phrases. too damn cheesy.

    i LOVE day drinking. it's the best. especially good for grandmas that go to bed early!

  7. I'm with Kara on the shirtless husband pics. They really complete my day.

    Mike is not my best friend, Bungee is. However, that might be even sadder, so I'll just say, I love Mike, but my best friend is not him.

    Did you buy some fashionable magnets because I don't think they've made it to CT yet and I NEED some.

  8. I'm pretty sure I should have craft day and school and let my kids make those fashionable magnets to sell. Some people blow my mind with the junk they sell and captions they come up with for that junk.
    I'm not maybe I'm just crazy, but I think that if I was married and didn't still have my best friends I would go insane. I think you can LOOOOOOOOOVE your husband all your want -- but best friend time is a must.

  9. When I say best friend everyone knows I'm talking about my guy best friend that I've known since I was 13. He and Allan are a lot alike so often when he tells me what Allan would say or think he's almost right on point. Not that Allan and I aren't close-we are but he'd rather do anything than sit through a girly movie or listen to be ramble about something. That's what girl besties are for!

  10. That carrot cake ice cream sandwich has made me rather hungry.

    I've been dying for fashionable magnets!

  11. I wasn't in to the super mushy wedding phrases either. That's not my/our style. However, Dan is basically my best friend. How else did we drive across the country for 5 days straight and not kill each other? I'm not sure how many people I could do that with. I'm ok crying at the Notebook by myself. I'm not a fan of public crying. Pretty sure my crying face is 10x worse than my race face.

    Carrot Cake Ice Cream sandwich = amazing.

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  13. My husband could never be my best friend he wouldn't want to have anything to do with the things we do or talk about....he would have a migraine from all the eye rolling he would do...he thinks we are ridiculous! He is right too.... :) He and I work because we are so different I think. My only question is why that carrot cake ice cream sandwich is NOT IN MY MOUTH RIGHT NOW!!????!!!


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