Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nothing to say = random facts

Last week was another 100+ mile week - 128 miles covered, to be exact. Not bad for an almost full work week and a busy week of grad school. It would have been more if I'd actually kept track of the laps while swimming.

In contrast, so far I've covered a whopping zero miles this week. This is a weird week, because I am supposed to be tapering for GORUCK on Saturday, but still training for the triathlon, which is my main goal. This is what happens when you get click happy with race entries. It's not the first time I've run into this problem.

Yesterday was an impromptu its 90 degrees and our home air conditioning is broken and I have no AC at work rest day. When I got home from work the AC was back on (oh, the wonders of apartment dwelling - what would have been a major problem for a home owner, I fixed with a 10 second click of a button) but at that point I was really committed to the rest. In the time I saved, I did complete and submit a grad assignment, clean the house, and fold and put away two loads of laundry. So not a total loss.

I have a bike ride on the agenda for tonight, but since I don't actually have any training to share, here's 3 random facts about me.

1. I can't bruise
Something is wrong with my skin and I can nail myself on the coffee table as hard as anyone else, but never get the battle wound to brag about. It's also annoying because the affected area will feel like a bruise, but never have the discoloration to warn me or other people not to touch it. The one upside to the worst day of my life, the time I played paintball, was that I had giant bruises for months. 

I actually had to take screenshots of these pictures from the original blog post. I couldn't find them on my computer so I'm assuming I deleted them when I tried to delete the entire experience from my memory.

Most embarassing firstworldpains moment of my life - trying to tell someone about how horrible paint ball was for me. Then realizing the person I was telling was a Vietnam Vet.

2. You know how most people have a ton of white socks in a drawer and just grab two as needed? I have to be wearing the two that were originally partners in the package. Usually for some reason a package will have three pairs with some sort of tiny color difference on the toe or something, and I can't handle it if I don't wear the ones with the same color. Quite the opposite of the amount of care I take with the outfit I'm going to wear that people will actually see. Sunday I wore just about every color of the rainbow to Titanic because getting in a bike ride was more important than trying to look presentable.

If you want a picture example of this, just click on any post I've ever published, ever.

3. While it's splashed all over this blog, I hesitate to admit to triathletes that I'm training for a Half Ironman or even flat out lie. You know how runners have all sorts of levels, from beginner to pro? Triathlons, not really as much. At least the ones who are serious enough to join a club. Everyone is a super hardcore athlete, and I feel like if they see how slow and inexperienced I am they'll just secretly (or outright) laugh at me. This isn't a "woe is me everyone comment that I AM a real triathlete and shouldn't be ashamed" - please don't do that. It's just a fact. After the fact, don't worry, it'll be the only thing my Facebook statuses are about for like a month.

What's your random fact of the day?


  1. I tend to be the same way about running. I'll tell people that I'm a runner, but not elaborate unless they ask for details. I feel like the reaction is usually "oh yeah i run marathons EVERYDAY" or "you run how much?? YOu're a crazy person." So I just keep it to myself.

    My random fact is that I'm really afraid of becoming horribly socially awkward from working at home.

    1. Work was a big part of my social life too. So now because my neighbors seem to be twice my age, I am relying on grocery store cashiers, the running club & running store runs to maintain any social skills I had.

  2. My socks would drive you crazy! I throw all my socks in a drawer, like you mentioned, only I don't buy only white socks so I am very likely wearing 2 different socks at any given moment. I'm talking, one may be an purple ankle sock while the other is an orange knee socks. I figure they still protect your feet, right? Drives everyone I know CRAZY! :)

  3. My friend used to wear safety pin on her sock every day in high school and I finally asked her about it - it was so that she could safety pin the pair together in the washing machine and dryer and then they would never get separated.
    Also, you ARE badass. Just saying.

  4. Triathletes really don't care what distance you are training for. And there are definitely beginners, and nobody cares because everybody was a beginner at one time. They probably all just seem hardcore because training in all three disciplines takes a lot of time.

    If you tell another triathlete you are training for a half ironman, their response will probably be "cool, which one?".

  5. Everyone has to start somewhere. I don't feel as intimidated running as I do mountain biking. I'm really nervous to start back up again, since I've been off for two years while I was pregnant and had a newborn. I rode regularly for three years, yet I feel incredibly intimidated to join any group rides since I'm sure it will take a while for me to get any kind of speed and technical skill back. But I have no choice, since I don't know the trails in this area and the one time I tried to find the start to a trail I got lost and never found it.

    I should try pinning my son's baby socks together, since once they go into the washer is seems like some of them never come out again.

  6. Personally I love telling people I run ultras because they never know what the fuck I'm talking about.

    I can't believe you're so anal about sock matching, yet always have that one sad alone sock to use as a water bottle cover. :)

  7. I still think of myself as a swimmer despite not having done a swim workout in over 5 years, but get really embarrassed when people call me a runner b/c I still feel really inexperienced. I always think that everyone else is secretly a navy SEAL and is judging me for not working out 24 hours a day. So I mostly just tell my workouts to the cats.

  8. I have the same issue with my socks. I think I'm gonna steal the safety pin idea above. And I'm convinced paintball is awful and refuse to go on my annual department outing. I'm not a fan of being shot at.

  9. Only 128 miles!? So lazy again!!! What are you doing with all your free time when you are not working and being a student? :)

    Unlike you, I bruise easily, and I'm so clumsy and walk into so many things all the time that when I do have a bruise I have no idea where it came from.

    If you want a tri blog to read, check out Heather at: http://missfancypantstris.blogspot.com/ She's training for Mooseman in June. I even met her in real life before I moved to CA, so she's cool.

  10. I'm the person that picks random socks out of the drawer to wear. I HATE matching socks. But --- I always love that moment when I cant hide my feet under a desk and I cross my legs somewhere and EVERYONE gets to see one hot pink and one lime green sock. So mature of me.
    Sometimes I'm not even sure about telling someone I run. I know I shouldn't care, but I think they're probably thinking -- Uhhh yeah right..I saw the size of your ass. No way you run.
    I know I shouldn't care -- but...oh well.

  11. I feel the same way about my socks. Maybe we need to start a club.

    I have decided that I never need to play paintball.

  12. I don't normally tell people I'm a runner because I just don't feel like I'm "serious" enough to be dubbed as such. I've *only* ran as far as a half marathon :)

    I think you're hardcore! I can't imagine swimming, biking, and running all in one day back-to-back.

    I'm way too afraid to every play paintball. I would really enjoy shooting people with balls of paint, but I bruise so easy that the whole "people shooting balls of paint at me" thing wouldn't be so awesome.


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