Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm slow and I know it

After my first ruck run on Wednesday, I was feeling pretty sore. That run was about an hour, so that doesn't bode well for the actual event, which is 8-10 hours. Neither does the fact that I could barely make it through that hour, but that's a separate problem. A week from tomorrow all the fun begins. Which means you have 7  more days to read about my freak outs.

I got a lot of comments on that post along the lines of "you're crazy" "I would never do that" and "that sounds horrible". When I first heard about the GORUCK challenge, I said the exact same thing. I laughed out loud at the suggestion that I try one. Yet here I am. I need to learn how to stand up to peer pressure. This could be a good lesson for the children about what happens when you give in.

I swam on Thursday morning, so maybe that's why I felt the ruck run in my upper body so much. As long as I don't swim the day after the actual event, I'll be fine.

My week long membership at the fancy gym was over, so it was back to the YMCA. True to form, they welcomed me with a dirty thong under the towel hooks when I arrived at the pool at 5:30am. When I left an hour later, none of the original swimmers were still there, so I guess the owner will remain a mystery.

Thursday night I met the tri club for a brick workout. When we were getting ready, one of the other cyclists asked me if I had been tired the week before. I had spent the entire time so far back I could barely see them and frantically pedaling in many failed attempts to catch up. 

I explained that, nope, I wasn't tired, that's just my pace, I'm just REALLY SLOW, but she didn't seem to get it. At any rate, I was able to keep up this week and not die in the process. This week's average pace was 14.9, so a little slower than last week's 15.3, but not a ton.

A new girl joined us who turned out to be a slower runner than me, and it truly felt like a gift from God, because that run is brutal. It's only 2.65 miles of trails, so nothing to write home about, but look at the elevation chart.

Yes, that would be a nearly 400 foot climb within the first mile. Luckily, the other girl requested to walk this week, and I wanted to kiss her. We still ran up most of it though. 

I really hate swimming twice in a row, because it means the first one is a total waste of a hair washing, but I screwed around too much this week, so Friday morning was swim day #2. Both days were the type that when the alarm went off, I would have preferred to get a cavity filled without Novocaine over jumping in a pool, as long as I could stay in bed for the cavity. Somehow though, it got done in a pathetic, slow manner.

About halfway through my swim, the woman who once had her towel stolen by me joined me in the pool. It was the first time I'd seen her since the incident (note to self - no more swimming on Fridays). My last few laps were filled with frantic thoughts like "Ok, I KNOW I brought the bright pink towel. Did I? Yes, I'm positive I did. I'm going to use the bright pink towel. Wait, did I hang mine on that hook? OMG is she looking at me?"

I'm such a people person.


  1. I am seriously so excited to hear about this GoRuck challenge! There is one here in July and I'm really contemplating it :) The only thing-- registration fees are pricey on that sucker!!

  2. That's hilarious. If I was more ballsy, I'd purposely use her towel again. Just to see what would happen. Did she say hello?

  3. I'm so glad I can usually stand up to peer pressure. I'm usually the pressuring one.

    That trail run is nuts! At least the big climb was at the beginning.

    I would have probably made some weird awkward comment to the towel lady that would have made things worse and proven to her that I was insane.

  4. I would be pissed about the cyclist who asked if you were tired last week. Why do people ask that? Saying I look tired is NOT being concerned, it's telling me I look like shit/ran like shit/etc. Ugh. Pet peeve.

  5. I'm so glad that for those types of events I stand up well to peer pressure.

    WOW - what a trail run!

  6. I think anyone who questions your sanity about the GoRuck thing just needs to go read your Stone Mill race report. That should clear it up for them.


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