Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm just not that into it

I've been super excited because I just completed two hundred + mile weeks. 142 miles and 138 miles, but who's counting? 

Switching from long runs to long bike rides, I knew I'd be seeing some numbers that I'd never seen before and might never see again, so I started paying attention to my weekly mileage. I was so excited, I even shared it on Facebook.

Looking at the last four weeks, you can see why these numbers were a bit surprising to me.

So, from one week to the next, I added over 100 miles. Normal. In my defense, I only count outdoor miles, so while I spent a lot of time this winter riding the bike trainer, it didn't give me any miles towards my weekly total. I felt guilty just making up a random number somewhat loosely based on time and counting it like I'd actually ridden that far.

Also, my long ride in the 40 mile week was postponed and became part of the 142 mile week. Official reason: thunderstorms. Secret reason: hangover.

The reason I bring this up is because it's one of the first times I've actually paid attention to how many miles I run/bike/swim per week. I know a lot of people use weekly mileage to train and set goals to hit a certain number, but that idea just never caught on for me. I don't have a clue how many miles per week I ran before I joined Daily Mile, and even now, other than seeing the weekly email updates that summarize your previous week, I never really check on it.

Since I don't have much to talk about in the way of exercise (8.5 mile run on Monday, 9:22 average pace, screwed around all day and didn't get started until 3pm), I'll share some other popular trends that I can't seem to get on board with.


Basically the only time I log on to Pinterest is when I'm writing a blog post and I have no pictures, so I find a random one that seems funny enough to include. I'm not adverse to spending hours wasting time on the internet (on the contrary, I am 110% for it), so I'm not sure why this hasn't sucked me in.

Totally done this

Harry Potter

In fact, my husband is watching one of the movies as I write this, and the characters are on the beach or something. I thought they were supposed to be in a castle in wizardland? Does England even have beaches? Or, does the book even take place in England, or do the actors just all have English accents? So many questions. Anyway, I saw the first movie as a freshman in college when my sister came to visit for siblings weekend. I tried to read the first book. Couldn't get in to it. I tried to listen to it on audiobook on a trip to NY. I fell asleep. It's not for lack of trying. Vampires, werewolves, tracker jackers, muttations, bring it on young adult literature! But I draw the line at wizards. And while we're on that topic, Lord of the Rings didn't do it for me either. I saw all three movies with my ex boyfriend. Thank God I'm married now and don't have to do that type of crap anymore.

Some humor both fans and nonfans can enjoy

I don't bring these things up to be all "look at me, I'm too cool for school, I look down upon anything that is popular with the pathetic masses". I think my obsessions such as The Hunger Games, my iPhone, pay by the ounce frozen yogurt, etc, show that I am perfectly content going along with any sort of pop culture phenomenon. I'm such a diligent little sheep following along with current trends that these exceptions just kind of confuse me.

What popular trend just doesn't excite you like it does everybody else? 

Do you think it makes you cooler if you brag about how you don't know what it is on Facebook? A lot of people seemed to think that was the case with The Hunger Games.


  1. I hate people who are super condescending about liking popular culture. We get it, you are smarter than everyone else. I can't get onboard with Twitter or Pinterest. I spend enough time screwing around online that another social media outlet would probably result in me never working again.
    P.S. Try reading Harry Potter again! It's really good.

  2. PAY BY THE OUNCE FROZEN YOGURT. Because I always *accidentally* put way too much in. And you obviously can't put it back, right?

    I just realized that this in no way actually answers either question. But obviously pay by the ounce frozen yogurt excites me quite a bit.

  3. I'm not into Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. All for various reasons, but one is that the writing does not appeal to me.

  4. I never got into the snuggie or crocks. Currently not a fan of hanging with friends (the game, not literally) and I Har no idea how to use Tumblr. Kristin

    1. I really thought this said cocks. I think I need more sleep.

    2. Hahahahah I like your response better, not that Kristin's was bad.

  5. Man, I feel lame cause I can't think of a single thing :) I was anti-twitter forever but then I totally sold out, and I completely love Pinterest. I suck, sorry. Totally generic!

  6. I didn't do that Harry Potter thing. And I haven't ever seen Titanic.

  7. I didn't get into Harry Potter, Vampires, Werewolves or Hunger Games. I also have a dumb phone (I'm a cheapo). I don't brag about it, it's just not my thing. I like biographies about psychiatric disorders and running.

  8. I've never gotten into webcam chatting with people. It just seems awkward. I mean, if I wanted to see someone's face, I would look at their picture. Otherwise it's just this strange staring contest.

    I don't really get Pinterest either. I use it, but most of the people seem to just "pin" shit they are never going to actually make. Fun.

    Now I want frozen yogurt.

  9. Hmmmm...never got into Twilight or Twitter. I had a Pinterest account but I almost never used it so I just deleted it. I also have an instagram account but I have no idea about the social media aspect of it. I just like to make pictures look pretty.

  10. I can't do pinterest either. I just don't see the point.

    As for HP, I thought it was stupid for so long, but then the radio was out in my car while I was driving home from school (13 hours) and my friend read me the 4th book out loud and I was hooked. Afterwards, I went back and read the other ones. Maybe you should skip ahead to the more exciting books (if you want to try again).

  11. It drives me nuts when people constantly whine about not watching, reading, doing, or wearing something that you hear about in every single facet of social media. They seem to give something more attention than those who are watching, reading, doing, or wearing that something. I haven't read or seen Hunger Games but I'm not going to blog about it once a week just to remind people that I'm still waiting to borrow the books. I'm pretty sure I've only been on Pinterest three times this year. I'm sure it's fun but if I have free time I'd rather do something than play on there.

  12. I don't know what you're talking about. I think that means you need to run more.

  13. Also, this whole April Fool's joke where Kara pretends to be the pregnant chick instead of you is getting kind of old -- when are you two going to fess up?

  14. I don't do pinterest either. Or twitter.

    Great training weeks!

  15. I resisted Twilight for a long time. Ended up reading the first book quickly right before the first movie came out. I have a Pinterest account but I don't use it too much. I pinned a handful of things that i like (furniture, some clothes) but I haven't gotten sucked in to the DIY/craft craze on there. I don't get the difference between liking and re-pinning. I already waste lots of time on the internet! Also, since Kara brings it up - I haven't ever skyped. Last time my husband went out of town he called me through google chat using our laptops' webcams, that was my first time doing the video chat thing.


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