Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This is insanity

I'm so lucky that I just posted yesterday in my random facts post that I never bruise. Today I obtained a bruise as a direct result of preparing for GORUCK, and now you can all be legitimately impressed with how hard my skin was struck to result in discoloration on the same day. The very few times I have bruised, it usually takes like a week, so this may not look like much, but it's there.

Speaking of yesterday's post, most of you were correct in the comments section. The takeaway from that post was DO NOT PLAY PAINTBALL. EVER. NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU.

Ok, let's fill in the blanks with some context. I've been taking it pretty easy this week in order to taper, so naturally I was feeling a bit like a slacker, which is usually the case during taper week. I did no exercise at all between my Sunday morning killer bike ride and my Tuesday night bike/run brick, and even that was a super easy 18 mile ride followed by a super easy 30 minute run. 

Wednesday morning I was up at 4:30am for our second and final "ruck run" (run with a weighted backpack) to prepare for GORUCK. I felt slightly better than I did during my first ruck run last week, so maybe tapering is the way to go. Or maybe it was just the fact that the three miles with some pushups and other fun activities thrown in was but a fraction of the torture I've paid money to experience on Saturday.

Since I haven't purchased the requisite four bricks or the fancy ruck sack for the occasion yet, I had a bunch of hand weights in Jackie's old college backpack. In case you were wondering, running three miles with hand weights nailing your lower back over and over isn't a good feeling. 

I learned on this run that GORUCK is a super secret event, and, much like Vegas, what happens there, stays there. Apparently, people who have blogged about their experiences have even been thrown out of the GORUCK society. I haven't drank the koolaid yet, so this seems kind of crazy to me, but I'm sure that on Sunday when I'm an official member of the cult group, I'll understand. So I guess I'll only be able to post pictures of me after the challenge looking proud while crying tears of pain, share whether or not I survived, and possibly list which body parts that I can't move.

My friend at work asked me about the picture that I posted on Facebook of Jackie and I practicing buddy carries last week, and I tried to explain GORUCK to her, and she just laughed and laughed and laughed, and then asked me if I actually paid for this (yes) and told me good luck.

I've questioned my sanity before, but I don't know if I've ever questioned it as much as I have this week. 

What have you done lately that caused you to question your sanity?


  1. I am still jealous and in awe of your ability not to bruise (or bruise easily). I might be the easiest bruising person known to man. One day right after moving to NY, I fell down a flight of stairs carrying a laundry bag and got this giant, out of control bruise all over my left butt cheek. It hurt so much that I even went to the doctor who informed me that yes, I had a giant bruise there, and no, I hadn't broken my ass-bone.

  2. Have you ever seen the movie The Skulls with Joshua Jackson? Maybe goruck is like that secret society. Although, I feel like I remember them killing people in the movie, so maybe not. Hard to tell yet.

  3. Part of me wants to tell you that you're insane for this, but then I remember you're a teaching. No doubt that you're crazy. : ) Other than bricks and shedding tears of pain...this sounds kinda interesting!!

  4. I still think that's a picture of your butt bruise.

    I expect you to tell me all about GoRuck. I'll get it out of you on a long run.

  5. you're crazy! talk about cross training! jeez...

    also crazy is your race schedule for the next month!

  6. I can't believe you aren't allowed to talk/blog about it. I'm sorry, but I just won't believe it happened until I see proof. Or you can just send me a long secret email about it.

  7. Woah, I hope the cult doesn't have some creepy initiation ritual, like burning some kind of symbol on to your butt. Not that my fraternity did that, but I've heard it happens.

  8. This week I started recruiting some people for a Ragnar relay in Sept. And I really don't think a regular relay is sufficient...I think the ultra one would be much more fun.

    You want in our van? We need more crazy people like you.

  9. I'm with Kara, I'm going to expect you to tell me about it.

    So, does the special backpack make it so the bricks don't nail you in the back? You have to register for a race AND buy special gear for it?

  10. A colored bruise the same day? Are you KIDDING me?! Man, if I hit my leg or arm or head or any part of me hard enough to hurt just a little bit, the bruise shows up almost immediately!

  11. It kind of makes you wonder what exactly are the kinds of push-ups they are going to have you doing if it's compared to Vegas and super secret? LOL


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