Friday, April 6, 2012

Sugar overload

Alternate title: Every day in my life.

I've done extensive scientific testing and determined that the cause of my ongoing nausea in the pool is the chlorine. Yesterday, I woke up, had coffee and breakfast, and then did got in the pool at 10:30 and was totally fine. Since this was the saltwater pool, case closed. I had even come prepared and everything.
Confession: I love ginger. Even in raw form.

Apparently the fancy gym leaves the masters swim workout up on the white boards all day, so after going on Tuesday and getting a sense of how it works, Jackie and I wised up and went nice and late. I got to sleep in, and we each got lanes to ourselves. It was still pretty tough but I was slightly faster than last time, and not having three people sharing my lane made it a tad more enjoyable. 

The workouts have you do things like use a kick board, so you are only using your legs to swim, or put this floatie thingie between your legs so you are only using your arms to swim. It helps you focus on your form for that body part, and I can already see how it helps. 

Being able to finish a tough workout and lay in the hot tub because you have no where to be is one of the best feelings I've ever known. I guess this is what Michael Phelps experiences every time.

After the swim, I made the largest monetary mistake a woman can ever make - going to a salad bar while starving after a tough workout. Suze Orman even wrote an article about it and everything. Unfortunately for me, I also made this mistake yesterday. Today I went to the Whole Foods salad bar though, so the bright side is that it gives me blogger street cred.

All different foods piled up - looks so yummy!

I've obviously been reading too many blogs because as soon as I was done, I started craving frozen yogurt. I'm not even joking.

Jackie and I took our Whole Foods lunch down by the water and I got to enjoy another gorgeous view while I ate.

On my walk back to my car, I saw my friend tweeted that she wanted a cookie, and because I have no mind of my own, my frozen yogurt craving immediately transformed into a cookie craving. So I stopped at Panera and made one of the best decisions of all time.

This truly exceeded even my wildest expectations

What could make such a wonderful day even better? Coming home to find that Easter baskets from my  mom and stepdad had been delivered. Truly, they spoil us.

My husband wears snuggies like togas when I'm not around
This is where a normal person might be like "oh, I just ate a delicious Easter egg cookie, I'll save all that candy for another time". That wasn't the decision I made. I had planned to lay out on the patio and read, now I got to read while eating jelly beans and egg shaped chocolates.

Side note: Has anyone read the Bronze Horseman trilogy? Please email me if you have. I'm on the second book and I desperately need to discuss it.

I read until it was time for my bike/run brick. I was the slowest one in both sports. Still, I pushed myself to try and keep up so I got a killer workout, much more so than if I'd been on my own. About 15 miles of biking and then a 2 mile trail run.

What weird things does your husband/boyfriend/spouse/roommate whatever do when you aren't around?

You just ate a cookie, and then got an Easter basket full of candy in the mail. Quick - what would you do?


  1. Thanks to you, I just spent 9 bucks ordered candied ginger from Amazon. It better work.

    You finally got that cookie! It's almost too pretty to eat. Almost. :)

    My husband never wears a snuggie as a toga when I'm out. He's pretty boring.

    1. You could have left out the 2nd to last sentence.

    2. He could crush you like a bug little man. Remember that :)

  2. the last question in your post would have been funnier (to me) if you said, "Pop quiz hot shot, you just ate a cookie .... what do you do?"


    1. Missing a chance to make a Speed reference just ruined by life.

  3. My Trader Joe's has stopped carrying the Candied Ginger! So jealous. Reason #22 to visit Baltimore. That looked like my lunch yesterday, but mine was bigger and was dinner as well. Is that the smoked mozzarella pasta? or Salmon? Either way...yummy!

  4. I don't think there are any weird things that Christian does when I'm not around that he doesn't do around me. Living together in a studio will do that to you really quickly.

    Although Christian wears my zebra snuggie around the house when he wakes up. I'm searching for embarrassing photographic evidence now.

    And those books look fantastic. Downloading now.

  5. I would have done the exact same thing as you: cookie AND easter candy. Oh man, I can't wait for my Easter basket on Sunday. I made Mike take me to get flurries last night at 10pm (as you know), so we are pretty much the same person.

    Weird things Mike does? There are too many to name. Mostly he just forces the dog to nap with him.

  6. Eat the candy. I'm not as stupid as I look -- I eat the candy.

  7. My spouse does smart things when I'm not around, like hide candy and cookies so they won't get eaten as soon as I walk in and look around.

  8. Do you have a 6 hour training run in your schedule that you're supposed to do in late May? Because I have an idea for where you can do it.

  9. I would have had the cookie AND the easter candy...and I probably wouldn't have felt bad about it one bit. This makes me want a cookie soooooooooo bad. Thanks.

  10. Yeah, I can't resist anything candy-like so I would have eaten both. Can your mom adopt me? Those baskets are awesome!

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  12. I tried one brand of ginger before and didn't love it (but I usually like ginger) so I need to try the Trader Joe's kind! I ate the kind I didn't like anyway when I was so stressed about work that I was nauseous on a regular basis. Hahaha...blogger street cred :) I do like frozen yogurt and it's not at attempt for street cred. Does it help that I only like the kinds that are conducive to oreo bits on top, not the flavors that would suit fresh fruit? It totally cancels out the fat-free aspect of the yogurt. Love the picture of Eric with his basket!

    Oh, and what does Dan do when I'm away? I never go away. Unless it's at 6:30am to run on a which case he sleeps in until a normal hour like 8am. Or if I meet up with friends at night I'm pretty sure he plays 007 on the Wii. You're welcome for my novel-length comment.

  13. I tried to eat candied ginger for morning sickness, but it makes my mouth burn. I am a pansy. But I totally would eat all that candy and that cookie. No question.

  14. That cookies looks AWESOME. I would search for my favorite candy in the basket, and eat that first.

  15. Honestly I'd love to know what Allan does when I'm not around besides forgetting how to clean and use the dishwasher.


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