Saturday, April 28, 2012


Last weekend, I brought my bike in for a tune up, so it would be all squeaky clean and operating perfectly for the half ironman. I actually kind of missed it while it was in the shop. Both Lily and I were supposed to pick our bikes up on Tuesday from the tune ups, but both of us were having trouble even walking, so we had to postpone. 

We met this morning for an hour long run before getting the bikes. Running on a totally flat route at a 9:32 pace felt tougher than it should have - aka still working on recovering from GORUCK. We got our bikes slightly adjusted for a better fit, then took them out for a super slow half hour ride to make sure everything was ok. I was wearing a jacket, tights, and gloves, and I was so cold the ride was miserable. It's almost May - are we ever going to have spring?

Earlier in the week, I compared GORUCK to a 50 mile race, and declared that GORUCK won in the category of dirtiness. Now I'm realizing that I didn't even fully comprehend how huge the margin was. 

 Today I finally embarked on the adventure of cleaning up from GORUCK. Don't judge me for being a scumbag, or I'll be forced to email you a long list of excuses detailing the boring tasks I had to attend to this week that didn't allow me to unpack my bags or wash my clothes, complete with a ton of complains about how sore I was.

There was a whole line of conversation in our GORUCK Facebook group about how to get the nasty swamp smell out of clothing. It wasn't easy. I'd intended to wear all clothes I could throw away but after suffering a panic attack due to dropping temperatures the day of the event, I'd accidentally ended up wearing my good Under Armour leggings, smart wool socks and my second best sports bra. My hands were throbbing by the time I'd rinsed my stuff like 99 times and I was still squeezing out mud and sand. After several hours of soaking and rinsing, I finally soaked the clothes in vinegar, per Facebook suggestion. Nothing makes a bathroom smell delicious like nasty swamp clothes soaking in vinegar. 

Once that was all taken care of, I gave myself a little at home pedicure, and removed a frightening amount of sand from beneath my toenails. Gross, but you should just all be thankful I'm not posting my picture of my nasty post GORUCK feet yet again.


  1. Vinegar fixes everything. I've gotten all kinds of stank out of all sorts of things that way. And thanks for not posting feet pictures. I hate feet.

  2. Vinegar, for real?! That would've been nice to know after Tough Mudder! I just washed my clothes like normal and kept wearing them even though they weren't necessarily clean yet :)

  3. Replies
    1. I rank mine too. I didn't know that was weird. The purple one is my favorite and the least smelly :)

  4. I hate it when I "accidentally" where the "good" workout clothes.

  5. Vinegar is the solution to all smelly clothing issues. I could have told you that :) Also if you can, dry them in the sun. That will kill the mold/swamp smell. I'm really helpful :)

  6. I've heard good things about Oxyclean (sp?).

  7. How do I always miss your post updates?!

    Wait. Was this all recent, like as in a week after GORUCK? Because that's crazy talk!


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