Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I heart fat

I did the unthinkable. Despite the fact that Sunday night I was tweeting pictures of my alarm clock in the off position to brag about how great spring break is, I set the alarm clock for 4:30am on Tuesday. Eric nearly had a heart attack when I headed to bed and told him that was the reason, screaming "Don't you know we have off tomorrow?????!!!" 

It turns out getting up at 4:30 is significantly easier when you know that after your workout you have the whole day to sit around and do whatever the hell you want. I only considered canceling and going back to bed once, as opposed to at least 37 times normally when I wake up to meet someone for a workout. 

The reason for the crazy wake up call was that Jackie had a week long guest pass at her gym, which offers a masters swim class. A masters swim class appears to be when a bunch of swimmers show up and do a pre-planned workout designed by an instructor, with all sorts of different components. 

This masters swim thing is not easy. Proof:

  • I was the first one in the pool and by far the last one out of the pool.
  • I had to flag the instructor and ask her to explain pretty much every single bullet point on the board listing the workout (until the class was over and she left, yet I was still trying to finish).
  • My arms were so tired I could barely french braid my hair when I got home.
It was still completely worth waking up at 4:30 for, since I never would have completed that type of pool workout on my own (and not just because I wouldn't even have been able to understand it). After I finally finished the whole workout, I'd swam the equivalent of two miles! Plus, this fancy gym had a cold, saltwater pool, which made swimming so much more enjoyable than the warm chemical filled pool the YMCA offers.

Since we were at the fancy gym, Jackie had promised me a dip in the hot tub after the workout, which was truly the only thing that got me out of bed. It was marvelous. The only thing that got me out of the hot tub was that parking was only free until 8am.

In the evening, I did what is becoming our usual Tuesday night ride - a 15 mile ride on the BWI trail followed by half an hour of running. Our group is growing each week.

Nice and paved without cars trying to hit you
Spring break means I can get wild and actually cook dinner, meaning doing things other than boiling pasta or microwaving a baked potato. Tonight I made Thai Chicken Enchiladas - I'm only mentioning it because it was so good you all need to immediately make them. 

The recipe calls for light coconut milk, but seriously do not buy thatEVER. I really feel strongly about this. If you really are concerned with preparing your body for bikini season, you have 20 minutes while it cooks to burn off the extra 90 calories in the full fat coconut milk. 

I'm actually pretty opposed to low fat anything. The 90s are over, and fat is delicious. 

Have you ever done a group workout where you felt like a total loser that couldn't get with the program?

Are you on team fat?


  1. I enjoy you having access to that trail. I want to use that trail. Not just because I want to run on it so I can get in the way of cyclists (but that too), but also because it looks fun.

  2. Also, I doubt I can swim two miles at all. Good thing I'm only doing a short tri this summer.

  3. Are you going to be on bicycle the next time we do Rosaryville? But you'll still have yummy stuff in the car, right?

  4. Im on team fat AND team couch. I should get a medal.

  5. Way to go on the swim workout! Did you know there is a website for masters swimming that has workouts on it? So you can print out a workout and take it with you to the pool. http://ntcmastersswim.blogspot.com/

    Also I'm totally on team fat. Last night I made sliders on the stove. Rather than using cooking spray or the like, I wrapped them in bacon so they cooked in bacon fat. Yup.

  6. So you made Thai Chicken....without chicken? How festive :)

    I'm on Team Butter. We have yellow uniforms and everything.

  7. Also, the fat that Perry called you a fatty has made my day complete.

  8. Heck yes, Team Fat! Although, I secretly hate milk fat, so I use skim a lot because I'm a freak. Otherwise, though, low fat is bullshit.

  9. yeah for fat!

    i agree, it's MUCH easier to get up and run (or bike or swim) knowing you can do it leisurely and then come home and take a nap or watch TV. i pretend i'm an elite and running is my job!

  10. I'm team fat except with milk. But then, I don't actually drink much milk, so that's ok.

    That swim workout sounds intense. I need to get better at swimming. LOL

  11. i never would have made it to that workout if i didn't know you were meeting me there...i thought about going back to bed multiple times. glad i made it though, was a great workout with great company, followed by a fantastic dip in the hot tub. and i had no idea you snapped that pic on the trail...shows you how out of it i was. and i'm also team fat except for milk as well.....full fat milk is just a little too much for me to handle. see ya at the pool tomorrow :-)

  12. I love coconut milk so much. I didn't even know you could buy more than one version - do you buy that thick creamy stuff in the can? HEAVEN.

  13. I'm with you on Team Fat. I buy milk with fat for my coffee. Because I recently decided if I put skim in my coffee, I might as well drink it black (I know you are anti-milk-in-coffee). I've tried light coconut milk- never again. I also (gasp) buy 2% and full fat Greek yogurt. And it's delicious. Not to mention avocados. And peanut butter. I could clearly go on and on about delicious fats all night.

    Oh, and thanks - I'm adding that recipe to my to-do list!


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