Sunday, April 15, 2012

You jump, I jump

After Saturday's 5 hour brick workout, I had the genius idea to go ahead with my plan to do a ride with the Tri club on Sunday morning. It was only 20 miles, so really no big deal.

After about 3 miles, I hated life. My legs were trashed, and this route was ridiculous. I was only riding with one other guy, since the rest of the group was way ahead, and when we told me he designed the route, he's lucky I didn't jump off my bike and use it to beat him with.

Looking at the elevation map, you can see the problem. Until about mile 19.5, things were rough. I honestly considered walking my bike up a hill, which is a first, and if that guy hadn't been with me, it totally would have happened. 

 To make things even more fun, I dropped my chain going up one of those many, many hills. For those that aren't cyclists, it's not interesting, so let's just say the bike broke and I had to stop riding and fix it. I covered my hands in grease and cut myself so I added a little blood to the mix. 

When I got back, the group leader asked if I'd dropped my chain. She said she guessed it because I had bike grease all over my face.

This was after I tried to wipe it off. 

Truthfully, the only thing that stopped me from walking the entire way back to my car was that I had Titanic 3D tickets and I never would have made the show that way.

You know you are jealous.

I saw Titanic in theaters 7 times when it came out in 1997 (having my mom manage a movie theater comes in handy quite a bit). Most of them were with Casi, so it was pretty fitting that we were going to see it together again 15 years later. Actually, it often seems that the only real differences in our lives between then and now are that now we can make plans without coordinating whose mom will drop off and whose will pick up, and the introduction of alcohol.

Obviously, I loved the movie every bit as much as in 1997, although I have to say, that if twitter had been around then, Rose would have been all over the #firstworldpains hashtag. 

"I saw my whole life as if I'd already lived endless parade of parties..." - wow, that sounds like pure hell. Thank God you dodged that bullet, Rose. Yes, I googled the quote. How do I get on this partying for a living plan?

I don't really get the whole 3D thing, having Rose's hair or the sailor's hats seem to rise out of the screen didn't really seem to add anything, although the glasses did hide my eyes while I was crying. Seeing it on the big screen again was fantastic, though.

Eric is a huge Titanic fan, and literally can recite every line along with the movie, as Emily can attest to. He wasn't able to join us because he had a final due, although Casi noticed that Bride Wars was on TV as she left to head to the theater, and suspected that was the true reason he opted out.

Have you ever made it through Titanic without crying? The little girls with their mom waving goodbye to their dad on the lifeboat gets me every time. I can barely type it without crying.

Do the men in your life like any girly movies? Like is the understatement of the year. Eric LOVES Titanic and Bride Wars. And don't even get him started on Wicked.

How is your life different from 1997?


  1. Those opening paragraphs are blogging gold. I just read them out loud to Mike cracking up.

    I think I've only seen Titanic twice, but I did go see the exhibit in Vegas. I HATE new 3d, so there's no way I'm going to see the new version of it. Maybe I'll watch the original again, though.

  2. I can't even watch Titanic previews without tearing up. That damn song gets me every time.

    I love the image of you beating that guy with your bike so much. Also, I am so impressed that you fixed your bike. I would have been like "Well, I'm done for the day...CAB!"

    Are you going to take an actual rest day before GoRuck, or is that not how you roll anymore? :)

  3. Love Titanic! I saw it in the theater in 1997 with my sister and another friend. Cried and cried, got the soundtrack and listened to it repeatedly. I was a college sophomore back then.

    I sound so old talking about college 15 years ago~

  4. I think I OD-ed on Titanic in the late 90s and therefore haven't revisited it since then. Can't think of any girl movies my husband likes...does Jerry Maguire count? We both liked Bridesmaids too, but with the poop scene and the talk of bleaching... I don't know if that really counts as a girl movie. 15 years was almost half my life ago. Weird.

  5. I saw Titanic in the theater multiple times with my sister. I cried every time. I'm not sure I could see it again because it's a memory I associate with her.

    I would've had to call a cab if my bike broke. I'm clearly not a real biker.

  6. How is my life different from 1997? One word: BOOBS.

  7. Hey - I work with Casi; she turned me onto your blog. Pretty funny stuff - it's refreshing to get an honest look at triathlon training (in addition to other ridiculously long racing events).

    Re: dropping your chain... I take one of those plastic newspaper bags with me for such occasions - keeps my hands tidy and my skin intact. And you can get more use out of it than a regular glove (plus it's less messy since it's larger). Yeah, I used to drop my chain a lot. I'm not proud.

  8. That movie sucks.

    but, to answer your question, I will repeat what Emily said above. BOOBS. (my wife's. hugely engorged with milk.)

  9. I'm not really into Titanic.

    But I love the first part of this post. I would have walked home. Biking seems incredibly complicated.

  10. Hahaha, Rose does have first world problems. And yet, I loved that movie. I even bought the two VHS set (yeah VHS!).

  11. I am still in love with my VHS version of Titanic. Did you catch the Titanic mini-series ABC had on last weekend. I DVRed it and watched it this week and it was actually pretty good.


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