Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So far, my "don't suck at life" plan this week is going pretty well. 3 bike rides, 3 days in a row. I'm positive this is a personal record. As much as I bitched and moaned about losing my hour of sleep for daylight savings time, getting in outside rides instead of watching Felicity on the trainer is likely to prove beneficial during my triathlon. 

Last night, I met Lily after work and we did yet another loop of the BWI trail (we did three loops of this trail for our long ride on Sunday). I love this trail, but I really need to find some other places to ride. One loop gave us about 15 miles, and we rode a little bit faster than Sunday (still extremely slow by expert cyclist standards). The comments on yesterday's post reminded me that last year at this time I knew even less than I do now about cycling, so since most of my readers are runners, I should just quantify biking workouts with descriptions like "slow" "slower" "slowest" or, ideally, "less slow".

After the ride we did a 30 minute run, also slow.

This morning was another hour long swim. I really need to figure out some actual swim workouts because back and forth across the pool for an hour is pretty monotonous and I'm already sick of it. I did change it up today and did about half the swim in breaststroke. 

After the swim things got really awesome. I always feel really shaky and out of it when I return to being horizontal on land for a minute or two. I was toweling off when another woman paused at the end of the lane to politely ask if I was using her towel. I was about to tell her she was crazy, because I remembered bringing that exact towel to the gym. On Monday. Unfortunately for her, I'd brought a completely different one today. She was really nice about it and accepted all of my 72 apologies and just went back to her swim. I really give her credit because I can't imagine anything worse than swimming happily along, getting your workout in, only to see some total stranger rubbing your towel all over their body.

On the bright side, I'm about to eat some Peanut Butter Cheerios from Emily for breakfast. Also, I woke up to find out that this had been posted on my Facebook wall.


  1. Ewww stranger towel germs!

    I so can't wait for the movie!! I'm going with Nicole and a bunch of people I don't know. Maybe I'll make more new friends!

  2. When my neighbor friends all started swimming about a year ago (because it was too hot to run for them) they had a triathlon coach give them a workout that used paddles and this little floaty thing that you hold between your legs. You should get floaty things.

    Using a stranger's towel is groddy. I wonder if she used it after you? I don't think I would. Well, I would since I know you, but not if some stranger used it. :)

  3. It would freak ME out if I was using someone else's towel. Then again, I"m a germaphobe.

  4. I hope you scrubbed yourself with brillo and bleach when you got home, just to get off all those towel germs.

    What if she kept her towel in her locker and never cleaned it? Gross.

  5. yes. like Kara said - floaty things. AKA pull buoys. And paddles. They will help break up the boredom (not really).

    Try doing some ladders: 50 hard, 0 easy, 100 hard, 100 easy, 150 hard, 150 easy, then back down with 15-20 seconds rest in between. Or alternate 100/200 freestyle with 100 IM. I wish I lived nearby cause I'd totally come swim with you. I'm itching to get back in the pool but there are no pools close to me and no one to swim with!

  6. omg, i'm laughing so hard about the towel story!!!! even though it was an honest mistake, i would be pissed. i hate when my husband uses my towel after he showers!!!!

  7. What an innocent mistake with the careful girl!

  8. Lol I am sure she would of been concerned about it if it was the big old dude at my pool who swims in grannie panties (well not specifically them but u get the idea!)...I am sure that ladies reaction would of been different...


  10. You can make up swim workouts, just like you can make up running ones.

    400m warmup. 4x(50m fast, interspersed with 50m recovery in breastroke).
    30sec rest
    4x(100m fast, with 20sec rest after each)

    then warmdown with 200m

    (I just invented that - don't sue me if you don't like it.)

  11. Oh man, the towel story is too funny. I wonder how she dried off after?


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