Friday, March 2, 2012

An interesting relationship

I'm very excited to brag share that I completed an entire week of waking up at the time I intended to do the workout I had planned for that day. There was a time when I would just call this "a week" because there was nothing special about it, but those days are gone. For the record, I also did this last week, but since it was only a four day week, I didn't count it.

I've discovered an interesting correlation. It turns out that when I don't eat chocolate until my stomach hurts before I got to bed, waking up in the morning is significantly easier. I first started to suspect this during Valentine's week, when my students showered me in chocolate.

This doesn't even include the ones that arrived from Eric, or the next day from a kid who was absent.
Valentine's Day was on a Tuesday, and let's just say very few of those chocolates made it to the weekend. That week I could barely drag myself out of bed by 6:30 to squeak in a 3 mile easy run.

This week, I've tried to eat like I'm actually a grown up and the latest I woke up for a workout was 5:15. I'm going to try to keep this chocolate/exercise relationship in mind going forward in my training.

Wednesday was our second boot camp. Jackie was the task master, and Lily and I were her whimpering followers.  I won't type up the whole workout because that's boring, but it was fast paced, torturous, worked seemingly every body part, and I'm still sore. So, I got what I came for. Jackie is extremely good at her job. I need to do a post explaining the horror of bear crawls.

Thursday was a one hour swim. Granted, I go unbelievably slow, but swimming for an hour is pretty do-able. I'm considering it practice for exercising with no music for 4 hours during my next marathon. The sun was out, and it was 70 degrees when I left work, and I stopped at the library to pick up some books I had on hold. I really wanted nothing more than to sit outside and read, but somehow I forced myself to clean and go to yoga. I went for the stretching, but somehow got tortured with "elevated chair poses" (basically holding a squat on your toes) and more planks and lunges.

Friday morning was a repeat of last week - 90 minutes of spinning. 45 on the trainer with Felicity, 45 in spin class at the YMCA because I am lazy and won't push myself to get an actual workout otherwise.  I tried out a pair of tri shorts that Jackie lent me to train and race in, and they were fabulously comfortable. Are you getting the impression that you should be jealous of how awesome my friends are? That's accurate.

Despite that jealously, remember those books I just mentioned I got from the library? That's the extent of my plans for the weekend. I know I've mentioned it before, but I honestly often worry about myself because I look forward to weekends of solitude so much (Eric has to work). 

You guys will be my friends, right?

Do any psychologists read my blog? Anyone want to weigh in if this means something is wrong with me?


  1. Maybe I should try that. I haven't been able to wake up when I want to for the past two weeks. I don't want to though...

  2. Running on Empty is a great book. If it makes you want to adventure race, I'm in. Also, it made me want to run Leadville, just a warning :)

    Didn't you go for 14 hours without music during Stone Mill? I can't remember, but I recall that it wasn't allowed in my race.

  3. I really want in on this boot camp. I looked up a video of bear crawls and it looks awful. I wonder, however, if they are as awful as mountain climbers. I hate mountain climbers with every fiber of my being.

  4. Two of the best workouts I've had since the marathon in November were basically the day after eating cookie dough for dinner. I'm just saying...

  5. i relish weekends of solitude sometimes. after crazy work weeks, sometimes its just so nice to have to worry about NOTHING. so enjoy your weekend and kick your feet up...its a weekend well deserved. you never cease to amaze me - the only mornings I can wake up to work out are the ones where i'm meeting other people....otherwise, i would just stay in bed.
    you rock!

    glad you enjoyed the workout...i'm still sore as well, that second circuit really put me over the edge. although, i've got something sneaky and even more tortuous planned for my next round :-)

    and glad you like the tri shorts. I'm gonna train/race in my tri suit so you can hold on to them til after the race.

    and reading your post made me crave chocolate :-)

  6. I enjoy time of solitude too! Joe is not good at staying in the house for long periods of time, so most nights he goes to hang out with his friends. This gives me time to just watch whatever I want on TV, work on my business or just dance around the house with Weiland while listening to music I won't even admit I like in front of Joe, haha...

  7. I enjoy solitude too, it's so nice to just sit alone in the quiet sometimes!

  8. I love when I get a moment alone. It is something I actually crave. I think that is why ultra trail running is such a good fit for me.

    I've actually been able to get up earlier too! Not that I was squeezing in any extra miles in the a.m. but it sure was nice not to be pressed to get to work on time.

  9. I enjoy my solitude too. I sometimes wish the hubby had things that took him away for longer on the weekends. Or friends. Friends would be nice. If there's something wrong with you, then there's something wrong with me.

    And go you! What a great week of making all the workouts!


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