Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Every marathon is different

After running my 6th marathon on Sunday, I'm experiencing a marathon first. My legs seem to be recovering faster than my stomach. 

I've felt pretty "off" since the luncheon immediately after Sunday's race, even refusing snacks at Kara's after she offered to bring them to me while I watched reality TV. I chugged some Powerades in the car on the way home and felt much better so I chalked it up to dehydration.

I ate dinner Sunday night and then started digging in to a Baskin Robbins Reese's sundae, only to discover it had to go back in the freezer because it was making me sick. That's when I knew things were serious. 

I have no pictures to offer, so how about some food porn?

I actually felt so terrible that I didn't even go to work yesterday. Around 11 or 12 I started feeling back to normal (coincidentally the same time a Katy Perry music video marathon came one....interesting).

I cleaned the house, because nothing helps an off stomach like the smell of bleach. After that, I decided going to yoga was probably my best bet. My legs still felt pretty good (relatively) but my hamstrings were tight. At the YMCA, you get tickets, that let you in to class, which are highly coveted and equivalent to gold. If you get there any later than 20 minutes prior to class starting, you're screwed. So, yoga starts at 6:30, and  by 6:05 the area outside the yoga room is packed with women....sitting on the floor.

I'm sorry, but I cannot get on board with people coming to a gym and sitting for 25 minutes. Even with running a marathon the day before, I got on the elliptical and did 15 minutes worth. It wasn't like I worked up a huge sweat doing some killer workout, but at least I was MOVING. You know, because I was in a GYM. Maybe I'm missing something, but even with my admitted laziness I still don't get camping out on your yoga mat. I still got in to the class and got a great spot. 

Maybe I was being punished for mentally mocking people last night or maybe I was a little too quick to grab that Reese's sundae out of the freezer the second my stomach started feeling better on Monday, because this morning was a bust. 

I was up at 5:15 (still feels like 4:15 to me though) with grand plans of swimming for an hour before work, then biking and running in the beautiful weather after. I made it through 30 minutes before the nausea got ridiculous. Plus, I was so lethargic I was barely moving (even more than usual) so I just cried uncle and got out. I went home, showered, blow dried my hair, and then used the extra time to fall asleep on the couch next to my coffee. 

Luckily, after my 7am nap, I woke up hungry. I'm thinking the biking and running might not work out. Maybe I'm pushing too hard to get back into training after Sunday's marathon. Thoughts?

If you are sick and can't eat, does it ruin your life? It ruins mine, because eating is one of my favorite hobbies.


  1. Replies
    1. I totally agree. It's really the only explanation.

    2. You all are lame. You are supposed to be commenting on how lazy my fellow gym members are.

    3. Morning sickness really is all day sickness. And a total bitch.

  2. OR....maybe you just need to take, like, 2 rest days (in-a-row)????? do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love taking naps before most people are awake. After some Saturday morning runs, I'll nap for like 20 minutes and still be up by 10.

    My body is always out of whack, so I don't feel like your symptoms are anything to be worried about. Maybe you just jumped into it too quickly.

  4. I agree with Kristy - rest days! I took yesterday off, and am taking today off. Remember, if you get injured, you'll be making more than 2 days off.

    The stomach thing isn't too unusual...mine's often a mess after racing. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. seriously...did you take a pregnancy test? :-)

    also - maybe your body has gotten wise - its realizes that you will no longer listen to your legs when you need a rest day so its coming up with new ways to signal to you that you need a day or two off.

    hope you feel better. if you need someone to rest with, i'm relagated to the couch while my ankle heels. i'm probably a better running buddy, but I think i'd make a good resting buddy as well :-)

  6. Wow, everyone wants you to be pregnant! My stomach has felt off after some runs, I hate it. Eating is a favorite hobby of mine too. It would kill me to not be able to eat that sundae, because peanut butter is another hobby of mine.

    YES your fellow gym goers are LAZY. If they got their special golden ticket already, they've got a space in the class and don't need to sit there on their butts. People did that at my gym too and it also drove me nuts. Meanwhile, they were also in the way of guys playing basketball or dodgeball on the courts. I would get my hand stamped early for the class then do something light like easy running or the bike until 5 minutes before class...go join the mob at the door to the class, and still get a good spot.

  7. Oh, I just remembered I was going to leave a real comment. Anyways, there is such a thing as exercise-induced irritable bowel syndrome. Might be worth asking a doctor about.

  8. Everyone is different, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to take a day or two and just chill out. Let me define what I mean by "chill out", since I'm pretty sure you'll be confused by that. Do not get on your bike to ride inside or out at any speed. Do not run at any speed, inside or outside. Do not go to the gym. Do not do anything that might be considered "exercise". Just take a couple of days off. Do NOTHING physical. I'd be willing to bet that you would come out stronger on the other end.

    1. But it is ok to spend several hours collecting entertaining photos and composing funny commentary to post to your blog, because taking off time from sports does not excuse you from your job here.

  9. I had epic meals of awesomeness planned after my first (and only) marathon so far...and then i couldn't stomach much food for a week. SO DISAPPOINTING. i was SO READY to stuff my face!

  10. I vote for rest and then see how you feel in a few days.

  11. Another good reason to take a rest day is so you can spend the time researching other things besides *P* that make you nauseous, and posting comments about them.


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