Friday, March 16, 2012

Rock and Roll

I took all my blogger friend's expert advice from my last post and took Wednesday off, and felt a million times better as a result. Well done. I am issuing you all official internet MDs and you can now internet diagnose anyone with authority.

Thursday I did a fairly easy hour on the trainer followed by an easier 30 minute run. I thought the run was going to feel great, and I enjoyed it, but the humidity attacked and I couldn't breathe. I need to get acclimated to summer.

And that sums up my exercise for the week. Mainly because I'm running a half marathon tomorrow morning.
 I was berating myself for being so lazy on exercise this week in bed this morning, but I guess I am running a full and a half marathon in less than a week. So there's that.

I'm running the DC Rock and Roll half marathon.Last year Eric and I volunteered at this race, except then it was the National Marathon, no rock and roll. I'm pretty excited to see what the RnR brand has in store, mainly because I've heard/read on blogs either absolutely wonderful or completely terrible reviews.

I only live about 40 miles or so from DC, but after it took me approximately 14 hours round trip to run the Marine Corps Marathon, I SWORE no more DC races. After the Hot Chocolate race was a complete cluster f$%$, I REALLY SWORE no more DC races.

And yet I'm off to DC after work tonight. So far, it seems that RnR has made it their mission to further my resolve never to come to DC to race again, or to do one of their races. After paying a ridiculous amount of money for my entry, I have to make the dreaded trip from Baltimore to DC in Friday rush hour to pick up my packet. (Just to give an idea, I'm leaving at 4 and praying to make it to the expo by 8.) Three people have kindly offered to get it for me, but RnR is charging $20 per packet if you pick up more than one extra. I'm running with Eric and my BFF Casi, so that would mean an extra $40 we would have to pay. I'm boycotting buying anything at the expo to protest, but I almost never do anyway, so that's probably not driving my point home.

Ashley ran LPM last weekend as well, and is running tomorrow, so she's described it as "A tour of the city on foot". I'm going with that, since I really have no clue how a half marathon will feel 6 days after a full marathon.

I just really hope I get a medal again. SO EXCITING!
I may have survived LPM last weekend, but despite the race director crying "WE HATE IPODs!!!" moments after I arrived, they didn't convince me. This may be a Rock and Roll race, but I'm still super excited to be reunited with my headphones.


  1. Yay music! Now that I'm running races, any time my family hears about one they tell me about it. I heard from two family members yesterday about this one. I guess I'll always be informed!

    That's ridiculous they're charging money to pick up other peoples' packets! With DC traffic on Friday afternoon they should WELCOME people helping their friends out. I really hope the race is a good experience.

  2. What do you listen to during a race? When I listen to music, it makes me nauseous if the music has a faster beat than my steps. Perhaps I'm just a giant weirdo...

    Have fun this weekend! Maybe it will restore your faith in DC races...I have my doubts, though.

  3. Normally I'm jealous your races that I don't attend, but not this time. :)

    Take lots of pictures and don't race rage too hard!

  4. I can't imagine that amount of driving for packet pickup alone. Sunday is my FIRST ever race that doesn't allow for race day pickup. Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Are you going to take photos of every person racing, like Jeanne did last weekend? Cause that will make for a nice big blog post tomorrow.

  6. Have lots of fun! Hopefully it isn't too crazy packed!

  7. Well, I'd wish you luck, but I'm sure your race is already over!

  8. I have no interest in doing a Rock N' Roll race because of the jacked up entry fee. Hope you had a good race.


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